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Lethbridge Bike Polo

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I have extra mallets and we are always looking for more players.

June 2010
Club rep: 
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Prairie tournament!
Come play.


In case our new regional rep didn't tell you.
May 24-25. Saskaboom. GP qualifier.
Pen meet calendar. (that means you're invited!)

Hey Lethbridge, you guys/gals still around?

consider this your official invitation from your sweetheart province east.


If you haven't heard yet, I will be stepping down as Cascadia Regional Rep, and Board member. My plan is to use the month of January to find my replacement. Please start thinking about this role and how it will affect you and your city now. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

-January 1st to midnight Jan 7th to put in your name as a Candidate. Please post your name, and short campaign speech IN THE THREAD ON THE CASCADIA PAGE.
-January 8th to midnight Jan 22nd City Reps talk to your cities and VOTE by emailing me your choice (this is only for one spot)
-Shannon and Cecily will speak with the new Regional Rep and decide among the 3 of them who will be the new Cascadia Board member.

Please spread the word to anyone you think needs to know about this, I want this turnover to be smooth and soon before the season get to heavily upon us.

Thank you all for your trust and confidence these past few months,

You guys going to make it to Calgary this year to play some polo?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you I have not been paying enough attention to my messages.
Polo is not very big in Lethbridge yet and the biggest game we have had is two on two.
But to answer your question I hope to come up at some point for some pick up.
Do I need a helmet for pickup ? Do I need to pay the club fee or anything?
I do not care if I do I just want to know so I can find a helmet and bring some cash.

One day bike polo will be as big as any other sport.

Hey Lethbridge,

Are you folks a pretty active club? Just a quick check in from one of your regional reps!

The answer is not active enough and I would have to say we are not a club yet.
We just do not have enough people. I put Lethbridge on the league of bike polo to let people know polo is being played here. Do you have any suggestions? Is it ok that I put Lethbridge on LOBP?
Thanks for the check up.

One day bike polo will be as big as any other sport.

ya it's fine, having it up increases the chance someone might right. Pitbull was asking in the context of a recent vote for NAH reps, see threads at http://leagueofbikepolo.com/nah

From what I understood I or someone else from Letbridge would have had to be elected in order to for that person to then vote or have a say about who gets to represent the Provence. We do not have enough people to have a proper vote for the first person to be elected. If that is what you were asking. As far as what I think about the whole idea of elections, they are a great idea and I am glad polo is being organized.

One day bike polo will be as big as any other sport.

Welcome to the sport Lethbridge!

Come play in Edmonton.

Thanks for the invite. One day we will most definitely take you up on that offer. Likewise Edmonton is welcome here.

One day bike polo will be as big as any other sport.

I am new at this so if anyone has any advice feel free to chime in and tell me their ideas.

One day bike polo will be as big as any other sport.