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Sunday 2pm at Bedford park Spring Hill (corner of Love and Water St), Monday 6:30pm at Milton state school. Reach us on Facebook

August 2008
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The world’s most liveable city built on the side of a hill with a muddy brown river running through the middle of it!
Home of ‘Steve-Irwin-Killing’ Sting-Rays, ‘Pokie’ machines and Australia’s most loveable polo community: Brisbane-Hardcourt-Bike-Polo (BHBP).


The Brisbane Hardcourt Bike Polo Community (BHBP) is delighted to submit this proposal to host the 2013 Australian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (AHBPC).

BHBP has an exciting and growing community, with many new players as well as players from other cities joining us frequently. BHBP was established 4 years ago and from its humble beginnings on top of multi-story car parks, the scene has grown from year to year.

BHBP has hosted more than a dozen tournaments over the years, including National Championships, Local Championships and many ‘themed’ and celebratory tournament events.

A large number of Brisbane players travel around the country, and world, attending many tournaments, and this year BHBP reached its highest ranked result in any AHBPC, proving that there is much more to come.
Although BHBP has had our turn at hosting an AHBPC we immediately jumped at the challenge when our brothers at Gold Coast Polo were unable to submit their bid. We strive to outdo our previous efforts and surpass everyone’s expectations by delivering the best Championships to date.

Our proposed dates for the AHBPC 2013 are from the 25/4/13 to the 28/4/13. These new dates allow us to take full advantage of the Anzac day holiday, the cooler Brisbane climate with less chance of thunderstorms.
Brisbane is not known for its cool climate, but with temperatures averaging between 27.1 and 17.3 degrees, polo is a dream to play throughout these ‘cooler’ months.

We believe that returning AHBPC to the eastern coast of Australia might act as a more ‘central’ point allowing a larger population of players from around Australia, New Zealand and Asia to be able to attend.

We propose that the 25-26th could be a working-bee day where the players that are able to come early come together to assist the local crew to complete the courts and other preparations, followed by numerous games of pick up, tours/alley cats of the city, orientation of the local facilities and other activities.
The main event will be on the 27-28th.

Our courts for the AHBPC will relocate from our much loved home courts in Musgrave Park, West End to a new location in the old maritime docks now known as Northshore-Hamilton -275 Macarthur Ave Eagle Farm QLD 4009, googlemaps)
The courts are located 8km from the CBD, approximately a 27min ‘polo commute’ via an easy bike path, or a short scenic trip from many central locations via City-cat Ferry. The City-cat drops you right at doorstep of our proposed new site.

The site is a very large concrete area, previously part of Brisbane early docklands precinct, earmarked for re-development within the next 10 years. The facility comes with flood lights and a significant amount of room, the proposed site is large enough to host for 4 courts, the first time an AHBPC has had 4 courts. Two courts will be fabricated from wooden barriers, that would be recycled for future events and the other 2 courts constructed from water barriers (with sealed edges). Additionally our layout includes an information tent that will provide a live score monitor, PA system along with other bare essentials and helpful information. The courts are close to public transport, shopping centres, bottle shops, cafes and hostels/hotels.

Additionally we hope to have shaded marque areas with seating, bike racks, a mallet fixing workbench, sales/merchandise booth, food/coffee will be available for purchase and an onsite mechanic that can help with
any difficulties, who will work for smokes and beers.

With the addition of a fourth court we estimate that we will be able to host a minimum of 32 teams. Hopefully more teams will register and we are optimistic that more than 32 will register. At this time we predict that registration fees will cost $25 per person, this sum could fluctuate but hopefully we can keep the cost low.
It is also worth noting that the tournament will be insured for public liability as per the requirements of the site management, and we will have a number of nurses that can help act as first aid officers., We are hopeful that an emergency nurse will be provided by Cycling Queensland. We have already organised a few sponsorship deals and are sourcing local government funding to help support the event.

To summarise;
• The tournament will be held from the 25th to the 28th of April.
• 4 full size courts including flood lights
• bike racks
• mallet fixing workbench
• food/coffee
• merchandise booth
• mechanic
• information tent
• Over 30 Brisbane players to help organise event

(there are photo's but are unable to load them all on this website)

happy bidding.

hey..i'm Aji from jakarta-Indonesia
i want to invite your team to play in our tournamen in Indonesia
july 15, 2012 in Jakarta..
can your give your email address?? i'll sent you some invitation

repp a.s.a.p.
thx :)

Hiya Bris-vegas.
Any word on players wishing to go to the worlds in August?
There's a forum up on this site.
let us know if there's anyone planning on going.
Teams need to be solid by 3oth April.
Australasia gets 4 teams so we may need to sort out qualification.