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amarillo bikelife polo

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bikelife is a lifestyle shop the condones playing on bicycles

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Is there any polo in Amarillo these days ? Let's play !

Biscuits of fervor!

Hey guys, this is very late notice, but we are hosting a tourney out here in Lubbock this weekend and wanted to see if you guys were interested in coming. The info is available over at Hub City Hardcourt on this here Internet website. Hope you guys can make it! We have places for everyone to stay too.

I don't see anything for August. Do you guys want to do a Texas Tourney in August before Fall semester begins? We are possibly putting together a 4th of July tourney here. If it happens we will have the flyer up very soon. Let me know, we have people here that are willing to support it!

Also, we are talking with Dallas and Austin to see if the August thing can happen, as well as getting them in on the 4th of July.

I can no longer find your FB page!?!? Anyhow, looks I'll be coming through Amarillo next week and was hoping we could get some St. Patty's day polo going on. I could bring loaner mallets. Let me know.

mash on or get mashed up.



What happened to you guys!??

took a break over the summer but are back at it agian. what is going on elsewhere in the state?

Hey we are hosting a friendly tourney on Dec. 5th if any of you guys are interested in coming down... should be fun! it's going to be part of the Bicycle Film Festival!!

I will spread the word tonight at our pickup games, but that is a bit far for us to drive.

It's all good, we should try to meet up in Dallas/Denton again for a friendlies! Maybe sometime early next year!