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Eastside Thaw

3v3 shuffle deck and schoolyard bench tournaments
Saturday, March 9, 2013 - Sunday, March 10, 2013
Host club: 
DC Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
150' x 75' with fillet corners, 4' boards, and 3 entrance/exit gates

This is a two day event with no pre-arranged teams. Despite the name, players from outside of the Eastside Region are welcome to join in on the fun.

Day 1: Shuffle Deck Tournament. No pre-arranged teams. This will make it a good first-time tournament for newer members of clubs, as well as making the even more accessible for single travelers. Maybe an evening alleycat or bar crawl. NAH rules with caveat: The 5pt cap will be removed and matches will be by time only.

Day 2: Schoolyard Bench Tournament. Depending on the number of players, we'd do 4-6 teams in a double-elimination bracket. Captains will be decided based on the outcome of the pull-out tournament on day one by their individual (not team) stats. The bench draft would be done the evening of day 1, and posted that evening, or announced the morning of day 2.

Based on 8 bench teams for the second day, with 6 players per team, we're talking about 48 people. That's 16 teams on the first day. This is subject to change based on interest. Also, if a player can only attend only one day, this is not a problem. 48 players is not a cap, just a goal.

Winter can mean low turn out for pick-up and low morale. The goal is to have a fun polo event to welcome the spring and start off the 2013 polo season! This would be a great event to encourage new members of your club to come, since they don't need to arrive with a team. It will introduce new players and skills to the clubs, and promote inter-club camaraderie.

A back-up date of March 16-17 will be set in case of inclement weather.

UPDATE (01/14/13) - Because of the nature of the format, we won't be using hardcourtbikepolo.org for registration. To register, you'll need to send me an email to alias.s.tagami@gmail.com and we'll add you to the event roster. You will not need to pay at the time of registration. When you email, please provide your name, club, shirt size (just in case), and some details on how long you've been playing.

UPDATE (01/28/13) - The poster is up, and a Facebook event has been created for sharing with others who don't get on LoBP: https://www.facebook.com/events/287840788009892/

UPDATE (01/30/13) - We have worked out an awesome location! We will no longer be using the normal DC Bike Polo pick-up court. Instead, we will be using a outdoor inline hockey rink in nearby New Carrollton (Metro accessible on the orange line): http://goo.gl/maps/ZadLm


Vera Cope Weinbach Neighborhood Park
6240 Westbrook Dr
New Carrollton, MD
United States

Signed up

No wrist shots, no plaid shorts. See you guys there.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Still going to wrist 'em. No plaid necessary.

That's a lot of no's alex. Whats next, no purple anything? No red pants? No Volvo's?

Purple plaid shorts are mandatory.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Since when did bike polo have all these rules? What is this, 2013 or some shit?

You guys haven't seen the new v3 ruleset?

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

momo wrote:

That's a lot of no's alex. Whats next, no purple anything? No red pants? No Volvo's?

my volvo just died. way to bring up hurtful memories.


-DFL folife

Is anyone from NYC driving down for a fun DC weekend and wanna give me a lift back up to yo town? I'll share gas $$!

-DFL folife

Tentatively so


bring that dancing machine sprinkles

fuck yes.

Here's the location I'm trying to secure for day 2. A inline hockey rink with two adjacent tennis courts. If we build a good relationship with the local municipality, we may push for more ambitious events in the future that use all 6 tennis courts, and the rink.

Rink + 2 courts
Rink + 6 courts

Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/Bi3ti

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

i'm very eager for this. i'm looking forward to playing with new people very much.

Doing a little number crunching today, it seems that the sweet spot to aim for is 48 people. This would make 16 teams on Day 1, and 8 six-person (or 6 eight-person) teams on Day2.

Because of the nature of the format, I won't be using hardcourtbikepolo.org for registration. To register, you'll need to send me an email (alias.s.tagami@gmail.com) and I'll add you to the event roster. You will not need to pay at the time of registration. When you email me, please provide your name, club, shirt size (just in case), and some details on how long you've been playing (read below).

More details on how teams will be established:

We will be collating players into three classes (A/B/C) to insure that each team is a mix of skill/experience. Each team will consist of an A, B, and C player. Please don't sandbag.

