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Bikepolo Stuttgart

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the bikepolo side of Stuttgart Fixed Gear

September 2009
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Hallo Bike polo Sttutgart!!!!! Hi my name is Oscar i'm member of Bici polo Tapatio from Guadalajara Mexico, I travel in december to Germany, so I hope there´s still good weather to play bike polo. I´ll visit many cities in Germany so I´m looking for place to stay in Sttutgart for 3 or 2 days, I´ll be visiting a friend im Kempten so is not too far away. I want to check out the city, and of course have fun with other bike polo players. Hope you have the chance, and enough place to share with me. Thanks in advance.

PD: Ich weiss ein bischen Deutsch auch, aber es ist noch nicht genaug um eine gute text zu schreiben XD

Hi all,

I'll be in germany Dec.3.. Dec 4 and maybe through Mon/Tue... Where do you suggest I go and play? Frankfurt? Mannheim? Karlsruhe? Stuttgart?

Let me know the best place and I'll be there. Thanks!

Portland Bike Polo

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Hallo Stuttgart, ich wollte das gleich fragen wie der Flip!! Lasst mal was von euch hören.
Viele Grüße von den Free Bike Polo Players aus Ulm!

Polo Concorde

spielt ihr noch ab und an?
lasst mal was machen!