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Friday, June 25, 2010 - Sunday, June 27, 2010
Host club: 
Contact info: 


Registration for LADIES ARMY 2 is OPEN but will close on FRIDAY JUNE 18th! Get registered.
As a team has withdrawn, there is one slot available for ESPI 5. We have 47 teams registered. Thank you!
Housing and Volunteer options will be covered in registration. We will try to provide housing for as many people as possible, but again will be first come, first served, so be sure to communicate your needs when you register.

There will be 3 courts, and the location is in Brooklyn, east of McCarren Park.
If you have pressing questions, you can email me through here.



Ericsson Playground
Manhattan Ave Near McCarren Park
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Signed up

boom boom boom!

shit yes!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Any ladies looking for a 3rd for Ladies Army? Maybe some eastside gals that I could get some pickup in with between now and June?

DC West!!

Hey Jess, Gena from East Van needs a team. I told her to get in touch with you.

Fabulous. Kat from Mpls is also looking for a team, so if Gena wants to play with us, we got a team!! We could call ourselves "boobs across America" or something

DC West!!

Kat takes Ebbin to task

Go Kat, go!

HOT!! : )

Midwest is best!!

I'm looking for a team as well!

I need a team!

Polly, let's join forces. East meets West. I have a new polo machine to play on too!

Tickets are so expensive. It looks like Seattle girls aren't going to make this. But we are still trying!

This may be common knowledge and I'm not trying to advertise here but check out these twitter streams.


in particular this one http://twitter.com/SEAfares - it has all the cheap flights emanating from Seattle.

Also setting up automatic email notifications of prices on sites such as Orbitz is pretty handy.

I found $402 CAN on flightnetwork.com via kansas city on midwest air and then $420 rtn (same site) on American via Chicago.

try flying into philadelphia and taking the chinatown bus which is 20 roundtrip. its like 200 cheaper flying from pensacola maybe from seattle?

i know its a little early...but i will need a birds nest for that saturdy night....hola

just booked my flight! see you all there!
and i need a team for the ESPI... anyone down?

I need a team for the ladies and ESPI~

I still need a team for Ladies Army and ESPI if you're still looking for teammates. If Meg from DC wasn't already spoken for we could have an all Meg team. : ) I'm really looking forward to this! I love playing in NYC!!

Midwest is best!!

I need a team for ESPI too - any east coast dudes interested? Haven't played with any east coasters before. Against, yes, with...nope.

I'm coming out and I need a team for ESPI. I'm a sometimes B player that turns into a C player when I get sloppy. I'm pretty good at mixing it up against the boards and don't shy away from contact. I'm good at cutting off people's angles and have a decently hard shot when I'm in the groove. I've only played in the Midwest so if you need personal referrals ask someone form the Midwest.

Chris and I from COMO will be coming to this and would love to have you as a 3rd. Then we can darkhorse it up all weekend long on dem coasters.

Niiiice. It would be an honor, sirs.

i'm stoked, i think we'll have a good team dynamic. now i just need to save my pennies.

oh, also needs an ESPI team. I bring virtually nothing to the table but Four Lokos...

DC West!!

Jess! I played at the bff in mpls and id love to play with you! Do you have a team for the ladies army?

Bummer!! Already spoken for fer ladies army. There are so many fabulous womens looking for teams right now, though...Birdie from WI, Polly and Gena from East Van...
I'm getting so freakin stoked to get completely schooled in NYC!!

DC West!!

just gonna throw this out there...
i would like to see girls teams against the boys at espi
not to say that co-ed is not cool

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

x2 my first thought geez!!

Jazz HAms, Mo, and Tina will be reppin boobs and brawn en force, in Ladies Army and ESPI!
plane tickets purchased. what're accommodations lookin' like?!

Tina from MKe?!?!? well she learned from the best and is a tough cookie...look out ladies! my money is on this team!

ohhhh sick! capt jake, i dont know you, but i like you! way to show your support!
many thanks! see all yall soon, soon enough!

Would love to see more euros ladies there.... i put it out to the london massive


Try Berlin too. We tried to get London and Berlin to East Van last year, but it was too short notice.

Slayson, Kayla, Jacki and I were a team at The Crown last year - its so been done!

I need a team and a place to sleep! and maybe a ride back to atlanta if anyone is driving south?

free agent

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Baby I got what you need

Slayers + Torpedo
we're gonna need a lot more bandages and malt liquor

DC West!!

dude, jason you are a free agent? why not you me and jerry? keep it in portland.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Polo? On my birthday?! IN NEW YORK?!
Wonder if I can afford to do this...

