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Black Bats Bike Polo

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Street / Hardcourt bike polo team from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

December 2010
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any team playing in KL these days? i will be there sometime on March/April, and if i can make it work, i'd like to check out some games. thank you.

hey..i'm Aji from jakarta-Indonesia
i want to invite your team to play in our tournamen in Indonesia
july 15, 2012 in Jakarta..
can your give your email address?? i'll sent you some invitation

repp a.s.a.p.
thx :)

hey we're pedalriot from Jakarta

Hi I was just wondering since you are so close to Thailand if you new if there is bike polo played in Thailand??? Thanks!!


we heard fixed gear is huge in Bangkok right now, but we didn't heard anything about bike polo yet. but we saw some videos of bike polo happening in Singapore and Manila.

Black Bats Bike Polo.

Bangkok Bike polo is born....You're welcome



thanks dingo! hope to hear more from you guys..

Black Bats Bike Polo.