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NTX Polo Tournament - Postponed

Saturday, October 16, 2010 - Sunday, October 17, 2010
Host club: 
North Texas Bike Polo

n update on this:

The official word is that it's not going to happen in Oak Cliff as part of Cyclesomatic. The venue we had been working on to set this up specifically for the festival isn't available to us anymore.

Keep your eyes open for the next tourney in Denton, and don't forget about the ATX tournament October 30 & 31.


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COME ON FOLKS! WHO ELSE IS COMING TO THIS? Austin will be there for sure with maybe 4 to 5 teams this time around! Little Rock and Dallas better step their game up! haha.... JK... This will be lots of fun :)

Fuck off

I'm in...

jason...are you moving to austin?

I, my gf and sam and maybe another friend of mine are wanting to start a polo house in December...this could be epic if we get a big enough place...sam said you and mo were down possibly?...feel free to call me @ 561-714-8155. I'm hoping to head out to Austin for that Dallas tourney and hang through Halloween if people will put me up and then a mini west coast polo tour through November...

Little Rock will probably have two teams, we'll try to get more though. Miguel you know we're gunning for ya! :)

That's what I want to hear! I am still very glad that you guys are really taking polo serious and not just fucking around you know. And I can't wait for the next lrbp tourney!

Fuck off

i hope i can make this one

Any new information about this one? I looked at the Cyclesomatic website and didn't see anything on the schedule about bike polo. Is it still happening?

I heard from Krystal from North Texas Bike Polo last night via Facebook that this event is not going to happen. She said the folks working on it couldn't find a venue.

Yeah apparently we had 2 warehouses potentially for use but they both fell through so we figured we would just start saving up and be sure to plan further ahead for the next one. see you cats and kittens in austin for halloween.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing you North Texas folks again. See you guys in Austin!

I don't understand what is wrong with the court they have and play on all the time? Just make it happen somewhere. The first dallas tourney happened in that one park with one court. I'd be down for that! blah.........

Fuck off

I was gonna say, Norbuck Park's a pretty sweet spot. It's not exactly in Oak Cliff, but it doesn't need to be right next door to the festival, does it?


x2!! Come on Dallas, don't let us down!!!

Fuck off

An update on this:

The official word is that it's not going to happen in Oak Cliff as part of Cyclesomatic. The venue we had been working on to set this up specifically for the festival isn't viable anymore...that's about as diplomatic as I can be about it. It sucks because a lot of effort has gone into trying to make this happen again, but some forces out of our control yanked the rug out from under us at the 11th hour. I haven't given up on trying to make regular polo happen in Dallas, but it's a hell of lot easier to play in Denton where there's interest and people show up regularly.

City of Dallas just has bad polo court mojo right now.

Norbuck and JW Ray park are options, but since we're moving it away from Cyclesomatic, we might as well do it in Denton where we have decent courts that we can count on for a tourney IMO. They tore our boards down at JW Ray and Norbuck sees a lot more people playing soccer on it these days since there's no regular polo out there.

I was talking to Nate about it Sunday and we think it's best if we just postpone it for now and make sure everyone puts their travellin' monies towards what's looking to be a monster polo party over Halloween weekend in Austin.


Wack! We were ready for this!!!!

Fuck off

Trust me, nobody's more pissed that I am, but that's what we got for now. I keep hoping that eventually we can find a permanent home for it in the city somewhere.

At least we still got halloween in ATX to look forward to.