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Desert Polo Invite II

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - Sunday, February 21, 2010
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts, aprox. 50' x120', built in a parking lot

The Second Desert Polo will be Feb. 20th and 21st. I will post the updates as they roll in. Last year went pretty well, we did it in April, so it was a little hotter than we would have liked. Feb should be great.

Plan for some geat polo weather for this time of year!

UPDATES: 24 Teams max. We should be able to run 2 courts the way it is working out, we do not have lights on the courts, so it will be an early start both days so we can all play as much polo as possible!!!!. Registration is open. Helmets will be required. $10/person.

Email justinbalderston at yahoo dot com



Tempe, AZ
United States

Signed up

how dou get an invite?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Everyone's invited!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Some of us in CoMO are interested in making the trek out to escape the winter for a few days. Is the date set in stone? Just want to make sure because I'll be flying in.

date is set. and everyone is invited. The court we want to do the tourney on is not locked down right now, but I think if we say its a gathering of friends/bbq type thing we can use it. We should know for sure in the coming week and I will post it here. In short, dont buy your plane ticket yet.

Unless something drastically changes I'm coming. I, however, will be driving as I can take the time off necessary...plus I want to eat some BBQ in Texas on the way there.

Bike Polo Ronin

You could try the 72ounce steak in Amarillo. Not sure how you're driving but I doubt there will be much in Texas for you.

I would have to go off the beaten path, I know. I've taken the drive to SoCal from Springfield MO, and it's Amarillo then nothing.


Bike Polo Ronin

i cant believe this is a further drive then columbia, ill be chartering a jet.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I'm planning on making it a mini-vacation...taking a couple of days to get there and back.

Bike Polo Ronin

how do i get an invite on said jet?

How many courts?

Bay Area -> PHX is pretty do-able. I believe a couple people here gots fam there. We've talked about wanting to check out the polo in Phoenix.

polojoel wrote:

How many courts?

Bay Area -> PHX is pretty do-able. I believe a couple people here gots fam there. We've talked about wanting to check out the polo in Phoenix.

Kim Beson's family lives here. I've known his brother Josh for years, and just recently found out Kim was his polo-playing brother.

Kim, if you read this, ask your brother about the time he found a foreign turd in his basketball shorts.

Only one descent court now. We can have overflow games go to our night spot in absolutely necessary, the newer court has no lights, but we would rather not because it is just a parking lot with some end boards. Bay Area-->PHX is about 12 hrs, depending on how fast you drive/ how many breaks you take.

Here are some pics of the court we are trying to lock down. http://www.flickr.com/photos/phxbikepolo/sets/72157622592747648/

this is the weekend before bike polo spring break. bummer.




if SF comes to this, this might be a great time to decide on a regional tournament location for the "Great Divide Region" according to the post regarding regions, Phoenix and Sf, along with us here in Colorado are grouped together. perdon me if you guys are already discussing this offline, im just throwing it out there.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

It would be cool if everyone could meet from the region at this! I will be in SF for about a month for winter break, probably bringing my polo bike or i make one from my dad's stable so I will see you all then. LA had a big showing at he first DPI and I hope they make it out again, and Denver is not too far out themselves.

Can you say more about what you mean by "tournament location for the Great Divide Region"?

I'm all up for ideas and decisionating. As long as it doesn't interfere with playing polo, having good times. I'm looking forward to playing 'round the region.

"tournament location for the Great Divide Region"? ===

where will the Southwest regional tournament be and when? thats all, hopefully it would be figured out before this tournament though, now that i think about it more.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

OK. The idea of THE Southwest regional tourney is a little new to me. It looks like the region will have many tourneys this year. LA has one on the calendar (January), Long Beach is planning another (April). Phoenix (Feb). SF is currently without a date (want time to scout new locations and permit options). Colorado? SLC? San Diego?

so would there or would there not be a SPECIFIC tournament determing the region champions, such as the Midwests just recently did. if we could start a Southwest Region discussion thread, it probably would be a good place to talk about this stuff.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I hear Denver volunteering to host The Inaugural (South)west Regional Championship.

Confirm or deny.

ehhhhh, haha, we have minimal experience putting on tourny's. probably not ready to put one on of this scale. but i know Colorado Springs, has the location and willingness to step up to the plate. i vote them.

oh and where were you Saturday night Joel? i got to play at Dolores Park with your crew, unfortunetly only had time for one game, but it was so rad, the SF guys are very cool.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

There are those who conspire against my playing of the polo. Unfortunately they are blood relatives. I heard there were good games last week, sorry to have missed.