Based on individual player stats from day 1, team coaches will be assigned. Most likely based on Goals-->GD-->Rank

Event details edited above

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

You got two Santa Cruz players coming in for this one. Just sent ya an email.

The poster is up, and a Facebook event has been created for sharing with others who don't get on LoBP: https://www.facebook.com/events/287840788009892/

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Oh, and we're at 32 registered now, so we are 12 people away from the sweet spot of 48. I am not capping the registration at 48 players, but if you are planning on registering, earlier is better.

Email me: alias.s.tagami@gmail.com with your shirt size, your club, and how long you've been playing. Thanks!

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

What's the housing situation looking like? Just wondering if I should be looking at hotels, or if yinz are gonna be putting people up.

I'm working on getting bed/couch/floor space for people from the club and I'm reaching out to other bike people here in DC. My hope is that nobody will need hotels.

Expect a mass email in the next fortnight with all the details on locations, food, and housing.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Roger, hoping for some weather like we're having today for that weekend!

Major update today!

We will be using a local hockey court for both days now! This court is awesome, has high walls, and three exits. Note the location change in the description above.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I promised an email update over the weekend, and it's coming, but I want a few details in concrete first. I just wanted people to know I haven't forgot them.

I'm working to get the second court, which would mean letting the wait list in to a new cap of 60 players.

I'm so close, I can taste it, but until I'm eating it, I can't promise it. Dig?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

UPDATE: We got a second court, so I let in those on the wait list.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

The roster has been divided into the A, B, and C groups. These are final, so please do not write to me and ask for changes. These groups are only relevant to the Saturday 3v3 teams. Each team will have an A, B, and C player. Teams will be created by random selection of an A, B, and C player.

You'll get your team when you check in on Sat at the park, but here's the groups to give you an idea of the field:

A Group:

Nick Boston BP
Daniel C-Ville
Sprinks C-Ville
Kevin DC Bike Polo
Hassan DC Bike Polo
Horse Lancaster United
Kyle Lancaster United
Lumberjack Lancaster United
Fraiser Mayson Norfolk BP
Steve Zadrozny NYC Bike Polo
Chombo! NYC Bike Polo
Rob Biddle Philly BP
Tucker Waugh Philly BP
Peter Philly BP
Tommy Philly BP
Greg Russo Pittsburgh BP
Nico Paris Pittsburgh BP
Brad Quartuccio Pittsburgh BP
Greg Bruiner Pittsburgh BP
Baby Joey RVA
Baines RVA
Ben Zoller RVA
Brandon Bradford Santa Cruz BP

B Group:

Stu Ashville BP
Ann Silver Ashville BP
Zac Shaiman Boston BP
Tyler Ferris Boston BP
Annie Dunckel C-Ville
Sean Campbell DC Bike Polo
Alias DC Bike Polo
Alex King DC Bike Polo
BRUCE! DC Bike Polo
Troy Young Lancaster United
Crusher Lancaster United
Blake Lancaster United
Yeager Lancaster United
Geno Lancaster United
Liz Solomon Lancaster United
Nick Lautieri Norfolk BP
Andrew Otto NYC Bike Polo
Shelley Smith NYC Bike Polo
Daniel Nola NYC Bike Polo
Devin Boyce NYC Bike Polo
Kyle Ferrar Pittsburgh BP
Pedro Rio Bike Polo
Mike Young RVA
John Tyler Twyford RVA

C Group:

Ali Cheff C-Ville
Tom Baxter C-Ville
Ann Desantis DC Bike Polo
Anna DC Bike Polo
Slavko DC Bike Polo
Jess Stuart DC Bike Polo
Jon Bavier DC Bike Polo
Bobby Sherwood DC Bike Polo
David Ballinger DC Bike Polo
Michelle Cleveland DC Bike Polo
Hood Ornament DC Bike Polo
Sean O'Donnell DC Bike Polo
Darby Lancaster United
Hylon Lancaster United
Sabrina Strong Lancaster United
Kayleigh J NYC Bike Polo
Deco Goodman NYC Bike Polo
Don Coyer Philly BP
Anna Stokes Raleigh BP
Steven Beckmeyer Raleigh BP
Ryan McMurray Raleigh BP
Ross Davidson Raleigh BP
John Durkee Raleigh BP
Jillian Rose Santa Cruz BP

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Had so much fun this weekend.. Well done Alias.

