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Shanghai Bike Polo

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Shanghai Bike Polo

March 2013
+86 18616100341
East Asia
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Hey guys,
a new bike polo community is alive in Shanghai! We're looking forward to playing with all you bike poloers coming to town.
Check out https://www.facebook.com/ShanghaiBikePolo for updated info on when and where or just contact us here, cheers!

Hey, Shanghai ! Polo or not polo ???

in chain we trust

Am in town. No polo? Have a bike with me but not a polo one


may be in Shanghai in 2 weeks (22nd nov 2010), shall I bring my polo bike? You guys playing at all?


hey shanghai im going to be in your town friday the 18th to sunday the 20 and i want to play with you guys. when and where do you play?

Get rad

hey, if you are in town you should look up Peoplesbike.com.... they have stopped bike polo due to the lack of a good spot to play but they go on rides alot...