Anyway, if you can find space for 2-4 courts you can do a tourney. You have help.

Albuquerque will be there with a few teams for sure. Where the fuck is albuquerque?

Not sure which of the Tulsa folks I'm going to drag out there with me. I'll wait until the first freeze here before I start hitting them up for commitments. Can't wait to see your new court!

*Court is almost secured, sorry its taking so long but we are getting positive feedback so far and we dont want any questions to come up day of the event.

*We will be capping the tourney at 24 teams

*Day 1 will be swiss round robin, day 2 double elimination.

as far as housing for out-of-towners goes, justinrunns & i have come up with a preliminary idea of having everyone camp out in his backyard. if youre driving here, bring a tent/sleeping bag & you'll be set!

i got the idea from the man, the myth, the mystery, adam from denver. it worked well for his tourney, everyone had a great time & really bonded.

temps here in february average 72 degree highs & 50 degree lows.

ya camping in back yard is definetly a good time. just make sure to supply a warren g, 90's hip hop dance mix for the boombox.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Is it likely that the 24 team limit will be reached?

at this point we dont know, but we cant handle more than 24 with only one court and have it all run smooth. We will have a means of registering and a list so everyone who is registered so it is clear what the number is at as ppl sign up.


I'd love to see this go smoothly. Coming from experience, there is no way you will be able to run 24 teams on one court. You really need two. The timing is just not there. I would say seek out a double court.



The mid-west was 44 teams on 1 and a half courts. If they run it smoothly it'll work.

24 team double elim is almost 50 games. That'll take a while on a single court, with long lags between games for people. We set out to do a 8-team double elim in Oakland on a single court. We had to take over a neighboring court when we started feeling time pressure. That event had a very late start though.

Give it a little time. If it really is looking like ~24 teams and a single court then it may be worthwhile to come up with alternatives to the round robin, double elim tourney format. I've heard tales of fun creative tourneys thrown in New York -- maybe they have some ideas.

Whatver happens, I highly recommend giving the 'top' 4-6 teams time to play some hard polo. That's why we throw tourneys and travel.

the double elim on sunday will not be 24 teams. 24 teams can enter the round robin on Saturday and we may run two courts for this we dont know yet, we plan on cutting the field down to 16 for the double elim. on sunday and run it on one court. We want the final games to be without time pressures as well. I think it will be an early start both days regardless of the team count.

last year we had 12 teams show up with only 3 weeks notice. We are putting a lot more effort into this one and it is during a much better time of year. This is why we think it might get big. We will have to see when it gets closer. A makeshift second court can be produced if necessary, but we would rather not play there.

polojoel wrote:

single court, with long lags between games for people

Long delays between games are boring and unnecessary. The nice thing about just one court is that you can see all the games. 50 games is only about 8 hours of polo so the math says it can be done. Start early!

I just found out, in preparation for the desert invite, i am flying down for 6 weeks of intense polo training leaving Monday, to acclimate myself to the weather, cactus's, windstorms, and Sheriff Joe. im heading down for work, ill be free to polo in the evenings, and sunday. quite a nice change from snow-polo here in denver.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

sounds like a good schedule. We play sunday afternoons and monday nights and grass wed. nights.

'L.A' is gonna try to roll deep...

"We don't need no education"

awesome! we would love to see you out here. We should be rolling deep to LA as well.

looking forward to seeing u guys... I home mikecrophone is coming?

"We don't need no education"

Pistolero wrote:

looking forward to seeing u guys... I home mikecrophone is coming?

Confirmed David...Re-Match !

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Pistolero wrote:

looking forward to seeing u guys... I hope mikecrophone is coming?

"We don't need no education"

Reserve a spot for at least one team from burque in the tourney and the backyard? possibly more later...

Team #2 from ABQ is down, reserve spot for us. Also I will be in Tempe until Jan. 3rd, are you guys playing between x-mas and then?

All your shots are block by I.

we play monday nights and sunday day games. If you go to our page you can view the locations. Sunday might not fly this week. Shoot me a text and I will let you know. 510 894 5318.

+Can everyone who is reserving spots send me an email of how many teams you plan to bring from what city and a contact email/number of someone from your city so I can send out updates and get a good idea of how many are gunna be here.