Cool tourney brosters.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Day 1 Shuffle Deck official tournament results.

1st Ace of Hearts (Brunner PGH, Troy LU, Annie CVE)
2nd Ace of Clubs (Horse, Liz LU, Shonnel DC)
3rd 3 of Diamonds (Kyle C LU, Kyle F PGH, Deco NYC)
3rd Queen of Hearts (Russo PGH, Devin NYC, Steve B RAL)
5th Jack of Hearts (Biddle PHL, Alias, Jess DC)
5th Jack of Spades (Ian RVA, Tyler BOS, Slavko DC)
5th King of Clubs (Dan, Baxter CVE, Stu ASH)
5th Queen of Spades (Peter PHL, Crusher LU, Durkee RAL)
9th Jack of Clubs (Nick BOS, Gene LU, Anna RAL)
9th 10 of Spades (Steve Z NYC, Zac BOS, Sabrina LU)
9th 10 of Hearts (Werm RVA, Alex DC, Spencer)
9th 3 of Clubs (Tucky PHL, Bruce!, Anna DC)
9th King of Spades (Sprinks CVE, Pedro RIO, Hylon LU)
9th Ace of Diamonds (Joey RVA, Ali CVE, Darby LU)
9th King of Diamonds (Hassan DC, Lumberjack LU, Kayleigh NYC)
9th Queen of Clubs (Frazer NRF, Otto NYC, Ross RAL)
17th 10 of Diamonds (Nico PGH, Bobby, Rabadi DC)
17th Jack of Diamonds (Kevin, Ricky DC, Mike RVA)
17th 10 of Clubs (Brad Q PGH, John DC, Ryan RAL)
17th Queen of Diamonds (DNola NYC, Nick NRF, Jill SCZ)
17th King of Hearts (Baines RVA, Yeager LU, Don PHL)
17th 3 of Hearts (Ann ASH, Blake LU, David DC)
17th 3 of Spades (Brandon SCZ, Shelley NYC, Michelle DC)
17th Ace of Spades (Chombo! NYC, Tyler RVA, Ann D DC)

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

The Saturday Bench Draft

Team Horse
Sean O'Donnell
Eric Ransom
Brad Quartuccio
Liz Solomon
Jess Stuart
Ann Elizabeth Silver
Steven Beckmeyer

Team Russo
Joey Antillon
Christopher Baines (Traded to Team Werm) (Later Traded to Team Horse for beer I think...)
Frazer Mayson
Devin Boyce
Brandon Bailey
Anna Stokes
Hylon Plumb

Team Biddle
Ian Dunwiddie
Brian Windle
Tucker Waugh
Alias Tagami
Daniel Nola
Nick Lautieri

Team Kyle
Kyle Ferrar
Tyler Ferris
Zac Shaiman
Deco Goodman
Andrew Otto
Jonathan Darby
Slavko Totev
Michelle Cleveland

Team Brunner
Troy Young
Peter Dalkner
Hassan Raheem
Nick Germany-Wald
Pedro Padilha
Ross Davidson
David Ballinger
Ricky DeLeyos

Team Werm
Tom Baxter
Don Coyer
Matt Kabik
Mike Young
Bobby Sherwood (Traded to Team Russo)
John Bavier
Ryan McMurray
Anna Reinhart

Team Daniel
Stephen Zadrozny
Sean Campbell
Annie Dunckel
Shelly Smith
John Durkee
Alex King
Kayleigh Jankowski
Ann DeSantis

Team Sprinks
Nico Paris
Tyler Twyford
Ali Cheff
Stu Davidson
Kevin Hays
Jillian Rose
Chris Rabadi

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Day 2 Schoolyard Bench official tournament results

1st Team DunBiddle
2nd Team Russo
3rd Team Horse
4th Team Dan
5th Team Sprinks
5th Team Brunner
7th Team Werm
8th Team Kyle

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Great weekend playing with great people

Thanks again Alias and DC