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

i am humbly encouraging all womens teams that are playing in the ladies army to compete with your same team in the espi... ok there i said it. take it for what you will. girl teams kick ass! not to say that all men teams dont't

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

jason, i agree completely!
jasmine, tina, and myself aren't afraid to show a little lady pride against boys. hope to learn a few things from you on the court!

I would be down for that. Jess, Bri? Sound good?

Chombo + Werm + Hewitt = The Solution to your problem.

HOT x3

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

BOILED PEANUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no one! NO ONE ! loves womens polo more than me...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

x 5000000073859302

I will hopefully be bringing a team of ladies from Denver! Cha cha chyaaa!

yeeehaw! that's radical.

Alright ladies, last ditch effort. I've had a number of team-mates fall through on me and people figuring I am not headed to this tournament, but I am still holding out for a team.

This tournament is my baby (for those who don't know), and I'd like to contend, so if you've been sitting on the fence for this one, or if you had that job that you weren't sure was gonna let you take the day off, but now you can, or if you suddently found $500 in your couch and can now afford the airfare... If you've got some hot skills and some fire you wanna burn out on the court, send me a message.

I would be more than happy to be your teammate! Only death will stop me from attending this tourney! In fact, I'll be going on a polo road trip after the tourney. I guess all we need now is a third. Anyone?

Midwest is best!!

see my response below!!

We'll see how many ladies are planning on attending this from Denver. I might not have a full team... depending on who and what ladies are planning on attending this, I might need a team to attend to! Keep in touch!

-rahja rock n roll.

lisa and meg, I am looking too. Lisa had desired to play with ladies from different cities, but i am sure see will play with me, so that we could have a team of three! If there are more spare ladies out there speak up! Lisa, lora emailed me..she is definately out.

I would be more than happy to play with you too, Polly!! Hopefully, I will be in NYC a few days before the tourney so we can play together.

Midwest is best!!

already replied to polly separately. i'd be happy to play with you two, if you still need a third. let me know.

ComoMeg = Future MVP of Los Marcos!!!!!!!

Aww shucks! You're making me blush.

Midwest is best!!

i'm looking for ladies teammates too. been playing with an all boy crew in albany for 2 years. some tourney experience. solid player. down to play espi too.

My potential teammates fell through, so I still don't have a team. Are you still available? If so, we should definitely team up!! I'll be seeing Birdie this weekend in MKE, and I'll try to convince her to play with us.

Midwest is best!!

Hey Megs,

so after some confusing emails (between about 6 of us!!) Lisa ( east van) and I are playing with Cait from MKE. Sorry for all the confusion about team mates. Lisa and I played in the ladies together last year and we want to play together again. So, still in need of a team mate is Rita ( posted above) Please give her shout if you can. There is also Gena from east van who is looking for a team as well. I am so looking forward to the tourney and to meeting all the ladies. It is going to be a blast!

We are arriving a few days earlier than the tourney, but I think a few of us will stay for a week afterwards too.

So excited!

I won't arrive until the evening of the 24th. Sorry.

yep, i'm still available. happy to play with you and birdie. let me know asap if that's a firm plan.

meg, amanda (TPA/SEA) is also looking, that makes 3. you in?

That sounds awesome!! I was wondering who Amanda was playing with. I will hopefully be in NYC a few days early for pick up. We should try to get in a few games together so we can get comfortable playing together.

Midwest is best!!

excellent! i will be down on friday, possibly earlier in the week, for pick-up/practice. i'll confirm with amanda.

hey rita, I just posted a note to Comomegs. Sorry for all the back and forth. It's good to know that there are so many ladies wanting to play. This tournament is going to be awesome. Can't wait!

My teams fell through.. and I never checked this thread... thanks for putting my name out there though ladies. Sooooo I still need a team. I like to play hard and fast.. I can hustle. Not afraid to get aggressive.. in fact I enjoy it. Got a decent shot and am a good TEAM player. I love to play polo very much. get in touch if you needs a team. I also need a team for espi.

im getting in to jfk early thursday am. stoked for the womens tourney... im in need of a team for espi.

I still need a team for ESPI (and Ladies Army as well). I think it would be cool if you, me, and Meg from DC could play together for ESPI. If you're a strong forward, Meg can be defensive and I'm a solid mid. Let me know what you think!