I apologize to everyone but we are still struggling to lock a location down, but we still are putting this thing on! I will let everyone know when we have a spot. Please hold off buying tickets for a little longer.

I have heard people in SF say that it will be tough to hit PHX three weeks after LA. So if it dropped back a week or two that could mean more people are able to make it.

Full disclosure: I haven't done a poll or anything. Right now people are back from holidays and pretty focused on getting it together for LA.

cool flyer

Are we doing this or what? Confirm... will we have a court to play on!

That will never work.

sorry man, i have been awaiting a official response from one person and then we will be good to go. The last I heard from him "he didn't see any reason why we would not be able to do it there", but needed to clear it with the dude above him. I have the money ready to buy the insurance the second i get the call, and I will post it up here and email the people that have signed up with me through email. he told me he would get back to me early this week but has not returned my calls... i dont know what else to say, I am very close to having the courts we need.

I think it is just taking them longer then expected to draw up the paperwork, but he has not returned my calls to update me on the situation

if you dont know----SC will be reppn' at this.


Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur


South Central Region

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Anyone looking for a badass polo gal on they're team? Straight out of Denver! Has previous polo tourney experience.

^^^ wanna team up again? im sure we could find a 3rd.

...or re-activate "team pegleg" if adam dosen't already have a team.

ya thanks, but i already got a team. and dare i say, a podium contender.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Try professional ass kissers.... hypothetically correct. Prove me wrong, dare ya!

Gah I can not make it. It hurts me to say. I am really looking forward to playing in Tempe some day soon.

san diego is about to show it's face to the bike polo world


cool man. send me an email with how many you are coming up with. My email is at the top of the page.

Yes! Look forward to meeting you.

Check the updates at the top!

Sign ups so far (please correct me if inaccurate):

San Diego-2
LA- 4?? (does this number include surrounding clubs?)
SF- 2-3?? let me know
Como-1? ( I hope its not too late for you)
AZ- 6-7

So, I'm sitting at 16 confirmed teams and 21 possible teams. 24 is the max we can accommodate. Email me or post here if the numbers are wrong.

I'd tentatively say 5 teams from LA, not including Long Beach or Inland Empire. The high estimate is just to be on the safe side, I'll confirm with everyone at today's games.


I think that the whole state of colorado will bring two teams, I can speak personally for one and the other sounds pretty secure.

That will never work.

cool that's why i put 'Den/Co' because i knew of 2 teams from the area but didn't know if they were both Denver specific.

FYI Saturday Night after day 1 of the tourney there is a benefit for the wife of one of our LBS sponsors, it should be a good time for a good cause:

In March, 2008 our friend Sara Cowling was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Through an initial procedure in October, 2008 and all your help with The Saturday Showdown, she was doing much better. It has come to light that she will need a second operation to hopefully end
the continuing seizures and memory loss that still lingers from the
tumor. Due to a horrible insurance situation, the Cowling family must finance the entire procedure and all associated costs themselves with no assistance. Let’s help our friends Ryan and Sara and show them that they are not alone in this.

The Showdown… part II.

Its cool if people cannot afford to donate but the benefit itself will be awesome to watch and there is a cool bar right across the street.

whats the bracket format?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

round robin day 1 and double elimination day 2. I hope to know all the teams before people get into town so I can form the brackets and let everyone who has to be at the court early know whats up.

.edit. Two players from Denver are looking for a third. we would like to register our team if the spot is open for another team.

Polo experienced + running on a track bike. I play well with others.

To anyone looking for a 2nd or 3rd player: Drop a message on my profile if you are interested. I have pictures of my bike coming up later today.

San Diego may possibly be able to bring a 3rd team if there is room. This isn't a definite, so if there is still room...when would you like to have the final numbers?

whenever you know let me know. Once I get 24 confirmed teams reg. will be closed. I wont close it before we hit 24. I would like a few days to figure out bracketing though.

Awesome man...I will do my best to get info to you asap.

Are there enough courts / enough space for pick up games as well?

good question. we are building 2 courts for tourney use. but pick up games can easily be played next to those courts. We want as much polo as possible to be played

Promo is out on YouTube made with clips from last year.

that makes 18 confirmed teams. Still no word from I.E. or Long Beach.

Can everyone make it to the courts at 8am on Sat. the 20th. I would like to get tourney play started by 9am.

San Diego can make it...we're planning on making it out there late Friday night.

pumped about this. and I believe the ABQ teams can make that happen. What time do you think the festivities on Sunday will end?

