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Halifax Bike Polo

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Thursdays at 7pm. Contact Curt for more info or check facebook.

May 2009
Club rep: 
curtis e cando
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Are you guys playing? I'll be in Nova Scotia in early August for a week. Could bring my bike.

We are certainly playing, Thursday nights at 7, all welcome. Weekends when we can.

What days and times are you guys playing? I'll be passing through Halifax with bike and mallet next week, plan on staying for a couple days.

Sorry we missed you markass, I haven't been keeping up with the LBP postings. Next time!

2014, casually build a happy club here, yeh!

Northside qualifier??


real cool seeing you guys play over the weekend, hopefully you can make it out to the valley tournament!


SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was wondering if you are playing this weekend??
If been showing up on sundays at the location for the last two weeks but have not seen people play!

Welcome to LOBP!
If you guys can, plan to come out to the crown in vancouver in sept, it will be hot!

Northern Standard

That's a long fricken' way, but I'd love to make a tourney sometime in august/sept, so who knows?