Midwest is best!!

hold up! would this be a meg/meg/meg game?! i may want to do it just for the sake of that! i have a team for womens but dang... meg is the best name in the world so...

you should name your team "STEVE"

I was thinking we could team up for the ESPIs if Meg from DC isn't playing with her Ladies Army team. I'll try and get a hold of her if you're down for this. If not, we could always play a pickup game together. Come to think of it, I think she might be playing with HBP. Meg, where are you?

Midwest is best!!

Just saw this, Meg is the best name!
I have a team for the ladies, but definitely some Meg pickup games :)
You know there is at least one other Meg in Lexington, we just need two more for a Meg vs. Meg match......

Word. Come on, Polo World, let's get two more Megs playing between now and then, and we'll have that all Megs match that we've been dreaming of...

my initials spell MEG.....

I like the way you think, Meg!!

Midwest is best!!

We've got a Meg in East Van - I'll see what I can do!

I hope you find a team meg.

Whos got the crack!

GP who are you?
we might need a strong third still....

Chandel. It's Gena!

In terms of East Van ladies coming out, Gena will already be living in NYC, Lisa is coming, but will not be staying long in NYC, Cara. Polly, Naomi and Shannon will be staying on after the tourney for a little NYC holiday. We all have teams for the Ladies tourney, but I think it is safe to stay we have not decided whatto do for the ESPI's. We'll figure that out later.... can't wait!

hey it looks like maybe 5 of us from victoria are coming out too. not all confirmed yet but i think we're gonna splurge.

ack! yesssssss!

I guess since no one has gotten back to me, I am still looking for a team or to be the third player on a team. I'm a competitive player and I can get aggressive and physical if needed.

Midwest is best!!

meg, you, me and amanda are confirmed for ladies army. i replied to your post on my page - shoot me an email to coordinate.

Sweet! Email sent. Looks likes I'm taken now, gals.

Midwest is best!!

Victoria will be sending a ladies team (I think we'll be playing together for both days but that hasn't been decided yet)!!! Do we need to register our team with anyone?

I'd like to know more about this as well. I'm playing with my regular team (Guy & Derek) for ESPI, and Krista and one other L.A. polo lady for Ladies Army II.


We're figuring out registration systems now. Ken is building a kick-ass online registration for ESPI and we're sorting out if/how that can be used for Ladies Army as well. We might just do morning of registration for Ladies if that ends up being simpler, but definitely glad people are posting their teams here for a head count. More info coming soon!

ryan is columbus, ohio is going and she needs a team...

I need a team.

I already have a team for Ladies Army!

I just needed one for Midwest.

Since Baltimore's polo future and growth are looking rather dismal- would anyone like to have a team with me? I'll take anybody on my team! Either way I want to come to this.

I need a team!

I thought ryan was playing with quinn and birdie? this is what i heard last...

and....they are quickly sorting out registration.
last i saw, for ladies, if you're only playing the ladies army it is $10 per person or $30 for the team. if you are playing both ladies and espi's then it is $20 per person.
this allows your team to break up if some of the ladies don't do espi also. the online registration info to come!

can't wait!!!

I talked to Birdie earlier today and I think this is still true.

Lee just got a little carried away because he is totally trying to ditch me for some folks from Dayton.

I'm super excited about this tournament!

ditch you no. i just want you to be on a team. and if your on birdie and quinn's team. that's a rad team. quinn nyc or a different quinn?

yes. that's me!

ANYONE NEED A 3rd for the ESPI? I am without a team at the moment...

please reply or email me.. quinnsham@aol.com

Shelley and I plan to make the trip down for the ladies, I think I may participate in the ESPI as well so will be looking for a team

Oleha, Shelley, I am still looking for a team too. want to make a canuck ladies team?

Hey ..great to see all this coordinating for ladies army! sounds like the stakes will be high!

any updates on reg or details for ESPI5? that we all should be aware about?

x2 for updates on ESPI reg

look for it late this week or early next. ken has put together the online system, we're just dry-running it right now.

Ngaihon, the secret weapon of mass destruction from toronto, is looking for a team. i would be playing with him but i had my team already figured out. holler.

Gena (east van) and I are looking for a third for the ESPI(preferably male).

where espi at ? and any idea how many teamz?