I hope to have tourney stuff done by 6pm followed by an awards ceremony/party at a local bar that can hook it up with some deals. The actual play has to be done by sundown.

Hey justin, not sure if you got another team from denver marked down but there's two of us making a carpool with the 1st team from Denver and we want to register our team. We need a free agent 3rd player and again if anyone wants to join into a fairly experienced team then please drop a line on my page.

in summary, that's 1.666666666666667 teams from denver?

+ 1-2 non-denver, CO team(s) = somewhere between 2.6666666667 to 3.666667 teams from our rectangular state...?

whatever the number, we are bringing the altitude sickness.

haha alright i will have you all down for 4 teams just in case.

it's possible we might not even be a team especially if there are 2 teams that need a 3rd player then the two guys from denver wouldn't mind splitting up and joining these teams.

@Nick: There will be at least 8 Players from Colorado at least

You all might be able to rob a Burqueno on your way through. Although you might have to accommodate them travel-wise.

We for sure have one guy that needs a team but he does not need a ride. we got that part. it's matt s btw

How is everyone getting to Phoenix? We lost a big part of our transportation and are trying to find an alternative...does anyone have any ideas?


Pitch in on a rental. That's the plan up in L.A.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

don't be admitting weakness until we get there. don't worry everyone, we are so badass we will be pedaling out there. probably should leave right about now to get there in time though.


We''ll be bringing a few shirts from the SoCal Polo Picnic in case you didn't get a chance to score one while you were in town. Black or dark blue, I think we're all out of smalls, we may have a couple larges, but for the most part they are mediums. 10 dollaz kiddies.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Awesome! I need a medium:)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

I'll take a medium too - I'm psyched...it will be my first polo shirt.

Get it? ;)

Damn damn damn! Hey justin, you may have to cancel the 4th team from Denver, my friend who was trying to come is flat broke and can't afford to pitch on the carpool and so it's just me as a free agent. I WILL BE THERE! I just need a team. LA PEEPS, WHERE YOU AT?! TIM AND MARK?!?! come on baby, that'd be some fun shit.

no worries you will be able to hook up with a team when you get here if no one grabs you before then.

Denver will be bringing some club shirts for sale. sorry all we have left are large, and xlarge, maybe 1 small. $9.99

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Is the housing camping?

That will never work.

ya we have a very limited amount of house spots, so most people will end up outside. We have a lot of people bringing in camping equipment to help out, but if anyone who is driving up has a tent or bag please bring it up. We have a fire pit in the yard.

what the food situation?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

The Tucson crew has some buddies that are bringing a food/drink cart and there are plenty of cheap and easy restaurants in the area. We will have bagels and other cheap breakfast stuff out Sat and Sun, but our budget didnt allow for us to provide much else food wise. The after party on sunday will have great specials.

See you all in a week!

Who is in for pick up games on Friday, We can be in Tempe as Early as 1:00pm prob.

That will never work.


fuckin ell im in. after a quick dash to the in n out and ikea.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

i cant wait for the ikea pit stop!
i do love ikea

i think we may need to trade in our minivan for a u-haul to bring back couches and tables and shit

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

so stoked to see old friends & meet new ones this weekend!

it's been gorgeous weather lately, and the tourney details are coming together nicely!

i have decided to help out on the sidelines for this one, including the commandeering of the p.a. system- as if my voice wasnt loud enough without it.

look forward to 70 degree days, and a taco truck!

also, a porta-potty for after you're done with said taco truck!

if anyone needs herbal refreshments, ask me. i'll be wearing a button pin that says "ask me about herbal refreshments"!

see you all friday/saturday!

taco truck!? That is the one culinary delight that i miss the most after moving back to Wyoming from Portland, OR. my digestive tract is churning with excitement.

Hell yeah! on the taco cart. The SD crew will be psyched on that...even if we criticize them and point out that ours are better back home.

(smiley face)

70 degree weather and taco trucks?! that will be a whole new experience! haha


aw shit i miss the AZ roach coach

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

^^^belk, how are you getting here from wyoming- flying? driving?

do you have a complete team from casper or are you coming as a single player?

he is rolling with us (Colorado). 40hrs in a vehicle ain't no thang.

he needs teammates though! no one else from the Casper clan could make it.

I doubt any of the Casper clan even knows I'm going. I haven't seen these guys in weeks, a couple/few months now. They are all being pussies for the winter and staying inside. I just met all these guys this fall and they don't really take it too seriously. Hopefully this summer will see more contenders though.
and yes, I will be traveling as a free agent.

