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Hull Bicycle Polo

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Lick It

May 2012
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What a weekend! Cliffhanger Polo Tournament in Sheffield and the ECB Ducks of Wellingtone managed a very awesome 3rd place! It was mine and Young Jacks first ever tournament!


Hi all. Hull Bicycle Polo continues to expand. We hold sessions every Sunday at our local down and out hardcourt and recently did a 'mix it up' session, which was very successful. Basically everyone drew a ticket with a number on and played in teams with that number for a 10 minute or 5 goal session. We drew after every game and the results can be found on our Facebook page
It was a good random way of playing just about everyone who turns up regularly. Plus it meant 1 player could adjudicate, time and comentate (shout) and get to observe individuals skills, tactics etc which was good for discussion later. We are trying to get other cities near us to get involved but response is pretty slow from certain towns/cities.....but if anyone wants to get in touch and come and have a friendly session....not a tournament but just a knock about to test our collective skills then just get in touch via this site or our Hull Bicycle Polo facebook page or email eastcoastbicycles@gmail.com. Nick

Hi from Wolverhampton. We're quite a new team too.
Make sure you post the details of your spring event on LFGSS.
You never know, someone here might be in the area.

Hey, nice to see a new club. This site is an amazing resource, but be sure to check stuff on http://www.lfgss.com/forum24.html too.

ECB Bruisers are proud to represent East Coast Bicycles of Hull and ride espresso wheels and use Halo tyres. ECB Bruisers will be competing locally and organising a showcase tournament in the spring. All are welcome to join us when we practise on Sunday afternoons in the winter and Thursday evenings in the spring/summer months. Location , Wellington Lane hardcourt, Hull.