I'm seeking teammates for Ladie's Army & ESPI. Same team? Two teams? I'm up for either.
I'm a solid defensive player and a medium forward. I never give in. I'm fearless. I started on a freewheel, played fixed for a year and a half, and have gone back to freewheel now. I love working together with a team to make the magic happen. Email me if you're interested in playing with me.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

pick her up, she is amazing on and off the court. 818!

thanks for the endorsement!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

I need a team for ladies army! i am all about team yo! Krista you wanna team up?

hey gena are you still looking for a team? we have 2 from victoria (triane and erin) who are going for sure and need a third... what do you think? (this is naomi from vic by the way). i will try to find your email to chat ...

Amanda Pease (Seattle and Tampa) and I are looking for a third for ESPIs. All male applications accepted. Females will not be turned away. We want to mix it up and play with people we haven't played with before. Solid 'A' ladies!

I've never played with either of you, but I'd love a chance. I'm a free agent still for ESPIs.

I guess it looks like I am looking for a team for ESPIs then too!

Midwest is best!!

Meg, I'm looking for a team too.....wanna play?

noticeably stoned

Sure! I just need a team for ESPI though.

Midwest is best!!


ESPI/Ladies on line registration is coming soon. We're just doing some troubleshooting.
Assemble those teams!
Any pressing questions, email me through here.


A newbie team from Victoria needs a third for the Ladies Army tourni.

yeah just wanna say that you and erin have been playing a lot lately and are imrpvoing a lot so don't say you're just a newbie triane! they are starting to get very annoying to play against!

naomi. who are you playing with for the espi's? I have no team...

Yes Polly, Shelley and I are definitely down for a Canucks ladies team!

i want to come to this anyone want to team up with a west coaster??

I'll play with you! I'm sure you want to fly all the way across the country to play with a Seattle girl :-)

I'll be your third for ESPI if you'll have me!

Midwest is best!!

Tobi and I are looking for a third...

Registration is opening shortly for ESPI......
get your teams together, it will be first come, first served.


what is the cap number of teams? NVM just read top of post
What day will i tb eup so my team can make sure to be registered that day? still answer this ?



fuck ur face

Just bought my tickets, the little suckers are expensive!! Meg (PDX), Kelly and I are coming for Ladies ARMY! I'm looking for an ESPI team too if anyone wants me.

I'm going to be flying in and out of JFK. Whats the best way to get to where I should be? And how is housing working?

Looking forward to this a lot!

The easiest way to get to the city from JFK is to just jump in a cab, but its definitely not the cheapest. It is a $45.00 flat rate plus tip for the cab fare into the city, and only slightly cheaper if you are going to brooklyn. There is the Airtrain which only costs about $7, but requires you to switch trains at least once to get to where you are going. the website for Airtrain is http://www.mta.info/mta/airtrain.htm
Depending on when you are coming in, you may be able to have someone pick you up. NYC, and especially JFK, dont tend to operate like other cities in this respect. Its mostly because very few people have cars to go pick their friends and family up with, but also because it can be a real challenge to get to and from the airports, find said person, and then pick them up. its usually easier for everyone if the person arriving just jumps in a cab or on the train. Worth noting...if you are coming with at least one other person the cab fare is a flat rate so you can have up to 5 people in one cab and if you can fit all of your stuff into the one cab and youre all going to the same destination, it may be as little as $10 a piece for the cab ride.

As far as housing....I know its being coordinated by Katie and others. maybe there is info somewhere in this thread or maybe it is still being organized and is forthcoming.

cab is definitely easiest, but train/subway is pretty easy from jfk too. you can take the airtrain to the A train, which will eventually get you to multiple stations with multiple connecting lines.

from newark, you have to take the airtrain to nj transit to nyc penn station to the subway.

from laguardia, you're effed. just kidding. kind of. there's no real public transport save the bus. but it's closer to the courts, so a cab is a snap.

But biking from LGA is really easy, much more so than from JFK.



Ken is ironing out the final kinks in ESPI 5 online registration. The link will be posted and active and open tomorrow morning, Tuesday 5/18/10 at 11 am EST.

Registration for Ladies Army II will follow, and be a separate registration. Ladies Army II, as of right now, does not have a cap on number of teams. We want to see as many women as possible out there.

Hey, if anyone's still looking for a team-mate, I'm hoping to get on a team. Hit me up.

Quinn and I are...

cool. sounds good. we should sort out registration and what not. i'll mail you my number

okay, that didn't work out. Still looking for a team.

yeah, stoked on this right here. Ready for some polo!

ESPI registration is now open. Go to nycbikepolo.com and register under the Tournaments tab.

again, registration is capped at 48 teams, so get in now!

