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Philadelphia Bicycle Polo

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Wednesdays, 7pm

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SoooOOOOOoooooOOOoo, I've never played bike polo despite the fact that I'm totally interested in giving it a go. Would you guys be cool with potentially showing a noobie gal the ropes?? I've got the gear, just lacking the crew :( ( and by having the gear I mean, I can switch around some junk on my fixed gear and drill some holes in PVC pipe )

Sure, come this sunday morning. Send a text to Tucker and he will give you the pertinent details 360.888.4538 .

You guys playing this Sunday?

x 916 polo, now in Jersey.

sorry no one got back to you in time. We actually didn't end up playing today anyway.

I'm from Philly, but living in København until the spring and have taken up playing polo since being here. Anyway to keep in touch for pick-up games, meet ups, etc once I'm back?

yeah. If you want me to add you to the mass text list, just email me your phone number and when you will be back in Philly and I can add you. My email address is tuckysendme@gmail.com

I'm going to be working in the Philly area for a week in October. When/where do you play?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

usually tuesday nights 7:00pm and sunday mornings 10:00am at Cione: 2600 East Aramingo Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125 Tuesdays have been more reliable than sundays lately

hoping to be in philly this wednesday and would love to play some polo with y'all. is date/time/location info above still correct?

When and Where is polo tonight?

I'm in town for the next couple weeks for work.
You play on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday?

any word on round 2 of the Keystone?

agile for my size.

i think a few people who have been visiting philly/new to philly are contacting me regarding playing there and times.
sorry you guys but i live in austin texas now, and have no idea if and when they are playing if they are.
can you please email the organizer/rep for this info instead. thanks!

have fun playing up in the northeast!!!

Im moving to Philly and need some info......I'm coming from a small club in Bloomington IN and am looking forward to playing with new people. When and where do you play on a normal basis. Also do you guys have a blog, facebook page, google +, or twitter account to let people know what going on? Also my polo bike was just stolen a week ago and i'm looking for a loaner bike or buying a frame off someone.

we play on wed evenings from 7-10pm at front and washington [rizzo rink]
as well as sunday morning 9am-noon at tip top playground [that you can google maps]
sometimes we play at cione [aramingo and lehigh ave] in ne philly on monday nights but that is limited by rain/numbers. usually 7-10pm

we have a twitter account you can follow at : PhillyBikePolo
and we have a google group but i don't have authority to add anyone. i'll send them a message about a bike and see if anyone has anything to lend/sell...

when do you move here?

Awesome thanks, I will be moving here officially here next week. A friend of mine found my bike so i'm all good not except I have to replace a few parts.Looks like I will have to commute everywhere, I will be living just north of the ne pa airport. Hopefully I will see you guys around.

ok that's good about the bike!
why are you living so far out of the city?
we have others that commute in but...damn that's far.

My fiance has a job here and its close to where she works. In Bloomington it was a 1 mile ride and now its gona be a half hr drive. Oh well....the sacrifices we make for polo.

aaaaah. you're joining the ranks of drivers. perry and brian both drive in from out of town.
well hopefully we see you soon...because the weather is being all weird sometimes polo won't happen because our courts get really slick in wet weather.
i'll try to update you as much as possible.
my number is 215 779 9293. send me a text and i'll add you to my texting list so you know if it's canceled etc.
welcome to philly.

hey, i'm coming down thursday/ firday morning before my band plays some shit in allentown. is there anything going on friday nights?
trying to decide to bring my track bike or my polo bike.

sorry no one got back to you...
nothing happens for polo on fridays anyways, so i hope you brought your track bike and had a good time while you were here.

oh it was ok. i ended up hanging in the lehigh valley and went to t town and ikea. it's was too fucking hot that day to do anything anyway.

Hey guys, I am in town this week from Bloomington, IN. I was wondering where and when you were playing this week. Thought I would check you guys out and before the NAH qualifier in June. We might have a group that would come out and play.

depending on the weather, we usually play wednesdays 7-10pm at Rizzo Rink, location above.
this is also where espi will be.
if anything changes this week because of the weather will post it up here.
hope you can make it out!

Hey Philly, I'll be up your way the 19th & 20th with my polo bike. Someone get at me 443 seven5ate 07zero7

"tip top"
1042 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA

sat 3/20 09:00

..we'll try to set up sat afternoon on 3/19 as well..

chuck means sunday 3/20...
saturday will happen too if its warm enough...

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Northern Standard

I'd like to come out to play, I'm in town visiting from Florida. Are y'all playing today? What the the hell is TIp Top?

yeah sorry no one answered.

in the future check the fucking TWITTER, guys. it has all the info. where we're playing, what time, and whether we are ordering pizza that night or not.


There has been no tweet as of yet. So...I'm aware that it's raining but are y'all maybe playing tonight?


coming to a rizzo rink near you! marco and i will be there at 6pm tonight. come early to get in some good games early!!!!

it was fun playing with you folks yesterday, hope to see you on Wednesday night and sometimes thereafter in the future.

-my stomach is a pickle-

that was good times. sucked two of us had to split. wednesdays are typically better. no ones hungover or has to leave early and its loads cooler


look at cap being all nice!


hey so I am moving to Philly, I visited a few months ago and played.. Hoping I can play when I get there.. though I need cranks and some other parts before hand.

if anyone can help me out with that.. that would be great.
-single speed cranks
-30-32 chain ring
thats pretty much it actually.. haha

Alex (aka "thatgoalie") could probably help you out. you should probably just come out to polo the first wed you get there, and we will try to get you the parts you need.

thanks.. i got the cog from my hometown bike shop in harrisburg for a discounted price of $6
now i need cranks and chainring
and a good caliper back brake and handle
(i think for any of these im gonna have to shell out a good deal of money)

i already miss polo in philly.
glad i'll be seeing some of you this weekend. =]

and i'll be back there after espi. count it.

Hey i'll be in philly on weds, in the area from mobile alabamer for a few days, would love to come out and slay. got bike and sticks unlike that whiskey bum. someone hit me up 251-5eight1-2006

We usually play around 7 at Front and Washington in a street hockey rink under the highway. If it rains, and it might tomorrow, the court gets slippery and we may be playing elsewhere. Someone will probably contact you tomorrow with details, you can also check twitter.com/phillybikepolo for updates.

it's june 8th I'm in philly for a few days from p-cola. I wanna play. only thing is I need a bike and a stick...
sling a text to 530.848.4110

i am coming to play with you guys on Sunday!!!
i know some might be in richmond still, but hopefully there is enough of you lovelies there to get some good games in!
see you tomorrow!

When do ya'll play? Im in philly visiting from Charleston, SC.

call/text me with information!

philly is a shithole!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


useful for knowing when/where games are being played.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

I'm trying to start Lambertville-New Hope bike polo. In finding a place to play i hread i might need to get insurances. Is this true?

bean wrote:

I'm trying to start Lambertville-New Hope bike polo. In finding a place to play i hread i might need to get insurances. Is this true?

We don't have insurance for normal pick-up play in Philadelphia. Montana got insurance for worlds, but that is a special case.

thank you