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Calgary Bike Polo

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Calgary Bike Polo

August 2004
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Hey Calgary!
Sign up for our tournament already.

I'm sure ya'll know, but just in case our new regional rep didn't tell you.
May 24-25. Saskaboom. GP qualifier.
Pen meet calendar.

Hey all, we're hosting a winter polo tourney february 15-16th. Includes the following :

- indoor (and heated) 3/4 length smooth cemented hockey rink.
- viewing room with bar.
- 12-15 teams expected
- PARTIES and accommodations

we'd love to see you there! Feel free to bring incomplete teams as we will have players here in Winnipeg without teams, and some players who can only commit for 1 of the 2 days. Please visit and sign up here:



Calgary Bike Polo live and kicking hard

YYC Bike Polo

YYC Bike Polo

YYC polo-1090558

YYC Bike Polo

im coming to calgary at the end of the month. What days do you guys play pickup?!

im coming to calgary at the end of the month. What days do you guys play pickup?!


Mark it down Smokey.

Ya we can probably bring some nets. We just need one set right?

Do you have the nets form NA's last year? Into bringing them to saskatoon?

If you haven't heard yet, I will be stepping down as Cascadia Regional Rep, and Board member. My plan is to use the month of January to find my replacement. Please start thinking about this role and how it will affect you and your city now. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

-January 1st to midnight Jan 7th to put in your name as a Candidate. Please post your name, and short campaign speech IN THE THREAD ON THE CASCADIA PAGE.
-January 8th to midnight Jan 22nd City Reps talk to your cities and VOTE by emailing me your choice (this is only for one spot)
-Shannon and Cecily will speak with the new Regional Rep and decide among the 3 of them who will be the new Cascadia Board member.

Please spread the word to anyone you think needs to know about this, I want this turnover to be smooth and soon before the season get to heavily upon us.

Thank you all for your trust and confidence these past few months,

a while back i contacted someone from calgary about their goldsprint setup..

it was through fbook and i havnt been able to search my mssgs there for months..

anyone know who has the goldsprint set up in calgary? could you put me in touch with them?

Justin has them. You should be able to get him on this email address justingullickson@hotmail.com. I don't want to put his phone number out there. If you don't get him there send me a message.

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

thanks :)

Hey Calgary homies!
My band is coming to town this Friday the 21st of January.
The show is at Palomino's (109 7th Ave. SW) and starts at 9pm...I hope tonnes of you can make it and show these cowboys how the Polo crew gets down.

Stoked as fuck for the NA's!!!!


Take it Sleazy

For you I will try to check it out!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Won't be able to make it but party hard! Palomino is awesome!

Well depending on who wants to rive that far and when it could be anywhere from 4 - 8 teams.

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

we are having a meeting tuesday, and we will hash on some ideas on dates. Want to throw your favored dates out there?

thats awesome, given this, we would have anywhere from 10-21 teams potentially! awesome. so stoked.

yup - what trevor said.

Edmonton could probably muster 2-4 teams (guessing) as they seemed pretty excited about the idea.

As far as the "level" of organization for the proposed tourney in Saskatoon - don't worry too much about it. Just make sure that you have permission to be at whatever court you secure.

Yo, Yo Calgary, Regarding the Prairie Invitational, So Winnipeg has said that it is likely they can throw in 2-5 teams, 5 being unlikely, but what do you think is a reasonable suggestion of teams your fine city could send? you will get to winnipeg and us at least for sure if it happens! and maybe Edmonton...? 2..? 3.?

dudes/dudettes, lets rock this hard.

teams? teams?

yo, in calgary from nanaimo till monday, do you guys play pickup on the cold... cold... ground... here in calgary, if so is there a mallet and mabey a bike available for me in this cold city of yours? P.S. the jewish deli in oakridge is totally rad! Luke. lukas.clarke@gmail.com

So Calgary,

Saskatoon just went to Winnipeg for the Tanked giving weekedn and loved it! lets get a rocking tourney in Saskatoon with Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, winnipeg all coming in and connecting...in the springtime of course

just seeding the thought...lets make it happen, central prairie throwdown yeayh!

Fore sure!! We had thought about a wild rose tourney but that sounds wicked, I think we could bring a few teams, the drive is not that far. Just let use know in the new year!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Seriously this needs to happen. Was just talking to Matt about it if Calgary and Edmonton come I imagine we can bring at least two teams if not lots. Prairie throwdown!

when and where do you all play?

wednesdays for sure 6pm - dark at the west hillhurst community center....other days too, just let us know if your in town and there can always be a polo game.

cool. there is a very small chance i may be there for the calgary tattoo fest to meet a friend.. ill be in touch.