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Long Beach Knights Polo

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The only polo club in Long Beach. We play Wed starts at 7:30 ish PM usually play all night till around 11:00 PM we have light incase

June 2009
562 234 6061
Club rep: 

Hey LB,,

Im from Davis visiting family in Santa Ana, seeing if you guys are active. I got a bike and a mallet, just need a place to play!

Might be a little late but LBC isn't active. We play in LA proper 4 days a week though. Montecito Heights recreation center just look it up. Its on Homer or Mosher depending on who you ask. Sundays afternoon, and Wednesday, Friday, and Tuesday Nights.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

I'm from San Luis Obispo but am staying in Long beach for a few weeks. Wondering if you guys are playing this wednesday night? I've got a mallet and bike

Visiting LA Nov 12th & 13th. Do you guys play on the weekend? Have a loaner bike and a mallet you'd feel cool with this east-coaster using? I'd really love to meet some west coast players.

(looks like LA area has a few clubs, so please don't be annoyed that I'm posting this in multiple places)

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang