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Stockholm Bike Polo

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Stockholm Bike Polo

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New location! Sofia Skolan. sundays at 4 pm

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Best Regards / Med vänliga hälsningar

Simona Bava - 
Falköpingsv. 17, 3 tr, 12139 Stockholm - Sweden

+46 73 183 37 37

simona.b@me.com :: http:

Hi everyone. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have a growing bike polo community here. I'm going to be visiting Stockholm in late April/early May and I would love to get out for a game of bike polo. How often do you guys play?

We don't play to often anymore. Stupid swedes lost their interest in bike polo a ships ago. But we're still 3-9 peeps who play at Sundays and some weekdays. Just hollar at fixedgear.se, and we'll hook up with you!

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