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Grand Junction, Colorado

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A group of people who just wanna play polo

October 2011
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You guys still playing ?

Biscuits of fervor!

Hey Grand Junction, just moved to Telluride and going through polo withdrawals. Would love to come join for a few games, when do you play?

Hey Grand Junction, it looks like a grass polo club that turned to hardcourt? Who's the rep? How many people do you get per night?
-Max (formerly Denver Bike Polo Rep).
p.s. the 303bikepolo twitter (started by travis) was abandoned. too much drama, not enough polo.

Hey Maxxx,
Yea I am pretty sure the grass scene had died awhile ago. We've got 4 to 8 ppl a night depending on schedules. As of right now I am the rep for gjp. Been trying to connect up with some denver clubs for a little bit and see what's going down.
Let me know,

tight pic. duncan in boulder would be a good person to connect to. the boulder court is good. who's been okaying the longest in your club? how did the whole thing come around in gj? see you on the court sometime

I have been the one throwing down the longest out here in GJ. Started by me travleing to boise and seeing a few games and becoming intrested very quickly. Thats when I started seeing what I could do out here and it has been slowly developing ever since. I'd be all up for coming down or everyone coming up to play. Let me know and we will figure out some the 411.