Ladies Army registration will be following shortly. I'll update when we have an opening time.

Registered. Midwest represent (even though I'm from NJ...)

we'll have a Jersey VIP section at the tournament.
Chombo, Ramman, me, Sean Phenom, Javier, Pete.... am i forgetting any other VIP? ?

mmm lovely, well planned Paul, that calls for an Arbor Mist

I think my registration went through. confirm or deny?

what's your team name? The Beavers? Then yes.


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

karl kani

I want some Kar Kani shoes.

looking for a team. i'll be up there regardless. holler.

Oleha and I are looking for a third for the Ladies Army (I think)?!!

Quinn and I are still looking for a third for ESPI.. Any guys out there wanna hook up with two hard playing ladies??? We are wanting to mix it up and get a boy on our team... ahem.. I mean a Man!

Hey, i just want to make sure ladies aren't using this form to register for the Ladies' Army. There are a lot of all girl teams registered already, and I'm just assuming you're playing the ESPI with the same team as the Ladies' Army. Registration for LA is going to be a different (but almost exactly the same) form - which you're going to have to fill out again. Sorry about that.

FYI, team fee for LA is $30. BUT if a girl is also playing in the ESPI, their individual fee is $5 (cheap!). So, most likely, team fee for LA is going to be $15 for everyone. Makes sense?


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

makes perfect sense. i am playing on an all ladies team for espi (as well as ladies), i hope many other all gal teams are planning the same thing!
how will the two tournaments coincide? is the LA one day and ESPI the other? are they both happening both days?

Ladies' Army is happening on Friday, and ESPI is happening Saturday & Sunday. The entire LA tournament will be completed on Friday, finals & all.


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

Any updates on Ladies Army registration?
Can you tell we are super stoked to slay??!

Pitbull wrote:

Any updates on Ladies Army registration?
Can you tell we are super stoked to slay??!

I plan on getting it up tomorrow morning. It depends on how late I feel like being to work.


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

guh. Morning coffee cafe's wifi was down. Fortunately I'm working on some mundane, automated batch processing crap today and should be able to get this up while at work.


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

is there a schedule posted somewhere? for the ladies army and the espi..

Friday: LADIES ARMY start time will hinge on the amount of participants.. but right now i'd anticipate 10 am Ladies army will begin and end on Friday.
Saturday: ESPI Initital Rounds, start 10 am.
Sunday: ESPI Completion of initial rounds, elimination rounds, final.

they'll be more of a schedule once we complete registration.

What's the earliest time I could book a flight home Sunday? I was trying to find a red eye flight but haven't had much luck...

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.



On a related note, what's the proper use of the apostrophe in "Ladies'"? - Ladie's? Ladies'? Ladies's?


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

genitive case plural. simple.

Also, Ladies, if you've already registered your team for ESPI, you ALSO NEED to register your team for Ladies' Army. We know it's a pain to go through the damn process again, but we need you to do that. Thank you.


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

thanks for all the hard work! i think it is very apparent that we are all stoked to head out to the big apple to compete in these two tourneys!
next topic of discussion.....housing. what's what? where? who's with whom?
yo nyc, holler!

We'll be collecting contact info from registration and contacting you about housing. Katie and Sara are in charge of that aspect of the tournaments.

Slots for ESPI are still available .... We've got 29 teams registered so far.

still looking for a team if anyone needs a third.

Rita (from Troy, NY) and I are still looking for a third for ESPI's. We are already registered, so you are guaranteed to play.

Midwest is best!!

Get ready for me and my army - definitely a force to be reckoned with.

I like your polo.

Who are you playing with, Zach?

Midwest is best!!

I'm not telling.

I like your polo.

same team from midwest?

I know who he's playing with, and I already know it will be one of the most fun teams to watch.

x 2

crossing my fingers for an all-star, all-lefty team

The French are coming. Well the French MAY come...


Housing!!! awesome to see so many rad ladies getting together to play polo..... I CAN'T WAIT!!! i am coming to town before the tournament and wanted to throw my name out there as i'll need place to stay... let me know who to get in touch with...! YEAAH!

EVBP foreva

Kat (Mpls) and I are looking for a new third for ESPI who wants to play hard and have fun with it!
Any takers?

