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Sydney Bike Polo

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We usually play Thursday nights from 7pm and on Sundays from 2:30pm at Alexandria Park. Check our website for further details

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hey..i'm Aji from jakarta-Indonesia
i want to invite your team to play in our tournamen in Indonesia
july 15, 2012 in Jakarta..
can your give your email address?? i'll sent you some invitation

repp a.s.a.p.
thx :)

Hey Aji
You can send emails to info@sydneybikepolo.org
Thanks for thinking of us!

Hey Virginia , This dictionary is gonna go down in history , fucking rad girl , fucking rad

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thanks! It was Ollie from Brisbane's idea. Hopefully we can update it next week when I get back from Christchurch

Well feck you Morgan , I'm gonna be in Sydney 26 dec til the 11th Jan. How are all the walking and biking wounded since the worlds?
Is there enough polo happening to warrant me bringing my bike. Gonna be in Sydney the whole time chillin with my wee bro.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Bring a bike for sure Machine. A lot of people will be taking time off work so I'm sure we can get extra polo happening.

Sorry dude, maybe next years, I wont be moving until March 6th.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

SSSYyyyyyydnnneey! Two things. One, I'm going to be all up in your shit next year. Moving to Sydney in late Feb/ early March. Second, I'm looking for a team for the Tapou Tapout, so holla.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Happy to hear Morgan,
We are also thinking of a tournament in Sydney mid Feb too. We are still working out dates, but keep checking our website or facebook for confirmation.

Damn, do not think I will be there yet. My target date to move as of now is March 5th. Cannot miss NAHBS.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Hey Morgan
I will see you in Taupo in a couple of weeks. I believe registration has closed but there may be some teams looking for a player. I just sent you a facebook invite to the tournament so you can contact the NZ guys through there.

Just booked my flight, will land in Auckland Wednesday (23rd) morning.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!