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Fall Ballin' IV

Saturday, September 21, 2013 - Sunday, September 22, 2013
Host club: 

The fourth installment of BPTO's annual Fall Ballin' tournament, in the heart of beautiful downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Registration will open on Thursday 5th 9pm. 20 spots will be available, on a first-come-first-served basis, with anyone else on the reserve list.

REGISTRATION:  https://tinyurl.com/fallballinreg


Dufferin Grove Park Toronto

Signed up

looking for teammates and a place to stay :)


I can help with the place to stay part. Hopefully someone else can help with the team mates part.


Registration will open on Thursday 5th 9pm.

20 spots will be available, on a first-come-first-served basis, with anyone else on the reserve list.

I'd like to go to this! Flights aren't *too* bad... could someone pick me up Thurs night and take me back Sun eve? or give public transportation tips?

also need a team, obvs. Lemme know!

Fly from Newark with Porter, they take bikes for free, give you free booze and other stuff, and drop you off downtown, you can bike to the courts in 20 minutes from the airport.

this may be a dumb question, but was wondering how we register for this? i could maybe send a carrier pigeon all the way up from kentucky, but it may just stop in Detroit and buy a house.


also I second this question.

Reg form will be published tonight at 9pm EDT. Not sure by whom, as I will be asleep, but someone will.

REGISTRATION: https://tinyurl.com/fallballinreg



https://tinyurl.com/fallballinteams for the team list

don't forget to submit your 1200 word paper on why you want to play in this tournament. Attach 2 (NON-POLO) references and a complete background check. Toss in a drivers abstract too. We want to be sure that you REALLY REALLY want to play in this event.

patti wrote:

...drivers abstract...

This sounds Canadian.

More like triple geek

Hey is There someone coming by car from Montréal and have a spare room for me ?


My team appears to have been removed from the registered list? Milk and Cookies (Justin GR, Jenny GR, Josephine GVP)

Let me check that out, some strange stuff has been going on with Google that I've never seen before

Yeah, can see your original reg, for some reason google didn't copy it over, when I had to reset the form responses (because google was playing up).

Anyway, all good now

Please update Milk and Cookies... I can no longer attend :((((

Replace Justin D. with Noodle from Ann Arbor.

I'll be in TO as soon as I can, but not that soon! bahhhh!

Also, please update billing info to jennyscott03@gmail.com


If you need housing please contact me at erynwynd@gmail.com.

Need a team, let me know. I qualified for NA's this year so you know I'm not terrible.

wtf? is there polo in mississauga (my former hometown which i proclaim not so enthusiastically)? eric plaxton??

Only Plaxton lives in Mississauga as far as I know. He plays with us though.

I have a warm bed and floor space for out of towners space for 3!

Thanks Kiki. I will add you to my list for housing.

I just sent an email to all of the captains regarding Registration fees. Send $45 (team fee) to erynwynd at gmail dot com. Also if you haven't yet informed me about housing requirements you should get on that. Same email address.

Don't forget to pay your fees!

Can't say how much Mosquito wishes we were all coming.

Best tourney I've ever been to. Have fun y'all!

Mosquito / #saskaboom

Can't say how much I wish you were coming!

John and I need a third? Holler at ya peps!

Yeah, we have Robin from Hamburg, Germany, who can play with you guys.

Assuming that's ok, I've added you guys as a team in the morning, as the "Instant Mixers" . Please let me know if you have a better name.


John has registered as the Coffee Cats. He has also paid 1/2 the team fee. Somebody else needs to pay the other 1/2 totalling $22.50. It can be sent to erynwynd at gmail dot com

If you haven't paid me for Fall Ballin you should do that. Otherwise I might be forced to institute some arbitrary penalty for making me chase you for money. Seriously though, don't make me chase you for money. Send your team fee of $45 to erynwynd@gmail.com, don't be a chump.

Games start at 9 AM sharp tomorrow morning! The Bracket is now live at http://www.followpodium.com/fallballin, don't be late as it may result in forfeiture.

party tonight.
10pm - 2am
1415 Dundas, downstairs [just east of Gladstone]

Pints and well drinks all $4 for polo players. i'm tending bar with a rad dude Adam.
we have pinball, arcade standup and sit down/pacman etc.
dj playing all night. dance a thon [or in a thong if you want]