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Montreal Bike Polo

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We play Sunday from 1pm to 5 PM and Tuesday night from 5.30PM to 9PM

August 2009
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Stay on target!

So we know all o' you are probably reeeeally tired after worlds, why not come on down to KW for a nice relaxing tournament this saturday and sunday? Refreshments and a great playing surface are our promise! Fun prizes and good times only if you really want 'em!
3-person built teams or singles
accomodations will be available to all.
Register here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AlKxsXj-kZ5jdG96ZzZrYzRBUmhP...

Stay on target!

Northside qualifier?



Hi guys ! I might visit on Sunday the 17th. I just need to find a way to come from Ottawa where I'll be until Monday the 18th.

Ok! But, what month? October 17 is a Monday here, the 18th, obviously, a Tuesday. Sunday is a Poloday in MTL.

There's a cool article about Vancouver having the first bike-polo-specific park made with the city...you never know maybe one day we will too!


Hey there's also this interesting bike music festival in T.O. this sunday if anyones interested...


Hey ...what's up with our blog? or is there anything up with it?

Montreal Bike Polo 1st Invitational SEPT 03 & 04 2011

For Registration/Housing, click the links below:


We’ve decided that it’s time for Montreal to have it’s own tournament / invitational, so everyone everywhere is invited to come out and play in September for our 1st Montreal's bike polo event . Get excited, and put it in your calendars.


We’ve partnered up with the Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) to have this coincide with their weekend, so you’ll have the chance to hang out at their events during the weekend if you’re into bicycles, films and festivals.

Bench minor registration is capped at 40 people (4 teams of ten MAX), but everyone is welcome to come for the pick up games on Saturday and Sunday post-tournament.
PLEASE REGISTER EVEN IF YOU WON'T PLAY IN THE BENCH MINOR. It will help us out with food and everything else.


Friday, September 2nd
Pick up games for anyone who wants to come early 5pm-11pm

Saturday, September 3rd:
Friendly pick up games from 9am-11pm OR 4pm for the people who want to see the movies. (films start at 5pm)
Everyone come hang out and play.
Before 4pm, we’ll be mixing players and making teams for the bench minor games on Sunday.

Party-time at a kick ass Montreal bar (TBD) OR BFF's party (glod sprint and more)

Sunday, September 4th:
Bench Minor round-robin from 10am-4pm (30 minutes games)

We’ll have some food during the day, and we will give away prizes at the end of the games to the winning team, as well as MVP and some other stuff

Bicycle Film Festival shows
More pickup from 4pm-11pm
More partying at more kick ass bars (TBD)

Please tell us how many shirts you want and what size when you register. The number of the printed t-shirt will be linked with the pre-order. FYI, they will look GREAT.

Registration: http://tinyurl.com/3f5utfk

If you need a place to stay, please fill out the form: http://tinyurl.com/3ry67oh

$15 - includes one t-shirt (each additional t-shirt is $15).

Contact info: jbourns@gmail.com

More details to come!


hiho guys,

I am a bike polo enthusiast from Mannheim, Germany and over in Montreal for 2 weeks. are you celebrating the spring and playing outside already? If you played some time during this week or beginning of next week and some one would bring an extra mallet that would be awesome....looking forward and might be even able to attract some locals to enlarge your crowd.

hope to polo you guys soon!


Hey Tobi,

Come and play!!!

Hey Tobi,

we play every Sunday in an old warehouse on the old port here. Check our facebook page, that will tell you all the information, google maps, time and any changes. I always carry spare mallets so there is one for you!

Thank you,

I am up north over the next days but I hope I will make it back on time...damn I should!!!

Toronto, first weekend in November! http://leagueofbikepolo.com/fall-ballin-2010

Any of you guys coming to Ottawa for the North Side Polo Invitational?

Tuna is the chicken of the sea

Just wanted to say high to the Montreal Bagels from the Last Stand! Look forward to seeing y'all again on the court sometime.


