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North Iowa Bicycle Underground - Mason City

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North Iowa Bicycle Underground

November 2009
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Great Lakes
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Hellllooo Mason City Area!

We want you at the Midwest Open in Minneapolis. There will be teams of all skill levels and excellent parties and merry making. Please consider joining us.


Send me an email if you have any questions,

So how many players do you have up there? We should see if anyone plays in Iowa City and meet there sometime and get some games in. maybe a small tournament or something.

Just because I have a beard does not mean that I do not crush a lot.

We are hosting friendlies this Saturday. Come on up and play some polo!


come to milwaukee for some bike polo tourney next weekend not going to be big but we will have 30 gallons of home brew beer goodness. I dont know agout prizes and i dont think it will cost anything. Bring some people its goingto be fun. go to leagueofbikepolo.com for more info