We are building the courts thursday night. I will be available all day Friday to take registration and get people their info packets on the neighborhood amenities. As far as pick up games during the day... I will see if we can use the courts on friday, if not we have other locations to play on.

Primary Courts: 1200 E. Southern Ave. Tempe AZ

Alternative Pick up court: Monarch apts 4502 S. Hardy Dr. Tempe, AZ

My House (where most will be camping if you choose to camp):
1417 S. Beck Ave Tempe AZ

Again, please let me know if you are camping out with us. I need some solid numbers so I will know if I have enough tents, ect. I also have a few places lined up for those opposed to camping, so let me know what you need and I will see what I can do.

We will have 9 or 10 people and will be camping. We'll bring tents as a back-up but will most likely have sleeping arrangements in our van/trailer. However, we are very interested in the campfire and camaraderie.

i will be camping and have a tiny one man tent. i will be able to fit pretty much wherever.

Justinrunns, I was just stalking you on google maps and no offense but your back yard doesn't look huge. How many tents do you think you can actually fit there (including room for a fire)?

not everyone that's for sure. I was thinking 7 or 8 teams could fit comfortably. There will be some people in houses, some camping in my yard, and there is another yard available if there is overflow.

Denver, better kick some serious ass! And.. godamn...the weather is soo prime for this event! very jealous. knock em dead.

I thought you said you were coming?

Springs is bringing tents. but are prob going to sleep where we pass out.

That will never work.

AZ has a few free agents floating out there. I dont think they are on the site though. Friday night or early Sat people can meet and start teams. It doesn't look like we will hit the 24 team mark anyways.

You never know Justin. Maybe the players from mexico will come through, unannounced. I'm still a free agent as it is, and I'm sure there will be a conglomeration of free agents just looking to "rattle snake" their way into first.

im pretty sure 3 from denver will be camping. the best parties are always at the camp sites! this weekend's gonna jam!

3 teams or 3 people. I have not heard form all the dever people about sleeping arrangements.

3 people. camping

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

7 definite campers from CO (with a chance of 8). including: denver, springs, my boulder ass and one from wyoming.

So I know drinking is a major part of most polo tourneys but we will be on a church's property and the contract I just signed does not allow for any alcohol on the property. Never fear, I have got an alcohol permit for the park right down the street, so if drinking and other activity that should be kept out of the churches view needs to happen, its only a 30 sec ride away.


vaira nize!

Coozie's to the rescue!

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

That's awesome...nice work!

ABQ has six dudes that will be camping. We may have tents.

I'm providing a 5-7 person tent for those who may need one. Chances are it will be set up at Justinrunns' place.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Joker would Love a Denver Polo shirt Size L

"We don't need no education"

no problemo pistolero

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Scratch the camping for us. ONe of our players has family we are staying with.

BretStatus wrote:

Scratch the camping for us. ONe of our players has family we are staying with.

What part of town?

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Not sure. Apparently within a mile of the church.

Is there a bike shop located anywhere close to the courts? Just in case it's needed...

There is one who is sponsoring the tourney about 2 miles away, Domenic's 2 Wheelers. Also Trailhead Bike Cafe will be bringing a stand and their tools like last year.

"The Hoodfellas" 818

"We don't need no education"

Me and at least 2 others from LA will be camping.

you guys got a tent or do you need us to have one?

i got a tent, but i think my our friend eli said that he needs one


btw can i get your number so that we can have someone to contact when we get there?


hard to believe there were no post today haha we go the boards 80% complete and they're looking sweet! cant wait to see you all. Call me as you roll in. 510 894 5318. We should be at the courts most of the day. At night we have no lights so i will probably move registration type stuff to my house and have a fire and some beers.

For those of us arriving Saturday morning, what time is registration and when are games scheduled to begin?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

I will post up more about the weekend later, but here are the results from rainy AZ tourney. Thanks everyone for coming out.

