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Eugene Bike Polo

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Eugene Bike Polo! We play at least every Tuesday and Thursday night around 8pm. Everyone's welcome!

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Hey Eugene

How do? Just wanting to touch base and see if anyone was planing on sneaking down here for the Survivor in 2 tourney weeks. This is not a team event so anyone can come. Some updates on the tourney have been posted on LOBP, more to come. We are trying to get an idea on numbers for housing too. It's going to be a fun weekend. Hope all is well and that we see you soon.



hello from Davis, Ca. Polo!

I'm in your town today and itching for some polo, I hear you guys play tonight, can you guys confirm so I don't walk three miles for nothing?

Cheers, hope to see you all on the court!

(714) 616-0292

Thanks for coming out last night! First time in a while we've had an out of towner and we had 3 show up, nice. Personal favorite was Kranky Kansas, lots of laughs! Have fun in Portland, shouldn't be too bad as all the good players are at world, haha.


east van player in town for the night...anyone? marco!

that was fun

Quick word: all updates, time/dates/location, are available via the google group: http://groups.google.com/group/eugene-bike-polo?pli=1.

Forgive my ignorance, but has there been polo in Eugene recently? I am from Corvallis, but I visited with a friend one Thursday and found no one but the usual transient and basketball crowd down under the bridge. I'm definitely interested in playing polo with you guys, and there are a few others down here who want to as well. Let me know.


I can bring a hearty supply of mallets and balls if that would help. Maybe some loaner bikes too, if the car situation gets figured out.

Hi guys,

We're still alive. We play every Tuesday and Thursday 8PM at Amazon courts (24th and Amazon). Also other days as we have quite the booming culture out here. Check out our web board for more details on other events/local chit-chat; http://groups.google.com/group/eugene-bike-polo

See you on the court.

Take note, now that it's raining our amazing court at 24th and Amazon is now too dangerous to play at, so we are playing the same Tuesday and Thursday @8PM under the Washington/Jefferson bridge.

Everyone's still welcome, we love beginners and professionals.

The royalist doctor in all the land,
his majesty,
-Dr. B

PS: We sometimes play other games in addition to Tuesday/Thursday, which can be found out and/or suggested by posting on our google group listserve: http://groups.google.com/group/eugene-bike-polo

HEY! do you guys still play? i went there tonight and ZILCH! where are y'all? new night? c'mon spill it

we'll be there in swimwear!

Hello Eugene,

The Oregon Bike Polo Championships is coming up real soon. Dates are April 16-18th here in Portland, Oregon. Please bring all your men and woman to this event. There will be more details really soon. The courts will be different from last year but count on it being way better then last year. There will be two identical lit courts from 10 to 10 everyday of the weekend. This being said there will be plenty of games to be played. There will be one other thing different from last years trophy, this is the first of the triple Crown Series in Cascadia. The top ranked Oregon team wins the cup and the top winner of the whole tourney wins the crown. That being said please bring your best guns to take home the cup. Save the date and we will see you in April.

Portland Bike Polo