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OKC Bike Polo

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OKC's Bike Polo Club

South Central
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fyi OK is invited to the Wild West Bench minor in NM. dates look like memorial day May 26/27. Hit us up let us know whatcha think. State vs. State.

All your shots are block by I.

I'll take on Club Rep. Since there is honestly two of us that travel and play.


I'm headed through OKC very soon, do you all still play? What time and/or day of the week? I'd love to join ya'll for a game or two!

well not really any more. we played once back in the fall, but it took pdillo from tulsa to gather all the older polo players together. sorry, i wished we played more too.

probably playing tomorrow at North Classen High School tennis courts. May ave and 27th i believe. noonish.
phillip from tulsa is in town and helped get some ppl together.


Id like to get a match together really really soon and if there is enough interest...maybe make it a regular thing. Let me know.


are you here in OKC? I just moved here but have had no luck trying to get anyone here to play. send me an email jmburt2@gmail.com

OKC Bike Polo is not active as of right now i have moved. If some one would like to take charge and get it going there are people that are will to play. all they need is leadership in getting it going.

oh i would definately be up for that.

I'm moving down to OKC in july. Do you all still play polo?

do you guys still play polo?
im intown for the OKC Thunder Play offs!
lets play some polo!