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Bike polo in Madrid!

February 2011
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Hola amigos

How many teams are signed up for the Ibericas?

Is there a team list anywhere??



III Open Bike Polo Madrid, next March 22-23-24th 2013 !

24 teams
2 courts : 34x17m and 40x20m


Hi there people, sorry for the late replies, we did not get notifications and did not visit this page much, so we overlooked some of your messages... again we are very sorry.

Of course, we are always glad to welcome players from around the world and have a good time playing and going around the city !

Please contact us either through our facebook page or directly on our e-mail address :

See you soon, thanks !

Hello Madrid. I am a lady coming to Spain to work for six months then touring through other parts of Europe. I want to play Polo while I am there. When do you play ? I am also bringing my touring bike and cannot bring my polo bike but I can possible bring parts like wheels . Would there be a bike I could borrow or a community bike shop where I might find a cheap frame? I am small and left handed if those are factors. I will be in Spain from October until April. I am coming from Bellingham Washington an hour and a half north of Seattle and an hour south of Vancouver BC Thanks for the reply !

Hi there BhamZebra, I'm sorry we overlooked your message.

You are of course very welcome to join us ! Please contact us throught our facebook page or by e-mail :


See you soon !

hey Madrid! I have a dear friend passing through.Any way you can hook this adorable lady with some housing?

Tornero 23/24/25 Febrero Madrid

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What time do you guys play on sunday? Passing through Madrid tomorrow (18 dec) and would like to stop by if I can.

Hola Tios!

Estoy aplicando a una posición en Ubisoft España, y me encantaría conocerles a ustedes cuando voy de visita algún día! Hay jugadores que trabajan o conocen gente que trabajan ahí en esa compania?


[ davíd ]


http:\\simplifika.tk ---> quedamos ahi para jugar al polo.
Facebook... bike polo madrid

No conozco a nadie de Ubisoft, tal vez alguien si.
Esperamos verte pronto por aqui.

Suerte en la entrevista de trabajo.


I'm going to be in Madrid from 6th of Nov to 11th would it be possible to borrow a bike from someone at that time? It can be the worst bike ever but good enouth to ride around the city.
Have you got any fixed days and hours when you're plaing polo?
I'd be very glad for help!

Hey, we play on Sundays and one day over the week.
The day is November 9 Polo Championship in the city.
you can come to play

thanks for answer
hopefully I'll manage to come over at 9th.

i was in madrid twice this summer.. i wish i had known about you guys cuz i definitely would have come to play

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