DC West!!

jess_dc wrote:

Kat (Mpls) and I are looking for a new third for ESPI who wants to play hard and have fun with it!
Any takers?

i commented on your note on kat's facebook page. ms. ashley bayer from bloomington is moving to nyc in june and said she isnt playing because she doesnt have a team. i think she would be a great teammate!! i dont know what her name is on here, but find her on facebook, ask if she wants to play....

(1) i know she wants to play, (2) she's really good when not riding a folding bike, and (3) i hate that she's leaving us for NYC but our loss is their gain.... :(

i've spoken to her. i confirm all three of these points with one addition, i think she is good even on her folding bike! (but she has a big bike now, right?)

Kat talked to Ashley and it's on! So excited to get the chance to play with another new fabulous polo lady!

DC West!!

Hey Everyone,
We've got 11 teams registered so far for LAII and I know there's more out there! Please pre-register so we have a good head count for team numbers. Click here: http://nycbikepolo.com/?page_id=399. SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL YOU LADIES IN NYC! Below are the team names for already registered teams. If you think you've registered, but don't see your name on here, get in touch with me.


TBD - Cecily, Meg, Fiona
The Saddle Bags
Spoken Three
The Mal-ettes
TBD - Chandel, Maija, Kayla
Nancy Drew Crew
The Killer Ladybugs

looking great ladies!!!!
ps-cecily we have a team name, "Delta Force", thanks! this is going to be so much fun.

Choppin Cecily wrote:

Hey Everyone,
We've got 11 teams registered so far for LAII and I know there's more out there! Please pre-register so we have a good head count for team numbers. Click here: http://nycbikepolo.com/?page_id=399. SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL YOU LADIES IN NYC! Below are the team names for already registered teams. If you think you've registered, but don't see your name on here, get in touch with me.


TBD - Cecily, Meg, Fiona
The Saddle Bags
Spoken Three
The Mal-ettes
TBD - Chandel, Maija, Kayla
Nancy Drew Crew
The Killer Ladybugs

Housing during the tournament has been requested but... my girlfriend Kat and I will be be coming out a little before and staying after the tournament to make a vacation out of it.

We are arriving Wednesday(23rd) and leaving Tuesday(29th). We'd like to avoid staying at hostels or hotels, cause we can't afford it, but don't expect one person to put us up the entire time we are in Brooklyn.

We'll be out of your hair off exploring the city and are very respectful and low maintenance house guests.

I have a profile on couch surfing if people want to contact us through there.

For those who have questions regarding housing for ESPI V and/or Ladies' Army please contact Katie at fullerkathryn1@gmail.com or Sara at irsara@gmail.com

Anyone who gives a shit can see the tournament format here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0An79vnJNQ88PdENWclpWTElrN2c2dXhq...

and the full schedule for both days, including time-of-day, here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0An79vnJNQ88PdHZDWDhQOTdPSVNoMUZ2...

all the stupid codes (A1,A2,...L3,L4) will be filled in with team names once registration closes. the groups will be filled randomly, since there's no world ranking system in place at the moment. 48 slips of paper with team names will go into a hat, they will be drawn one at a time, and the groups will be filled in sequentially in this fashion: A1, B1, C1,...,A2, B2, C2,...,L2, L3, L4.

good luck assholes. you're going to need it.

great work Adam.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

x2 .....nice job

i like the way the google docs page is in german. makes it more exotic and fascinating.

Three games a team on saturday? Am I reading that right?

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Any ladies from NYC that want to play but are on the fence? A ladies team playing in both tournaments is looking for a third. We are fairly new players but rock and love playing. Or if anyone out there knows of someone who would be in, please pass it along. Cheers!

There might be two last minuters from East Van. I'll talk to them today.

How many teams have registered so far for ESPI?

Midwest is best!!

Lexington gals are going to bring the heat!


beating the guys won't be a problem... it's the grrrls we're worried about. if only the ladies' army registration link would work for us?!

Tried registering my team (Me, Nick, Ian) a couple times but couldnt get the link to work. Is registration closed?




Registration is down for the moment. It got hacked on Friday night and our intrepid registration team got flooded with spam email. We've been working tirelessly over the weekend to restore the process securely. And by that, we mean that "we figured out how to do it saturday morning, but had to go out drinking for a while". Sorry for the complete lack of warning or explanation. We've almost reached the cap of 48 teams. Registration will be back up Monday evening.



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A few days ago, on the 4th of June, Paul posted that 43 teams were registered. The MAX is 48.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

HOKAY. Correction. There are 39 teams registered. I had to check & double check the numbers. 39 is accurate as of now. Also, registration is back up. Only 9 slots left!


