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We play every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:30pm til whenever in the parking lot of Bluff City Sports.

January 2008
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hope the tournament goes great for you guys! i cain't wait to see the viedos,and pictures.

I am going on a bike tour to New Orleans this July, which means I will be riding through Memphis sometime in mid-July. I won't have a polo bike or a mallet, but maybe I could borrow someone's gear for a game or two?

-Anne from Comopolo

hey i'm gonna be in Memphis next weekend, will you guys be playing polo on Sunday the 19th?? i'd love to meetup with you guys, just need to know if i should bring my bike..

hit me up at wardenofthewoods@gmail.com

Bad timing, man, bunch of us will be in San Antonio for President's Day Polo Social. There MIGHT be enough to still play, I'll see if I can get it going for ya.


I already posted this up on the google group, but I'm humbling submitting myself to be our club rep, taking over for the esteemed anthonysiracusa. If you aren't on the google group but for some reason check the LBP forums and wanted the position yourself, lemee know and we'll get an actual election or something going on.


Memphis Bike Polo featured in the Commercial Appeal: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2010/dec/09/polo-without-the-ponies-z/