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Epiphanie Bike Polo Week-end 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011 - Sunday, January 30, 2011
Host club: 
Rouen Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Gigantic, outdoor rink hockey, with a roof so it's always (almost) dry

Epiphanie Bike Polo Week-end 2011
Saturday 29th and Sunday 30 th of January 2011
First day : 16 teams tourney
Second day : Throw ins
place : Stade Saint-Exupéry | Rouen (same as the Happy wheels tourney)
court: outdoort rink hockey (bigger than the ones they had in GVA this summer) with a roof, so we can play even if it rains or snows, or wathever can happen but don't forget your bonnet and mittens.

Principle of the tourney and gifts
The aim is simple, have a nice and friendly Week end in Rouen.
But keep in mind: No gift …. NO POLO
Each team brings a gift for another one. So each team will receive a gift from another one.
(Your gift has to be signed => « from 'team name' »).
At the end, each team gets to pick one of the gifts under our Polo Christmas tree.

Friday 28th of January
Those who want to arrive on friday will be welcomed by Rouen's teams to head directly to one of our warm pub to have a nice beer or maybe going to « get some » directly on our court.
Saturday 29th of January
9h00 : Meeting at the « stade St exupery » court and check in for registered teams
(Free coffee and break fast for players)
10h00 : Begining of the games
12h00 : Free COUSCOUS! for the players
18h00 : End of the Games
19h00 : Gift time! every team choose one gift under the polo tree and then.. PARTY TIME !
Dimanche 30 janvier
10h00 : Meeting at « Guidoline » (51 rue Molière) just near the «  place Saint Marc » to have coffee … then everyone gets to the out-door market on « la place Saint Marc » to get the best food from Rouen
12h00 : Big Throw in with every one
19h00 : Closure of the court
Pierre-Adrien (Eugene) is working really hard on it so every team gets the maximum amount of games to play in one day. So we'll keep in touch really soon.
Rouen players can house you guys, but we can't guarantee housing for everyone. We'll asign each registered team to someone in Rouen who will get in touch with you by email so you can figure it out for the best. If you want, we can take care of registering your team to a cheap hotel. Just tell us while you register wich way you prefer.
For those who think about staying on sunday night. the easiest thing might be to get a hotel room.
Registration will start on monday 27th of December 2010 at 12:00 am (Noon) (French time – GMT+1).
At the following mail adress : epiphanie2011@guidoline.com (the adress won't be active until monday 27th of December 2010 at 12:00 am)
Informations we need in this mail:
- Team name
- Names of each player
- Your phone Number
- Date and time of arrival
- Date and time of departure
- Housing request
Registration fees
The registration includes the breakfast and the COUSCOUS! on saturday


Stade saint exupery
impasse gaumont

Signed up


Here are the 16 registrered teamfor this, It went really fast, 27 teams in 3 minutes. I think that's a new world record !

1.Broken Legs - Rouen (Bidou, Simon, Fabrice)
2.Hooks - Rouen (Quetin,Maks, Woods)
3.DFA - Rouen (Dadou, Fred, Anton)
4.Les souilleurs - Rouen (Robin, Yann, Gontran)
5.Sum Dum Monkeys - London/Paris (Gabes, James Brown, Yorgo)
6.Three - Dublin/Berlin/London (Emmet, Rik, Hassan)
7.MGM - Paris (Marmousou, Gerg, Matt)
8.Marco - London/Munich/ (Adam, Iain, Angie)
9.Inglorious Riders - Nantes (Simon, Romain, Alexandre)
10.DTGP - Paris (Hugo, Pierre, Edouard)
11.Call me Daddy - Grenoble / Toulouse (William, Jo, Polo)
12.Iron ponies - Genêve (Clement, Quentin, Johan)
13.dirty old things - Paris (Jfran, Adrien, Nicolas)
14.Peinture french - Paris/London (Mayeut, Thomas, M A X)
15.Sporting (scp) - Paris (Leonard, Mickael, Clement)
16.Sitting on a corn flake - Toulouse (Felix, Benji, Tonnio)

and here's the waiting list:

1. Sangliers sauvages - Montpellier
2.We make polo - Toulouse
3.Team Bruxelles - Bruxelles
4.Gibiers - Lille
5.Dynamo - Lille
6.Lazy monsters - Geneves
7.Sparton - Lyon
8.Marteaux - Paris
9.Polo Emploi - Caen
10.electric dream - Cambridge

Si jamais ya une team qui cherche un joueur, je serais bien chaud à faire le déplacement

yo there.. I am thinking of coming over from London to watch Saturday and play Sunday.. hope to party the shit out of France!


Call Me Daddy is Grenoble/Toulouse ;)

Play polo for Call Me Daddy

To people arriving on friday, here's the map to go from the train station to the "Atelier Guidoline" and you'll also find on it the court and some places you might wanna visit in Rouen.


There will be people at Guidoline to meet with you guys all day long (at least from noon until late in the afternoon)

Iron ponies, Grenoblers , Angie etc will be in town round noon or in early afternoon so there will be plenty of people to play polo.

If you want to fix some stuff on your bike or mallet, we have everything you need at Guidoline.

And just a reminder: No Gift = No polo :)
registration fee will be 5 euros and covers coffee, breakfast, and couscous at noon on saturday

See you freaks really soon !!

3, 2, 1 Go to Rouen !


Iron ponies (Clement, Quentin, Johan) take first place.

1 Ponies
2 call me daddy
3 mgm
4 broken legs
5 hooks
6 dtgp

Great tourney... great people, great court, great polo. What else. Great time. Fuck yeah.

Eating twice time lions was incredible...
Image hosted by uppix.net

uolmo wrote:

1 Ponies
2 call me daddy
3 mgm
4 broken legs
5 hooks
6 dtgp

Great tourney... great people, great court, great polo. What else. Great time. Fuck yeah.

Eating twice time lions was incredible...
Image hosted by uppix.net

I hope you enjoyed it, because that was the last you see a Poney eating a Lion !


Last goal, Filmed by Sarah, scorer's girlfriend, so you can't really see something because of the excitation (9 min golden goal i think) but the drop of the stick. Team working!

Congrat's ponies!
it was a fucking great time fighting you
but we'll see next time...

j'etais en Rouen comme juene fille au pair pour l'annee 2000. tant pis que polo n'etait pas la encore.