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FALL BALLIN 2011 (2v2 Throw-in)

Saturday, November 19, 2011 - Sunday, November 20, 2011
Host club: 

Registration will be open on Nov 4th (Out-Of-Towners 20 spots) and on Nov 5th (BPTO Members 20 spots) with a 40 player cap. Email wsmpolo@gmail.com.

Ten dollars per player.

Friday Nov 18th

-Meet and greet Polo BBQ at Navid's Place - 625 Richmond St West 8:30pm.

Saturday Nov 19th (Registration/Team Drafts) 10:00/10:30am.

- Swiss Round Bracket starting at 11:30am.
- Afterparty at Liberty Street Cyclery (171 East Liberty St) 8:30pm.

Drop by The Common for your Saturday blast of coffee - really the best in town!

Sunday Nov 20th (Double Elimination) Bracket starting at 11:30am.

- Awards following Finals game.

All games will be 8mins or 3 goals.
Finals will be first to 5 goals with no time limit!!


Liberty Street Cyclery
The Common
My Little Bike Shop
Chill-N-Go Cycles

more to come...

We are working on a food plan / housing etc. Email wsmpolo@gmail.com stating that your playing,housing,volunteers,etc.


A court smaller than the ones we currently play on Toronto, ON

Signed up

I wish, this was a blast last year. Have fun TO!!!