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Lisboa Bike Polo

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The collective of bike polo players from lisbon

April 2010
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Hey lads, hows tricks
Anymore information on the tournament in April, how many teams, court size etc.
Would love to go back to Lisbon, havent been there since the first West Jam

Olá Johnny
Unfortunately the Parish Council where our community has a court forced us turned down the tourny in April due to the never-ending-maintenaince works held there (since October) AND lack of budget to speed things up. We temporarly postponed the event to the end of September. As soon as we have a green light from them we re-start the process.

Think we met at Krakow last year, you where playing with Tomás right?

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Hey Lisboa, Ill be in your town next week and would like to join you all for a bit. When and where do you play? Also, if there is a bike I could borrow, that would be awesome. See you soon!

Hey guys!
i'm going to lisbon next week
are you playing polo???
sadly i can't bring my bike, but i'll manage to see you

johann (grenoble rolling hood)


We're playing tomorrow after all. We'll be at the Paço d'Arcos field from arround 11am and play throughout the day. You got my cell number right?


Sorry matte! I have that thing set up to send the messages to the mail. Didn't even notice where it came from. Sorry about that. We might play on sunday. I'll give you a heads up if we do. To where would you prefer me to reply? (in ay case i'll just reply to both.)


Hey Lisboa! Im over here for 2 days from Sydney Bike Polo and wanted to come check it out. What time/day do you play? Or any other good bike stores to check out in town?


Boas Pessoal, mais um para o molhe! Um dia destes passo na www.rcicla.com.
Depois de vos conhecer já me registei no www.fixedgearportugal.com.

Cumprimentos a todos.

Hi Lisboa
this is marco from romabikepolo.org
I was in EHBPC @ Geneva last days.
There I met Mosaic (sorry if i mistake the name) , a portuguese player ... I only want to say hello.
Here you see a nice photo of two roman players and him.

Hi Marco, hope everything is ok, i couldn´t go to Berlin, but surelly we will meet soon. How is Sapo??OK? thanks a lot for the pic!
This is my email: mosaik5estrelas@hotmail.com send me Sapo email also.Peace!


Yo, nice to hear from you.
I think i played agaisnt you in Barcelona. Where you even there? i have the memory of an old man... Anyway, Mosaic is from my team (recicla), he went on a litle spy mission all by himself. We've been too unnorganized to make it to any other tournaments. But that's gonna change. So we'll probably play some polo one off these days.


I'm adding you site to our blog.

Hi guys, i will come in lisbon next thursday, i am an italian guy from modena, we play bike polo since 9 months i ask you if i can come monday for meet you e maybe do some match with you to improve my self.
I hope i can find your field.
Thanks, see you soon.