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Bunch of doods playing polo

June 2008
Club rep: 
Great Lakes

I'm coming up from Canada early september and would like to play some polo with y'all ! What are your weekly times and days/locations you play at?

Ey, it's been a while. Sorry. We play Thursdays at 5pm, and Sundays at 1pm. Weather permitting.

You're humbly invited to our tournament this August

coming this way in a week. You guys still playing?

Welcome! We should get together some time for pick-up/friendlies. We'll hopefully have an indoor facility this winter that could be used for such event.

Next somewhat local/regional tournament your club should think about going! We do a lot of bus/van rental to tournaments, so i'll keep ya in the know.

That would be great, we have not been able to find any building to use yet.

Hang em High-Fitzke