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oh, did we mention that MVP wins a custom Squarebuilt polo frame?

SQUAREBUILT from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.


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There are now 41 teams registered. 7 slots left. I'm pretty sure we mentioned it before, but there will be NO ON SITE REGISTRATION. Registration for the tournament closes on FRIDAY, JUNE 18th. So do it now!


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Hey NYC, I'm coming to espiv kat has told me I will be staying with Nate and Tommy, anybody know how to get ahold of these two? I'm flying in on Thursday night and want to make sure I am able to locate them so I have a place to stay.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

I sent the same housing email to you that I sent to Tommy and Nate. Check in with me via my gmail account if this hasn't been straightened out yet.

My team is having a few issues. I am teaming up with Pete and Chris from COMO but now their regular third wants to come. Leaving me with the unenviable position of choosing to bump a great player from a great team or giving up my spot and wasting 3 months of planning by not playing.

Long story short, who wants to team up? DC, Boston, NYC, Philly? Any extra Midwest kids heading out there without a team? I have a lead on one or two players as a possibility but hit me up.

I'm a good physical player who is proficient at making the other team work hard for their shots. I love to pass and dish out breakaway opportunities to my teammates. Always focused on helping the team win as opposed to scoring goals of my own. I'm more proficient in defensive skills but have a strong shot from both the left and the right. Realistically I'm a B or B- when it comes to the tournament skills.


Teams sorted. COMO A will be able to play as a team and I snagged a pretty great last minute team.

fuck yes!

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

Thanks a million for shuffling, Sven. We didn't know that Charlie was going to want/be able to come until a week or so ago. We'll see you there and give you many cuddles.

Charlie? Late? Who'da thunk.


yes. yes you did.

45 teams registered. 3 slots left.


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I do want to play in this tournament (ESPI), if there are any openings on teams for a third I'd be down > let me know!

I'm stoked for this shit. It's going to be tight. The planning looks awesome, I can't wait.

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Any ladies still without a complete team?

Suzy from Chicago is coming to Ladies Army and is looking for a team. She is a newbie, but she is improving quickly and she is really wanting to play in her first tournament!

Midwest is best!!

I think Kelly from Milwaukee still needs a team. Meg tell her about Kelly

YES!!! Oleha from Ottawa is looking for an ESPI team.

For everyone who has been in touch with me and is waiting to hear back about housing, I'm working on it. We do have more housing requests than spaces available so please beg any optional contacts you might have in NYC if you haven't yet had housing confirmed. I used a search engine called Google to find some cheap motels close to or kind of close to the courts.
The YMCA in Greenpoint

The Red Carpet Inn near Brooklyn Bridge

Super 8 Park Slope(ish)

Zip112 Hostel in Williamsburg

Hostels in Brooklyn

FYI, we just booked a night at the Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth(border of Queens and Brooklyn). They have a free shuttle from Laguardia to the hotel. They may have them from other airports too. And its a pretty cheap hotel.

/edit just started a thread about travel in NYC in the Travel forum


1 slot left. Hurry up and figure out your team!!!


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Here's that map that Doug made. Can't remember where I saw it and bookmarked it from however.

yeah that one is NY polo
this one is ESPI polo http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Minneapolis,+Hennepin,+...

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

so how are we hearing back about housing? will we just be recieving email confirmation? or figure it out when we get there? i was late to register my teams so i hope theres still some places...otherwise i know of a few cool bridges to sleep under...

If I can find a place for you, you'll receive an email from me, but I am working on a first-come, first-serve basis. All housing should be finalized before people arrive in NYC. If we fill up before I can find floor space for everyone, I'll send out an email or post here that there's no more room.
Wish I could be more specific right now.

We just hit 48 teams! (Thanks Amanda). Registration is now Cloooooosed. NOT SO FOR THE LADIES ARMY. Continue at your leisure.


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so when is the draw of doom? can we have it live like the bench minor draft?


I didn't get a complete team together to get registered for ESPI in time. I'll be in for the Ladies Army and I still really want to play all weekend. If anyone needs a 3rd let me know! I'm a Seattle girl and a solid middle player. If you want my polo resume let me know. Thanks.

Hey ladies: If anyone needs a third, I'm trying to get on a team. Let me know!


Doug, that is an awesome google map!!

