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Winston Salem

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Bike Polo group for Winston Salem

July 2010
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do we have a facebook?

i am working on setting one up, i will post a link when i get it done...

if you have any pics, send them to: officeofthemayor@gmail.com

do we have a facebook?

Polo pup

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Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

jeff! come to hungry hungry hippolo II in tally!

Train does not go to tally and my car is needed at home so I cant drive. Asking a the folks here if they can go. Do you know if any Asheville, Charlotte, or northern people coming?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

what's your number and is anybody driving from there to regionals in Ft. Lauderdale? Call me at 253 314 7591 asap if you read this within the next 24 hours

kiss my dick

jeff! what's your last name? are you on facebook?

I'm Jeff and I play polo in Winston Salem NC. The rest of our members like to lurk the forums so i'm the main contact. We play every week or ever other on Thursdays after work. Feel free to contact me for any meet ups or what not.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

COming back to raleigh for a couple of weeks for the holidays from the midwest. Looking for some pickup games around. Do they still play in raleigh? Chapel Thrill? Durham? Will have access to a car so may be able to come out. Any information would be awesome, it is getting very cold in illinois and some sunny warm playing would help out alot