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Uppsala Uptown Bike Polo

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Uptown Bike Polo Crew

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Hi everyone. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have a growing bike polo community here. I'm going to be visiting a friend in Uppsala in late April/early May and I would love to get out for a game of bike polo. How often do you guys play?

Hey man, sounds great! Hopefully by then the snow will melt, the polor bears will return to their caves and the weather will get much warmer! You are more then wellcome to ride with us in Uppsala! Look forward hearing more from you! Vlad

Uptown Bike Polo: Uppsala

I should be in Uppsala by April 25th. I'm not going to be bringing a bike with me. Would there be one that I could borrow?

Hey sounds great, the weather is a lot better now... And the guys have started playing. You should check our forum for dates and other questions, you will get all the info there.. Im not sure about the bike situation but that shouldn't be a problem!
Here is the link to our forum so drop a line there: http://www.fixedgear.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=602&p=62349#p62349

Uptown Bike Polo: Uppsala