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Jacksonville, FL

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An up and coming polo club (All playing less than 6 months)

May 2011
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Duval Dirty Bike Olympics!
March 23-25

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Howdy Jacksonvillians. I'll be rolling through Jacksonville December 28th around 6pm, was wondering if there was some polo action I could get in on!


Hey all. I was wondering when and where you guys throw down. I'm going to be coming down from VA Beach, VA in a week for a month to Mayport and some of the RVA Polo people said that there is a good amount of polo going on.

Im making a spoke card of the jax bike polo logo and will always ride with it [:
miss you guys!

Hell yeah! Remember those roots son. Any plans for coming back down anytime in the future?

Live Clean Ride Dirty jaxbikepolo.blogspot.com

yeah actually, sometime soon i want to come down and visit! ill keep ya updated of course