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Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro Bike Polo group | Tuesdays & Thurdays 9pm and Sundays 5pm

September 2011
South America
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Ola Pessoal,
Sou um Jogador de Cambridge UK,
Fico en Rio para uma semana, quero ver voces jogar, talves jogo tambem...
Mas Nao tenho uma bicicletta o um mallet.

Ate amanhã

olá pessoal, quero comecar a jogar bike polo, posso aparecer la no domingo? nao tenho taco!
valeu galera!

hey andrew!
are you in Rio? and if so for how long because ill be over in rio the 12th that is monday. I was hoping to check out the rio guys play but it seems I wont make it during the days they play. Ive been in Brazil for a little over 2 months and I wont be back to charlottesville until April.
Anyway Id love to see you in Rio if its possible!
Let me know.
PS-this is Sergio from Cville Bike Polo (hope you remember me)
-Rio Bike Polo
gostaria muito the jogar com voçes mas eu solamente vo a ficar em Rio 3 dias. Mas si voçe quere nos podemos beber uma cerveja ou falar do Polo. Cuantas persoas jogan Polo com voçes? e cuanto tempo? bom. Disculpa por escrivir um portugues muito herrado! mas tenho que falar! eu so de os estados unidos.
A! eu nao tenho uma biicleta tampoco! porra!
Falo Rio!



if you are in town until Thursday, you are welcome to play. It usually starts around 20:00 ish, more like 21:00. We play past midnight, most days. Don't worry about not having a Mallet or a Bike, we can always find you a lender. Your portuguese is fine, by the way.



Tiago Leitman @
Passeio Completo
Rio Bike Polo

Sergio! Yes that is awesome! Yeah I'm in Rio now, will be here until the 17th. Let's hang. email me: acotto@gmail.com


I brought a bike to play polo with you all...but alas, it is stuck in some airport baggage claim somewhere. Hopefully I'll get it back soon. Are you playing tomorrow (Thursday) night? Can I come even if I don't have a bike?

See you soon!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9pm and Sundays 5pm @ Quadra em frente ao Monte Líbano, Lagoa