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Twin Cities Bike Polo

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People who play hardcourt Bike Polo in Minneapolis

May 2006
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Great Lakes
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What's your current polo schedule? I moved back to MN. Previously I was playing in Tempe, AZ and Los Angeles. Currently I'm located in Thief River Falls.
I'm going to be in MPLS for a wedding in June. Gonna try to get some good polo in while I'm there.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

We play every Tuesday and Thursday, around 6pm, and Sundays around 2pm.

I'm passing through Minneapolis on my way to Ely. I should be in MPLS on Tuesday and will be looking to play some polo and hang out. What is the address of your pick-up venue and do you think you'll have 6+?

I'm bringing my own bike and mallet.


3.2.1...Winter Polo!!

Hey all, we're hosting a winter polo tourney february 15-16th. Includes the following :

- indoor (and heated) 3/4 length smooth cemented hockey rink.
- viewing room with bar.
- 12-15 teams expected
- PARTIES and accommodations

we'd love to see you there! Feel free to bring incomplete teams as we will have players here in Winnipeg without teams, and some players who can only commit for 1 of the 2 days. Please visit and sign up here:



I'm from Jackson, MS and am coming up to Minneapolis this Friday - Monday for a Complete Streets training program. I'd love to check out your court and maybe play with y'all if possible (if I can borrow a bike/mallet). When and where does the polo go down? Hope to meet y'all soon!


I'm from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and I am planning on being in Minneapolis on the evening of September 30th or October 1st, and on my way back (from Chicago), evening of October 3rd or 4th. I'd love to meet some folks from Minneapolis and possibly check out some polo. When and where do you all play?
Thank you.

micromosome at gmail dot com


We play Tuesday nights at Corcoran park and Thursday at Lauderdale Park. But we can setup games any other day if you will be coming through town. Just let us know when you will be here and we will have polo.

You can find our courts here: http://mplsbikepolo.com/courts/


just moved to minneapolis from AK, and just MUST come out and play. see you thar!


Hey guys, I'm coming to your lovely town next month for a weekend. What days do you guys play?

Thursdays and Sundays. But we try and play whenever we have out of towners.

Sweet. I get to town on the 23rd. Staying in southside.

I am not Matt Lodge.

Fences hurt.

How's that snow treating you? Has it been as wussy of a winter in CO as it has in MN?

Hi MPLS, Jaimie Stevenson here. Anyone know anyone playing in Oakland these days? It's about time I start playing again and would be happy to show up knowing a person or two. Let me know. I hope you guys are settling into parking garage season up there. Hopefully I'll be around for a visit in the next couple of months. Lots of love—

Pretty sure you have to go to SF for polo. I think the few that play in Oakland travel to SF to play.

I'd send a message to someone in the SF community to be sure tho.

oooh wouldn't that just fit right in to the crappolla hierarchy of the two sides of the bay. i hope it's not true. maybe oakland BP's page is defunct, but they say they play in the east bay. i'll check it out next week. do you know any of the SF folks? or did dustin's animosity after NAs last summer keep mpls and sf apart for good? i see the SF folks playing regularly, but i live in the east bay, so would prefer to play there. thanks for the response, sven! i hope you guys are doing really well——jaimie

Okay mpls. Mankato here. We've got who knows how many weeks left (hopefully at least 6) of our outdoor hockey rink before we get relegated to tennis courts with nets and shit, and when the snow falls we've got nothing. So, what is your winter situation like? We have a group willing to travel a few times a month.

We are excited to play with you all.

Working on it! If we get an indoor space we will definitely invite you up.


I will be in town 10/28-10/30 from Seattle. Is there anybody with a spare mtb I could use for pick up while in town? I can bring my own pedals and mallet. I am making a big assumption that you all are doing some kind of pickup that weekend. Whats good

We can for sure hook something up. We play on Tues/Thus/Sun normally but keep in touch and we'll get some pickup in while you are in town. sveden@mplsbikepolo.com

Crackin, that will save me a ton of pain and anguish trying to tote my bike around on the rest of my trip.

Hey mpls,

I'm about to move up to Minneapolis in the fall, around mid/end of August, and just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I currently play with Comopolo, but will be moving soon to Mpls for an internship. The comopolo guys have said you're all pretty chill and im really looking forward to playing with y'all


Sweet. Keep us in the loop. We're always excited about transfers from other clubs.


Hey Guys,
I have a pretty random request! Is there anyone in your club who has a place where I could park my car for a couple weeks (Apr 21-May5), and have access to the bus or LRT to the airport?

On my way moving across the country I'm going to visit my parents in Phoenix. I'm flying out of MSP, and would rather not drop the $150 or whatever they want to park there.

I will of course compensate with some beer of your choice!

Thanks guys,

PS - I hope the dates work out so I can rock some polo one night while going through your city!

Ha! That is random. And what's more I don't own a car and have a parking spot behind my duplex you can use. And what's more awesome is I live right by the Light Rail line to the airport.

I'll drop you an email after I talk with my roommate and see if its cool.

Sick, that would be perfect!

You and all your friends are graciously invited to our tournament August 20-21! Details in the next few months. We're pumped to play!
Thunder Bay

Sweet! Keep us up to date. We are itching for a tournament a bunch of us can attend.

Howdy, Im comin out to visit my family in Burnsville/ Northfield and wanna check out the polo scene in MSP. when do yall play (pick-up) and could I borrow bike/mallet to roll it ball deep with yall? I play with Olympia Hardcourt now but might be moving out to Mn next year. Let me know!

Dropping you an email now.

Hey MPLS! Thanks for your hospitality this weekend allowing me to hop into a few games on borrowed bikes! Would love to see you in Madison when it works out!

Hey MPLS! Want to come up to Winnipeg and play polo, race and party for the weekend? http://leagueofbikepolo.com/4th-annual-tanked-givin-alleycat-and-polo-to...

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