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Cascadia Regional throw-in for 24

Saturday, April 24, 2010 - Sunday, April 25, 2010
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Four basketball courts


24 Hour Event
3 courts during daylight, 2 courts during darkness
A quiver full of distraction offered by WSU Springfest, including mechanical bull and beer garden.
One meal will be provided and grills will be open for the rest of the time.

Registration Opens at 10am and will be $20/person
First games will start at 12pm

Each player gets a personal score card and a mallet tag.

There will be a throw-in circle, to start the madness everyone will throw-in. The stack will be dividend into piles of six, the first three piles will start play. The remaining piles will be numbered with lowest number always starting the next game. Once a game is finished mallet must be throw into the circle to be grouped and numbered. Only groups of six will be taken from the circle.
The games will start with a random toss of three mallets to each side of the court. Players have two minutes to be ready to play. If a player is not ready and a second player's mallet is in the circle, second players can race for open spot. Once player's mallet has been grouped and numbered they do not have the option to race for open spots.

Each player gets as many points as their team earned during the game. Example: The game ends with a score of 5-2. The winning players all get 5 on their card and the losing players all get 2. Mallet tags will be hole punched after each game (to reconcile scores at the end if necessary). Highest points at the end win.

Additional Rules:
When a player has a mechanical they are allowed 3 minutes before players from the circle can race for the spot. The team that needs an additional player is responsible for hollering out "SUB" to start the race from the circle. Points are only awarded to players who finish the game.

Bonus Points may be available for certain witnessed activities to be announced day of competition.


SE Olympia St
Pullman, WA
United States

Signed up

I am so down for this ... except I need some team members .. I don`t wanna play with peeps from Calgary...

...oh wait .. its a throw in .. never mind .. even better..

we never liked you anyway Cory

..oh yeah .. I`ll get Justin to bring the trailer this time .. then we can bring way more toys ...




oly is making plans

*May 15-16th will not work for enough of our students, so we are changing the date to April 24th-25th. Sorry, about the date change we hope you all will still come out and throw-in.*

P/M Hardcourt

pooooppy.......home team road race. no way i can do it.

question: If I flew into spokane, would someone be able to meet me @ the airport?

riding your bike shouldn't take more than 4 hours:P

It is a great ride!

P/M Hardcourt

For sure! You'll have a ride.

P/M Hardcourt

not sure when exactly yet, but the Calgary crew will be rolling by there at some point...might be able to catch a ride with us if the timing works out.

so whats the weather gonna be like in April?... not that its ever gonna stop me from driving down ... I'm just curious ..

The weather changes by the minute from now tell June here, I would plan on mid 30s-60s and a stiff breeze.

P/M Hardcourt

can you arrange for a fire pit on the top court plz ?..

I'm working on it, but don't want to promise anything yet.

P/M Hardcourt

so wish i could be there - alas, my new bike shop has me chained to my workstand for the next 6 months! aaarrrrggghhhh!

have fun!

Stop being a bitch and come. Close on sunday and Nadja and a friend can have a funday on saturday. You cant say no if we put you in a roof box with a lock on it?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

Reese, Do you know how you are going to calculate a winner? Leon and I have some great ideas that calculate goals scored, goals blocked, as well as overall games played.

Also, will you be testing for performance enhancing drugs like excessive amount of caffine? ;-)

Oh do tell! As of now the most games played determines the winner, but your ideas have me curious should there be a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

P/M Hardcourt

fuck it .. we`ll bring our own fire pit ...
... I`ll see what Calgary can scrounge up for donation prizes ...

Like the fire pit idea we'll at least have a couple bbq fired up.

P/M Hardcourt

what's the housing situation look like?

camping out by the courts...in the beer garden?

yeah .. I like that idea! .. at night we can turn that top court into a beer garden.. we just need the fire pit and wood .. set up some tents or whatever in the corner....

Okay there will be housing available for people showing up Friday night and places for hot showers when its all over. Just remember this event is for polo idiots. You should expect only cold concrete, lights, and ball whacking for Saturday night. So if you want to win this thing come prepared to survive.

P/M Hardcourt

Is there any chance I could grab a ride from anyone passing thru oly or coming from western WA? I got some gas moneys for ya

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Remind us a couple weeks out. We should be able to fit you in easy. Probably leaving Friday evening.

ah mr.carter, truer words have never been spoken. just got the bullet today, won't be able to make it.

le cry

Okay rule are stablished, check'em out!

