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Equinox III: Not on the Equinox edition.

Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Sunday, October 6, 2013
Host club: 


You looking for some temperate polo in a relaxed, wooded park?! GOOD. Wait till you see this CRAZY and INTENSELY CASUAL bombshell drop. You will be rocked to your very core.

How many VIVIDLY FRIENDLY games can you handle?! How about a full day (Oct. 5) of polo shenanigans followed by ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WITH FRIENDS in the evening. Still up for more?! Please, don't even get me started. Brace yourself for my next word painting.

Twelve out of town teams with EXCESSIVELY FUN EXPECTATIONS will compete. People will brave FRIGID SIXTY DEGREE weather. Toes will be lost. The frostbite will be swift and unforgiving. Make piece with your loved ones.

Sunday will have IMPASSIONED PICK UP GAMES for those who stay. Maybe some VIOLENTLY DELICIOUS BRUNCH first. Steel your minds, things are going to be insane. Few people have seen the horrors that will take place this weekend.

I will have the payment and registration information up by Friday.

If you do manage to make it, expect a BRUTALLY SOFT HUG from my loving arms.

Too cool for League? How dare you. Here is the FB link. Here


Tuttle Court
240 W Oakland Ave
Columbus, OH
United States

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