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Como friendlies Oct. 9!

Saturday, October 9, 2010 - Sunday, October 10, 2010
Host club: 

COMOPOLO is hosting friendlies October 9! Start around 11, stick around town after for boozing and crashing college parties.

We are welcoming Springfield, MO to the larger world of bike polo, so bring your good ideas for how to grow new clubs.

Possible cookout and appearance of mythical cooler. Also possible: informal bench match with CoMo and STL captains.

Cosmo park has both a skatepark and MTB trails within 20 meters of the court, so bring extra BMX/MTBs if you need an alternative thrill. Or for the ultimate cross-training, thrash on your polo bike!



Cosmo Park Columbia, MO
United States

Signed up

Does anybody have the mythical cooler?

is anyone going to show up?

Dude, pretty much everyone that is coming doesn't use this site (besides Lucky).

Bike Polo Ronin

Is there another site that I ought to be using?

If you say "facebook", I'll beat you with my cane.


no changes necessary- the STL blog is my favorite site in the poloverse!

No. I was just pointing out that Charlie was asking if anyone was going to show up, when the majority of the people that have committed don't use LOBP. And go ahead and swing your cane at me old man! Those rubber band arms of yours can't propel anything at a velocity that would do any damage.

Bike Polo Ronin

All these rubber arms need to do is throw the lever on this trebuchet full of canes. And snakes.

It might make it from one end of the Cosmo rink to the other.


stcago is dealing snakes now, eh? Smart business move.

Bike Polo Ronin

StL plans to, for whatever that's worth.


last time it was worth one (probably very disappointed) ben simon

Great time. Fun bench game. My hair still smells like beer and I am missing one janky mallet

A mallet fell off a car last night as it left the sideshow. I think Liz has it?

So. Much. Fun. Down with tournaments, long live friendlies!