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Missoula Bike Polo

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Going strong Sundays (5pm), Thursdays (7:30pm), and Tuesdays (7:30 League) !!!

April 2010
Club rep: 
pinch flat press.
Great Plains
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Hey Missoula,

Our first ever Great Plains Qualifier tournament is open for business... and by business i mean registration.
Come on up to Canada, you're officially invited.

Hey all, we're hosting a winter polo tourney february 15-16th. Includes the following :

- indoor (and heated) 3/4 length smooth cemented hockey rink.
- viewing room with bar.
- 12-15 teams expected
- PARTIES and accommodations

we'd love to see you there! Feel free to bring incomplete teams as we will have players here in Winnipeg without teams, and some players who can only commit for 1 of the 2 days. Please visit and sign up here:



we are not hosting a tournie, we play at the university and are barely able to play there, no full boards space at all. however we do play 2 day a week, and rip as hard as possible. come visit. heres what we look like

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Are you hosting a tournament this year?!

3 nights a week for 3 months strong. havent missed a practice yet. TUESDAYS THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS, 730 UC PARKING GARAGE, top floor normally, 2nd is weather dependent. Call or email me for more info. or look us up on facebook.

evanjamz@yahoo.com 406 552 5529

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havent missed a game all winter, anyone whos interested in playing with us call or email me @ evanjamz@yahoo.com or 406 5525529, we're playing every thursday and sunday at 7:30pm University parking garage. Cheers!

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If you haven't heard yet, I will be stepping down as Cascadia Regional Rep, and Board member. My plan is to use the month of January to find my replacement. Please start thinking about this role and how it will affect you and your city now. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

-January 1st to midnight Jan 7th to put in your name as a Candidate. Please post your name, and short campaign speech IN THE THREAD ON THE CASCADIA PAGE.
-January 8th to midnight Jan 22nd City Reps talk to your cities and VOTE by emailing me your choice (this is only for one spot)
-Shannon and Cecily will speak with the new Regional Rep and decide among the 3 of them who will be the new Cascadia Board member.

Please spread the word to anyone you think needs to know about this, I want this turnover to be smooth and soon before the season get to heavily upon us.

Thank you all for your trust and confidence these past few months,


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P/M Hardcourt

How the heck do I get a hold of you guys? I've tried emailing and calling, but I can't get any reply from Jeremy this week. I am here, in Missoula! Somebody call me, I wanna play polo! 818-522-4347

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.


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There's a reason it's gone from playing 1 night a week to 3...this game will consume you and leave you wanting more..I wish I was playing right now