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Fort Lauderdale Bike Polo

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Holiday Park (1125 G. Harold Martin Drive, Fort Lauderdale). We play Thursdays from 7:30 till lights out (~11pm).

June 2008
Club rep: 
Charles CCC
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hey guys Pittsburghian in state(jensen beach) visiting family you peeps do tues and thurs evenings correct before i make any plans to come(tues) could i use someones bike and mallet?

It was nice meeting you at the SE regionals, also more lazer beams!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo


x2 on 2011 Spring Break Ft. Lauderdale

fuck ur face

you guys should put in a bid for next spring break


I've been saying that for a just about a year now!!!

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

FTL would be sweet, but it is slightly isolated. weather will definitely be the best in the US.

i'm asking savannah for spring break... apparently, they're looking at an indoor venue w/ 4 courts. if they can't get it, then i'm all for FTL spring break..

Hi Florida.