[ d ]


There's no POLO on FRIDAYS.
I tried, but no one has come at all...so its off.
Let's go strong on Sundays and Wednesday though!!




FRIDAY evenings are a new POLO night.
There...I said it.

Friday evenings at 7pm at Parc Leber in PSC is a new time to meet to play polo. We'll meet there at 7pm to 7:30pm and if the hockey box is occupied then we will go to the alternative location under the highway 10, in the casino parking lot.

I will show up every Friday and just hope that enough people come out to play. Trust that at least I will be there every week.

I will be there tomorrow, Friday May 28 at 7pm and I hope to see you all there.

Lets try and get more POLO happening in Montreal and get more dates during the week to appeal to different people with different schedules. Or just more polo in general and less typing about it on the interweb...cuz that's starting to get lame.

Hope to see y'all soon
ps. I'll bring a ball and we'll make goals outta back packs or something. I also have extra mallets for first timers.

Wednesday night Polo in PSC....come one, come all!!!!


Hey Montreal, start getting your teams together and plan a trip down to VT!


Yo Ya'll!

My name is Steve and I'm addicted to bike polo.

I just moved to Montreal and I'm hoping for lots of polo action.

I went and played by myself at the Wednesday night courts (Pointe Saint Charles) last night and had a blast.

The court is amazing and the lighting is great...it was a little short of company though.

I will be there every Wednesday at 7pm whether or not anyone else comes out...but please come out.

I propose we play EVERY Wednesday starting at 7pm....and go until we are too drunk.
I also propose we play every Friday at the same court starting at 7pm as well.

What does everyone think of that?

We should also try and get some more people out to try bike polo.
I'm working on a handful of folks right now.

I'm also thinking of making a little poster to put up in bike shops to try and catch a few more players as well.

I work doubles on Sunday's, but one day wouldn't be enough anyway.

Does anyone want to play this Friday May 14 at PSC courts at 7pm???

Thanks very much,
Hope to meet all you Montreal Polo'ers soon

Hi Steve...

Sorry for the short company but this Wednesday were were playing downtown for the TV shoot... and some work about social relations... Next week we will play at PSC.

What about the PSC's court:

You are right the court is amazing and the light is great. But there are some issues with this court...

- Usually it's not available before 8:pm or 8:30PM because some guys reserved it to play hockey and so they have the priority to play ( playing hockey you can reserve playing polo we can't, I'm woorking with the city hall about that but it's hard... ), this week the court was empty at 7pm just because of the hockey game on the TV !

- This court is far for almost every body so going there it's quite long on a polo bike and it's hard to have enough people just for one day so I cannot really imagine playing there two days... I don't want to ride my small ratio for one hour and be there alone...

Currently as usual we will play there only Wednesday at 8pm or later. You can try to go there at 7pm but seriously you will just pass 1 hour looking guys playing hockey...

Also about "EVERY" Wednesday is what we do but we can't play there if it's raining... to "sliding"...

In order to get more people playing we are working on stuff like flyer ( we'll have the next week ), logo, t-shirts and we will pass 5 minutes on the most watched morning TV show the 21 of May...

We'll talk about all of that...

Hope to see you

Hi Steve and Guillaume, and Montreal polo. I'm half moved to Montreal, wife and one child there, me and the other (bigger, much bigger) child here in Manchester UK. Absolutely loving playing polo with the Manchester crew and while sad to leave them I'm hoping to meet you folks there. Two weeks from today and me and my bike will be there. Hope to see you soon. Paul

hey Paul, some of my best polo matches (and hardest falls) were against Manchester's Netto when I played for Oxford! Look forward to meeting you in Montreal

Had some fine falls and losses (always losses...) against Netto. Shame they couldn't go to the recent Cambridge tourney, I woulda gone but I moved here the day before! Will try to get to PSC this coming Friday, unless something happens Wednesday...