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Lancaster United Bike Polo

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May 2009
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Looking for a ride to Turducken this year. Will pay for gas and other expenses. Let me know if you can help.

Looking for a ride to Turducken this year. Will pay for gas and other expenses. Let me know if you can help.

what night do you guys play? I'm close by and was thinking about coming to play with you guys

Hi Shelley,
We play Wed and Thurs nights, and Sunday days.
Play dates are disseminated through facebook. If interested for future dates, reply back with facebook username and I will ask the admin to invite you to the group.

aka "FatStacks"

Kyle was good enough to give me admin to our page here - updated our logo. Shabam.

Crusher in Chief

Karl update this shit already!!!! HOLY OUTDATED!

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agile for my size.

update please!!

Where are you guy playing you're not at renolds. I saw "Tuna" in his car. thanks for the mallet and the tips too, Carter.


What up people! Hope your feet are finally warm after after Boston. I still had a wicked good time. I am sure anyone in Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and State College would love if we did the all state tournament. If you guys wanted to throw the keystone classic may is the best bet. Fyi espi 6 will be thrown in philly in early june. Let's make this happen.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

this should definitely happen, it would rule.

I wil def be going to ESPI 6, Let me know if you have any housing room for the weekend of. Good time in Boston, kicking it with everyone was chill.

Yea man! It certainly took a few days to get feeling back in our feet. Our only holdback for the Keystone is location. any ideas?
We have access to three different full sized rinks, but all are driving distance apart.
Good to hear from you again!

agile for my size.

Hey Lancaster, good to meet you in Boston! Hope your trip back was easy (no border control for you, lucky). Maybe we get to play proper sometime, you're certainly welcome in MTL any time you happen to come north. See you on the court in time.

yea guys it was awesome meeting you! Wish we could have played against each other, we'll have to make that happen sometime in the future!

agile for my size.

hey lancaster! just wanted to formally invite you to play anytime you're in the area. we usually play on tuesday nights (newark) and are starting a weekend day in wilmington (this sunday morning).

also i hope to host a one day throw in tournament in the early spring and will definitely get you details about that when/if it happens.

-my stomach is a pickle-

keep us posted for sure! i'm sure we could get a few guys that would be game to make the drive down and play pick up, and of course, same goes for you! we play wednesday nights and usually saturday mornings, either in York pa, or Lancaster pa. Keep in touch!

agile for my size.

Hey guys, i'll be in your area all week with my gf (shes a lancaster native). We both play polo and would love to come out on thursday night. Gimme a holler @ 251-five8one-2006 to let us know when and where to do it to it. Thx!

sorry we missed you frazer! we usually play wednesday nights and one day during the weekend, get at us next time you're in town! 717-nineOneSeven-8970

agile for my size.