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*CANCELLED* Channel Your Animal

Channel Your Animal 5 Person Bench
Saturday, September 14, 2013 - Sunday, September 15, 2013
Host club: 
Bloomington Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 Court, ~180ft x ~70ft, 4ft boards


First of all, thank you to everyone that signed up!! We really appreciate your interest in what was to be the first 5 player bench format. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this miraculous experience to you, the polo community.

There are a number of barriers keeping this tournament from happening:

1. Due to our lack of permanent courts, we rent park space to host these tournaments. This has worked well in the past. There is a large crack in the court’s playing surface. Our parks department has not been able to remedy this problem.

2. While we realize this would be an awesome tournament format, we have less than 5 full teams registered at this point.

3. Directly due to reason #2 we have very little funds to construct the court and to rent the less-than-perfect space.

We would like to say that these reasons alone are why we can’t host this tournament, but the nail in coffin is one we never saw coming:

Zachary took all our money—the little we had--to fly to Albuquerque for vacation by himself.

We wanted nothing more than to see all you awesome people and to host this tourney. We think it would have been a great time for everyone, and we’re truly sorry to those that freed up their schedules and planned to come to this event.

Thank you again to everyone that showed interest and signed up for this tournament! We hope to see you soon at the next tourney and share some whiskey. We would like to try this format again next season.

(tldr. All registrations will be refunded)

16 teams - 5 person Bench - 2 Day Swiss/Single Elimination

September 14th & 15th - RCA Park - Bloomington, Indiana

To Register Email your team info (name ((spirit animal)) & members) to channelyouranimal@gmail.com Registration is open now.

It is $100 per team - play as a team, pay as a team. We will use Paypal to complete that end of it.

Also, if you don't get it from the poster, your team name has to be some sort of spirit animal... More Info Later


Channel Your Animal 5 Person Bench
1400 West RCA Park Drive
Bloomington , IN
United States

Signed up

Looking for not the typical big city v. city bench games of the past. Smaller teams, no deep bench with a ton of people to swap in within the short amount of time we still allot ourselves. 5 person only. Coach optional as a non-player.

Yes yes yes yes yes.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Looking for a few folks to make this happen!!!


Here here!

Great format, glad someone is trying it! Wish I could be there.

Yacht zee.

Oh that sounds like a mighty fine time.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

10+ hr drive. But damn, this might be worth it. Maybe with someone else's car that is more reliable.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I'm interested, yo! Might be able to pick you up somewhere along the way and complete the trip from there? We've got a Prius so we can keep the gas (relatively) cheap.

I don't have enough time off to go. I'm just hoping that this is a major success so they do it again next year.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I hope you can swindle some extra days off and make the drive!

aaaaahhhh. let's get some inter-city teams going. I'm in

2/3 of secret handshake on board!

I'd really encourage mingling of cities for team play in this tournament! Reach out, team up with players outside of your typical city/state arrangement.


how long are the games? just curious. i'm also very interested in this format!

2 - 15 minute periods with a 2 minute halftime.

Can we just call them halves since there are only two?


how are you sure there isn't a secret 3rd period where we get all greased up and wrestle and sing the songs of our spirit animals?!?!?!

Im soooo down.


sorry, can't put it on podium and we're using podium.


Your spirit animal should be a dead horse.

Hahahhaa. Actually we have an updated name to avoid the bullshit. I was just checking.

Looking forward to this, I've never played a bench tournament.

Count a team from mil to be there

you guys should get out of the box and try a not just Mil team, as mentioned above. Just sayin, everybody loves a swinger.

I don't know how to read the English. I'll tell the dudes that they need to speak to some peoples. I just remember u saying no killer squad. K will do si.si.sir..

Who wants to play with the likes of me....?

hey man you interested in playing with myself, davis murphy and nick crowe?

i am declaring my free agency. when i'm not totally flippin' out i'm pretty sweet at bike polo, holler at me.

looking for players with a mythical creature spirit animal preferably. gryphon, hippogryph, unicorn, basilisk, centaur, sphinx. that sort of thing.

Not sure why that posted 3times iPads hav mind of there own!!

so do the teams need to be all from the same city?

your team can be whoever you want it to be. We were just hoping it not be the same old song and dance. Be adventurous. Go on a spirit journey and find your mates.

myself and nick and davis from bloomington are looking for some people to join up with. hit me up if you're interested at all. potential spirit animals: something kickass like a polar bear or tasmanian tiger or a walrus

Registration information is updated at the top of page!

Mannnnnnn, I just found out I can't play this due to some family stuff. Super bummed.

Looking to make a team/jump on one, who's down?

We will provide housing for this tournament. Contact channelyouranimal@gmail.com for all inquiries. We will also provide breakfasts for both days (and coffee roasted fresh by yours truly). Very similar to the last bench we held for those of you returning. We will have local food vendors for lunch so bring your piggy bank. Prices are more than reasonable and vegetarian options are a given. If possible, include food restriction with your housing requests so I can inform the vendors.
Also, I am a free agent for this extravaganza. :)

We have three teams on the books so far. Spirit Animals already claimed: Sharks, Bulls, & Vultures.
Get you team building on!


Here's the link to the unofficial roster.
If you are a free agent and you want your name on here, email channelyouranimal@gmail.com with your name, city, and contact info.

*bump* Come play with us Y'all!

Team spots still open! And a couple teams are looking for 1-2 players. Get on it!

We lost our 5th player hit me up if ur in need of a team!!

looking for a spot on a team.

Cancelled Y'all. Sorry. Read the top.

also, things in italics are jokes.

Sad to hear this is cancelled, but I respect that you guys would want to do it right and recognized you didn't have the roster and the funds to meet the goals. I still think this is a great idea, and hope it happens next year. I'll try to budget more vacation for tournaments!

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Not having permanent courts really puts a damper on what we can do. I really do want to have a 5 person bench after playing several where 7+ people were on the bench per game and just sat for 45 of the 50 minutes.