1st: (LA) Hoodfellas- Joker, Pistolero, Brian
2nd: (PHX) Grass Assault- Mini Mike, Jacob, AJ
3rd: (PHX) 13 year olds- Mailman-J, Mike T, Jim
4th (LA) Juan in a Million
5th (DEN) Mile High Club


Thanks to all for being patient with Mother Nature this week end. Water Bike Polo !! Brought out the best in us all. San Diego, Alb, Casper, you guys made this tourney special. Thanks for making this event your first. Virgins no more.
Thanks AZHC for hosting , Justin, Chris, Davey, and all. Special thanks to Melissa and Mailman Jay for the great BBQ both days. Thanks Denver, always a pleasure, and LA what can I say, Maximum overdrive! The final Game between Hoodfellas and Grass Assault was Epic. And finally, WTF, a 12 year old MVP ? The future is here.
Photo's comin soon.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

LA woot woot!
Wish I could have been there!!
So youngsters are the new 'A' PLAYERS.

Yes photos and stories!!

Wanted to get in a thanks to everyone for having us. So glad we could be a part of it and hopefully SD will be bringing teams to a lot more events in the future...we all had a lot of fun and learned a ton.

Thanks to Justin and NOD for everything and to the LA teams for their excitement and support. We're coming up to visit soon.

One of the best polo pics I have ever seen!!!! Jacob looks so fierce!

Taken from Jeff (N.O.D)'s blog, phoenixmtbpolo.blogspot.com

ahh i finally have some time to write. So the weekend was really exciting. Mother nature was not friendly at all!!! It rained just about all weekend. The only people that got some nice weather on the courts were the people from Colorado that rolled in early on Friday when it was 78 with plenty of sun. The camping in my backyard went surprisingly well despite the rain.

We had 16 team registered on Sat. and did round robin play on the 2 courts. We set up 3 brackets ( one in the Am and 2 in the PM because not everyone was there in the morning), everyone got 4 games, we had plenty of time so I did a swiss style 5th round then we played some pick up games till it got dark. Then most of us went to the Kore Bike Benefit or got drunk at the camp sites.

On sunday we got to a late start due to heavy rain. One of the courts was flooding so when the rain settled we used the northern court while we swept out the southern one. We still got to play out a 16 team double elim bracket. About half way through the day we got a break and the sun came out and dried the courts for us. We got to see some really exciting play! Mini Mike, Jacob and AJ put up a great show, going 1-2, vs. Joker, David and Brian over the span of the weekend. I think everyone was having a heart attack watching those games.

Both days our friends from PBP brought out a BBQ and cooked up some grub, which was much appreciated. A big thanks goes out to Jason for putting that on.

Our sponsors hooked it up with some great prizes! We raffled off a lot of really cool stuff, we have pics of the award ceremony which should be up later. If any of them are on this site, thanks again and we plan on sending you all some pics of the prizes on their winners!

Thanks again to everyone that came out. It was really nice see old friends and meet new ones. I hope everyone got home safe.

We had a great time. Thanks Justin & Chris & Jeff for all the hard work!

Just did this from memory so if something is wrong let me know.


What was the final score on the final game?

should be on vimeo soon, hopefully. Exciting & fun to watch. I'll post here when it is.

This was a sweet tournament and I'm glad we got to put on. Can't wait for DPI III !!



Saturday pick up (4)


this space intentionally left blank.

Nice Prizes! Go LA! fUCK YA !!!!!

Nice Prizes! Go LA! fUCK YA !!!!!

should have 'olymipic ringed' those wheelsets for that prize pic, hoodfellas.

leopard dad beat hustlaz and then played your team silly Justin. boyfriends played Juan and a million. it was a pretty cool game. But that's not important. What is, is that it was an awesome weekend and we thank you very much. The general attitude from ABQ players after the tournament was "I'm way more into bike polo now".

BretStatus wrote:

The general attitude from ABQ players after the tournament was "I'm way more into bike polo now".

Where's the x2 button when you need it?
So awesome.


I had way to much fun at this tourney....thanks AZ...

Huge thanks to everyone who put this together! And thanks to Kore for a killer hangover Sunday, great party!

I have to agree with Brett, I'm very excited to up my game for the next tournament.

If your on facebook you can try this link, i put some pics up there.

link that may or may not work

The link worked for me. Nice pics of those last games!

If you want to start planning for the next tourney, get involved in the discussion for Regionals- we want to see all of you there, so make sure to let us know if the tentative date (Memorial Day weekend) and location (L.A.) works for your club. http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/club/southwest/southwest-regional-tourna...


hmmm...says access denied?

We'll start talkin about it and will give some feedback.

you have to be a member of the Southwest Region to see it- but you should be anyways!
Go here: http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/region/southwest
Click on the little button that says "Join" in the upper left hand corner of the page. You should be able to see our regional discussions after that.


