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We usually play Sunday and one weekday afternoon

May 2005
Club rep: 
Great Lakes
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The Listserve listed above is working reasonably well....

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",

As of May 2013, The Listserve listed above is still working reasonably well for Madison.....

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",

As of July 2013: https://www.facebook.com/MadisonBikePolo

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",

HEY YOU GUYS!! im in stoughton till the end of the month and i wanna play some polo with you. What days besides sunday are you playing and is it still in the same place?

Get rad

Hey Madison! Anyone planning on heading to MKE this weekend? Trying to get there for pickup on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a ride to Madison but not all the way to MKE.

Drop me an email at sventemp [AT} gmail.com

damn you internets! you have bought Mad Bike Polo to its knees!

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anyway, hope to see yalls at the capitol, in the streets, or at the show tonight. Our sexy tour kitten Leah is sporting new shiny purple underdraws and is looking to continue her training as a Puma
altho according to this factoid from Urban Dictionary, she is technically still a Mountain Screamer.


    Bike Smut 4:PLAY
    Friday, March 11
    Lothlorien coop
    244 W Lakelawn Pl
    7:00pm - 10:00pm
    $3-7 Suggested donation
    want social media? try some facecrackalacka


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Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

huh, i'll fix that up now.

Hey, there mad. Its a very high likelihood i will be moving out there around may or even earlier. Let me know your guy's scheduling

We are hosting friendlies this Saturday. Come on over and play some polo!


don't kick me out of the group just because i moved. my heart will always be in madison, even though milwaukee bike polo is where it's at.
i'm hoping to be in madison this weekend. can i assume noon on sunday?


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

mad_sam (not verified)

Hey Madison I am posting on your wall. It says here that there are 69 members of this club.

If there are 69 members of this club, then why the hell can't we ever get 6 people out to play some polo? Weak excuses not acceptable, not ever.

clearly they are afraid of your fancy new bike

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

If i were you on would purge those who have never played in madison and make it a moderated club.

yea, well were not you and we dont feel like shutting people out of our loves just cause...

It's because not everyone on the list lives in Madison :)
That and Madison is too busy cooking good food!