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Is there at Matt from Paris? and also If so did you (Matt) Qualify for worlds?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

one M of MGM.

Missed out on the tourney but would still like to check out bike polo here in Paris. When do you plqy qt Palais de Tokyo? When do you play at Champs de Mars?

Paris hardly uses this site. Go to Pignonfixe.com and find paris polo there.

Je voudrais participer dans "LE CLUB" tournoi. J'ai besoin emprunter un velo et j'ai besoin de une equipe. Je suis desole pour mon francais mauvais.
Je comprends repondres en francais mais je comprends anglais plus.

you can speak in English if you want.
email Marc about your situation, he might be able to sort something out

I did. He said he's only registering in teams.