I had a great time, thanks 13 years for a great rivalry, PBP for the food and talks, AZ Hardcourt for the organizing, all the work for sponsors and prizes, everyone for playing in the rain, the goal judge calling our shot a shuffel against Juan & a Million, (i did not want to play 13 years again) Joker for being yourself and causing me to step up my game to play you next time, Chad and friends for the house, the dice game, AZ Residents for the citrus fruit we boosted from your trees, who ever decided we needed snow from Flagstaff to Raton, (that sucked) Denver for solidifying them selves as a polo club and beating us, All the new friends and enemies, See you next year. Let me know ahead of time, and i will build hockey goals and bring them down for free.

That will never work.

x2 Great rivalry. x10 to the hockey goals.

My bad on the "shufle" call. Both of us missed the shot and the ref called it a shuffle after all the complaining. I never actually made an official call since i couldn't do it confidently:/

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

It was awesome talking w you George. Like minded people. I'm gald we were all in agreement about your problem child.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

thanks: the lovely bbq ladies

awesome: justin, and all the organizers

Lame: Tlaloc (god of rain)

beer of choice for this trip: High Life

advice for future DPI attendees: bring a stick to fend off the AZ polohoes

also, thanks to the Springs crew for everything. it was so great to bond with our friends to the south, i think i can easily say we would not be where we are at in polo without you guys.

DO: bring your club shirt to tournaments to sell

a quick shout to Casper polo club. listen to Belk!!!! do what the Belk does!!!! you will not be led astray.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

"advice for future DPI attendees: bring a stick to fend off the AZ polohoes"

I have no idea of what you speak haha

Justinrunns wrote:

"advice for future DPI attendees: bring a stick to fend off the AZ polohoes"

I have no idea of what you speak haha

It's the only way to beat AZ. With a stick. I've got Adam figured out.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

you AZ guys got the best polo groupies

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

pronounced "poe-lowho". one word. that is def. one of my favorite new polo terms that i picked up this weekend.

AZ Thank You for the wonderful time, what a fun weekend. The Boyd Clan, Chris, Justin, everybody Thank You so much for the fun. I cant say that enough. Great job on the courts, and keeping them playable despite the weather. The round robin format was great, and I really liked how that 5th game against a team of matching record was added. And of course Sunday was even better. Every time I play Grass Assault, a.k.a 'those pesky little kids' I get a rush. They wear me out and keep me on and off my pedals, but I'm learning little tricks off of them for later, the way I would from any highly skilled team. And words can't really describe how I felt after they dealt us that lone loss on Sunday. I was happy and sad. As though I was actually rooting for them. Weird. I should mention EVERYBODY in the crowd was rooting for Grass Assault, even 4 teams from my own club. And who could blame them? Players less than half my age are running circles around me! These kids have to be seen to be believed. Count on us to be there next year, we always have a blast out in the desert.

Joker in LA wrote:

I should mention EVERYBODY in the crowd was rooting for Grass Assault, even 4 teams from my own club. And who could blame them?

The energy of those games was crazy. The crowd was routing for both teams at the same time. You both basically went undefeated except for when you met each-other on the court! It was one of the most intense polo games that i have ever seen.
One second HoodFellas was Dominating, then the next moment Grass Assault was on top.

the most exciting sporting event I have seen in years.


Not Yet....Not Yet.

Some more photos:


Edit: to clarify, most of those are mine but a couple were borrowed from other places so that I could post them up on our blog.

The rain looks like so much more fun in photos.

thank u guys super much for everything .. i had such a great time up there with u guys.. AZ rocks

"We don't need no education"

Go here for more:http://s960.photobucket.com/albums/ae83/joedavidgill/DPI-II/

Thanks to everyone who made it happen and those who made it out, it was a blast and thanks to you all I am now thoroughly addicted to hard court polo! See ya next time!

Here's a little movie I captured with my iPhone of the last game between Hoodfellas and Grass Assault.

If the forum doesn't support embedding here's the link:

Phoenix Bike Polo Tournament, 2010, Final Game from Phoenix Bike Polo on Vimeo.

Jim P

Grass Polo player since the earth was invented, slowly and painfully transitioning to hard court...

UPDATE: No longer playing bike polo, moved to an area where Bike Polo and anything related to bike polo is illegal and punishable by castration

oh yeah! nice vid. the whole game too. vaira nice!

Good job Jim! Thanks for the awesome video