Is there a general schedule anywhere... that includes everything that's probably scattered throughout this giant page... registration, start time of ladies army and espi.. location of both, etc?

looking forward to it!


quinn from my understanding espi and ladies army are at the same location near the school at McCaren Park
LA-10am Friday starts first game
ESPI-10am Sat. starts first game
if i'm wrong correct me someone. and as for schedule look above at adam schedule he created for espi. we just don't know our groupings yet. or when that will be created.

here's a rough schedule of important events. This will change slightly as we finalize everything.

Friday, June 25th
8am: if you can get to the courts, you can help us build them.
9am: Ladies' Army final registration
10am - 8pm: Ladies' Army tournament. (Finals will be held here, today)
8pm - ?: Registration at Hot Bird - 546 Clinton Ave

Saturday, June 26th
10am: ESPI begins. (refer to Adam's schedule for painstaking details. Team names will replace letter & number combos real soon)
8pm: Saturday night party: Anchored Inn (Bill Dozer's new spot) - 288 Scholes Avenue - Waterbury & Scholes i think. Sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery
9pm: Horrible Tattoo award awarded (tentatively)

Sunday, June 27th
10am: ESPI continues
10am: B Bracket begins (more details to come)
6pm: ESPI finals


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as Fiona posted elsewhere, LADIES ARMY registration is OPEN until Friday JUNE 18th.
Please get registered, if you've not already!

As posted above, ESPI 5 registration is closed, with a total of 48 teams. We're really looking forward to both these tournaments. Thanks for your interest!!!!!

Paul, Is there a "waiting list" for people who didn't get teams registered in time? Or Does anyone still need a 3rd for ESPI? I'd really like to play and I don't care with who.

well if it matters Greg Valentine and Abraham from chicago will be looking for a third if there is any way for us to get in the tournament. We still don't know if our third that will not be playing with us got around to registering Rum, Sodomy and the Lash


Is there anyone in NYC who is able to pick people up from the airport? There are 5 of us ladies arriving all together on Thursday night (8pm) at the Newark Airport with bikes, so we are looking at paying quite a bit for taxis or transit. We would be willing to pay for a pick up!

I arrive an hour later if you want to wait for me.
Or there is this:
Newark Liberty: Airport Express: Runs buses from Newark airport to Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal & Grand Central Station in Manhattan. Buses run to Midtown every 15-30 mins. Cost: $12 one way or $20 round trip. Buses depart from the level below arrivals (ground transportation level of terminals A, B & C) stop 2 or 3. Travel Time: Takes 30-40 mins. Buses run 24 hrs, but frequencies are much reduced late at night. There is a desk in arrivals where tickets can be bought. Previously known as the Olympia Express. Contact: Tel 1 877 894 9155.

Can anyone in NY confirm reliability of this shuttle??

i've taken the NJ Transit train a few times, it's $15 each way, maybe a tad faster. I usually build my bike while on the train, or waiting for it, and then ride from Penn Station.

not very many polo playing new yorkers have cars.

I don't think any of us have cars. Some might not even have driver's licenses.

so....I may be last minute coming to this event. Any ladies still need a team member?

...those days are over.


If any registered teams need a third for any reason, Ngaihon from Toronto will be your ringer. Trust me, you want him on your team. He already has his bus ticket. Email me if you want more of a reference.

Jill! I'm looking for a team too, if you want to join up and find a 3rd lemme know

noticeably stoned

Ladies Army II Flyer:

Fuck ya!!! This poster is rad. I can't wait to meet and play polo with all you bad ass girls and boys.

why so small? Is there a large version

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Also, for outta towners looking for things to do, check out this SWEET public art project! Would make a good bike tour, for sure.


So... is there a set list of rules? What's the wristshot situation, for example?

I like your polo.

and interference?

interference = Brendan in red at 0:52 http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?p=2254

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York


Rules will be coming shortly.

http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?p=2264 rule are here

So what precisely is interference? The rules are extremely vague. I think setting picks is a very important part of the game. Many of us going to ESPIs weren't at Bench Minor, so we need a better description. And the wrist shot is now legal? I feel sorry for anyone who gets scored on by a u-turn slingshot, I think it's pretty damn cheap and too easy. But I'm going to do it because it's legal..

Whoah. Ummm... I guess I need to learn how to play an entirely new game. These rules are unexpected.

Are these the rules for Ladies Army as well?

Let's move this ESPI shitstorm to a new thread: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2010/06/17/espi-v-thread-2

Ladies Army now has its own thread and entry in the tourney calendar: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/ladies-army-ii-june-25-2010