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Chuck it in Bro - Waitangi Day Tournament - Sydney

Waitangi Day
Saturday, February 6, 2010
Host club: 
Sydney Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Donald 0414 764 478 donald.graham@unwired.com.au
Court size: 
Basketball courts - to be confirmed

I know Waitangi Day is a Kiwi holiday, but Australia Day falls on a Tuesday this year and there's quite a few polo playing New Zealanders in Sydney.

Court location is Alexandria Park Basketball Courts in Alexandria. Lots of shade and totally enclosed court.

Format is round robin (2 groups) followed by seeded single elimination.

The entry fee is $5.00 per player. Winners take all.

You will need to bring your own food and drinks. There are several pubs nearby that sell takeaways. Not so sure about food but then eating is cheating.

Registration will close at 10.20am. No exceptions but you can pre-register via Donald's email.

A note for any interstaters/out-of-towners: Depending on the amount of teams that register, the tournament may need to be completed on the Sunday. In any case we will be playing pick up on Sunday so you should stick around for that.


Alexandria Park
Park Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015

Signed up



Peopl from NZ are called kiwis?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to call this awesome or not.
Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
"So Bike polo is the other woman?"

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Sure you can, it's not derogatory. Kiwis are awesome!

Apparently plenty of people list their 'ethnicity' as Kiwi on their census forms.

http://pc.blogspot.com/2005/05/of-ethnics-and-being-kiwi.html (read the comments)



100% Kiwi and proud of it!!

You should really send a team or two over for the next Nationals..
Of course we would have to look at renaming it the Australasians or maybe Oceania Championships but we would really like to play against a few 'real' Kiwis

We'll have a team there for sure, probably name our team "The black mallets" just to follow a crap Kiwi tradition of naming all our international sports teams after the All Blacks (Rugby Team - for all you N.A's reading this). Have a good ANZAC tournament "Digger"!!

Well at least it's better than the crap Aussie tradition of naming your teams after cute native animals..wallabies, kangaroos etc
See you you in Brisbane, bro

I just wanted to check, Racial slurs are occasionally awkward.

Glad to hear. it's all okay.

Also! Polo Camo! I swear I am still sending you that spoke card, I over drew my bank by a lot so it took me some time.
Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
"So Bike polo is the other woman?"

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Rum Rules apply!

So according to signup. 4 people are going to this tournament...


It's quality, not quantity!

I don't think many Sydney people are on this website (apart from me, Lewis and sometimes Donald).

See you tomorrow - be sure to bring a raincoat because the forecast is shit!

Oh no! Just found this...

Forecast for Saturday
Rain periods, moderate to heavy at times, and a few thunderstorms.
Humid. Light to moderate southeast winds tending east to northeast.

Precis: Rain periods/thunderstorms.

City: Min: 22 Max: 25

Sunday Showers. Chance thunderstorm.
City: Min: 22 Max: 25

Well for the (public) record, Melbourne is sending 2 teams.

One Team is Ray, Me and Vive.

and "the world" is sending:

JOL (London/Melbourne) Will (Brisbane/Meloburne) and Natalie (TBC Geneva/Melbourne)

How many Sydney teams do we expect?


Anything happening tonight Sydney polo?

p.s. I have yet to play a tourney in this sunny country that hasn't had predicted rain.

London / Melburn

On the the wettest day in Sydney that we have had for months the BUSH LEAGUE BUSHRANGERS narrowly prevailed over CHILLY BIN LADEN 5 to 4.. But the real winner was Sydney with 2 teams in the final for the very first time in a tournament.

At the end of round robin, Top Centre were on top undefeated followed by Team Coopers, Bush League Bushrangers, Chilly Bin Laden, Jetnikoff and the Extras. In the first round of finals, Jetnikoff and the Extras were knocked out by Chilly Bin Laden and the Bush League. In the semis it was the underdogs that knocked the top 2 out - Bush League pantsing Coopers 5 -0 and Chilly Bin Laden beating Top Centre 5 - 3.

Thank you to everyone that braved the shit conditions

1st - Bush League Bushrangers - Lewis (SYD) Mitch (SYD) Maija (Toronto)
2nd - Chillly Bin Laden - Locky (NZ/SYD) Ben (SYD) Virginia (SYD)
= 3rd - Top Centre (2 lefts don't make a right) - Damon (MELB) Ray (MELB) Vive (MELB)
Team Coopers - Joe (SYD) Doddy (SYD) Shifty (SYD)
= 5th - Jetnikoff - Julian (SYD) Will (MELB) Jol (London)
Extras - Brooke (SYD) Natalie (Switzerland) Brad (LA)

MVP: Vive

A special thank you to our awesome ref Donald for standing in the rain and keeping it choice, bro.

Damon can you please post some photos

Congratulations to the Bush League Bush Rangers!

Bush League Bush Rangers, First Place!

Thank you Sydney for being such awesome hosts, the plastic sheets, the towells, they really mean alot to us when you're 1000k's from home and your jocks are soaked to your ass.

Its awesome to be able to jump on a plane and 90 minutes later, the blue sky and sunshine that lured you back to this country, from the allure of pro-bike polo salaries on the west coast, is all but a memory. Being mashed into the wall in Sydney is a small reminder of my first summer playing bike polo in Canada... I want more!

The rain and maze of puddles on the court changed the dynamic immensely, shots and passes were halted mid-play leaving teams to adjust their strategies.

There's an edge to Sydney bike polo that you just don't get anywhere else, maybe it's the crazy fast cars and narrow streets that make you the toughest roughest bike polo players in the country.

Team Coopers... we were all fired up for a Sydney Melbourne final but we were both knocked to the gutters, stunned (and soaked to our socks) we will meet again, (and now we know your secrets!)

In Sydney, they play a fast physical game, they know who is a threat and they take them out. There's no time to think about what hurts because they'll score on you and then score again before you knew what happened.

Doddy, Lachie, Joe, Mitch... Great to see you guys again after the nationals. Shifty, great playing pickup with you on Sunday, (I like your new mallet too!)

Donnie, Lewis and Virginia, thanks for being my main contacts. It's always a pleasure to head up and play a little sydney rules, always.

Thanks for stepping out of the tourney to run show Donnie, I think we're learning the importance of an independent authority in our Tourneys. (I guess we can look to Alley Cats for a good example in this case :)

Kudos to the internationales, Brad & Lily (See you in Melbourne soon!) Maija, Nathalie and Jol (kinda :) Really Helps keep things in perspective to have so many people bringing their styles together in this 'sunburnt' country.

Ben, have an awesome time in Boston and SF. Say Hi to Forrest, Ben and Seagravy in San Francisco for me. It was great meeting you.

Julian, Take care of that head! Will, thanks for the hair cut :)

Ray and Vive... MVP! you are awesome team mates and travel buddies, and 2 of the most dependable unflappable players of the Melbourne Polo crew.

Sydney Rules

PS: We'll see you in Albury...



Sound like an awesome tourney sorry I couldnt make it but looking forward to the nationals already! Although we may have to rough it up a bit more down here!
Nice rap up Virginia and Damon thanks
Rob B -meat and two veg.

Good work "Diggers". Like Rob B we're looking forward to the "nationals" also. Kiwi bike polo has some secrets too....

More here: http://www.bikepolo.com.au/2010/02/chuck-it-in-bro-results-feb-6th-sydney/