P/M Hardcourt

how about pinnies? might be hard figuring out who your teammates are if you don't know everyone and you are playing with new people every game.

I am curious about these "pinnies"?

P/M Hardcourt

basically something you can throw on over your shirt so everyone on your team can be wearing the same colour, then hand it off to the next person coming on. if you do this, might be a good idea to get a couple of extras per side so the person coming on doesn't have to delay the game by waiting for the exchange to happen.

5x 5hour energies and im in to win. what a way to die, doing what i luv best.

david joseph"polony"wells

Anyone driving through Vancouver (Island folks?) with room for me and bike?

EVBP foreva

There is a rumor that Greg .. the guy who filmed our Ramsay Bowl 2 vid is very interested in coming down with us... see you all in a few weeks..


P/M Hardcourt

Doubtful that my truck can handle that long of a trip... anyone leaving from western washington that can give me a ride?

Hey not sure how many of you have been following the "rules" thread for standardizing the rules for North American Championships and Regional championships, but they are starting to come together. I think the one biggest thing in the rules up for debate is the whole yellow/red card system vs a one minute penalty system like hockey that they used at Bench minor. I was wondering if you guys would be up for trying out the card system at throw-in for 24 tournament, just so we can see how it works in a tournament, just cause it hasn't actually been used anywhere yet. (and potentially the rules as they are written up so far so that we can see if any problems arise. Let me know what you think. I'd just like to test the system somewhere to help us decide if its going to work.

Yeah! Lets test it! While we are talking about trying new things, I will add there will be bonus points awarded to competitors for every second they stay on the mechanical bull after 8 seconds. The bull will be a short ride from the courts and close to food so I was considering a mandatory bull break in the polo action at some point Saturday afternoon. Should we include the bull or no?

P/M Hardcourt

sounds like fun, I like the sounds of that. Bonus points per second could add up, should make sure the bull riding isn't going to be what decides the winner though. maybe something like 1 bonus point for giving it a try and 3 points if you make it past 8 seconds or something....

I agree. I think I could win a lot of points on the bull (i made 42 secs last time) and i don't like the idea that it would be more important than the polo.

Your right every poloist will make it more than eight seconds. It will be very minimal bonus points received, not to replace polo. The bull will be next to food and provide a chance for players to earn bonus points if players decide to try for them while waiting for their turn on the court. If they make a poor decision it could actually cost them points if they are not taking polo seriously.

P/M Hardcourt

maybe it should be seconds * 0.125. so 8 seconds would be worth 1 point, 16 seconds worth 2 points, etc.

A few peeps from Calgary were asking me if helmets were going to be mandatory for this..

We are looking at this tournament as a fun environment to try out the rules, so I would encourage helmets. Safety, quality of play, and most of all fun is what we are shooting for with this tournament. Again, I would engourage helmets as risk increases in the wee hours of morning after having played more than 12hrs of polo.

P/M Hardcourt

This time I don't have cats with litter boxes in the living room :) haha.

Can't wait. We have a lot of room (a few houses) but plan on sleeping on the floor.

Can I get some head counts?

I think we counted 6 tonight. But in fine Seattle fashion we wont actually know til we hit the road. See you guys soon.

I think we got about 10 coming down...

Who all is planning on arriving Friday night?

P/M Hardcourt

What time is the 24 hours starting? Since I will have to drive back on Sunday I think the earlyier the tourny starts the better

What time is the 24 hours starting? Since I will have to drive back on Sunday I think the earlyier the tourny starts the better

I think the noon start is just fine. I'm driving back Sunday too, and my drive is 8 or 9 hours opposed to Leon's 5 hour drive. I'm more concerned about time to sleep before the tourney though...so I don't think it should start too early. If we leave Friday after work (probably 7pm by the time everyone gets there ducks in a row) then we'll arrive around 3 or 4am.....that only leaves 8 hours to sleep before starting a 24 hr tourney....any earlier and it's even less.....my vote is leave it where it's at. Noon is perfect.

It will be noon to noon and we will be very promopt for the out of towners.

P/M Hardcourt

we are leaving friday night ...

10 from Calgary + ~15 from Pullman/Moscow + >6 Seattle + ???

If you leave on Friday night you will get in to Pullman early Saturday morning?

I live in the same house as last time. You can crash for a few hours before we sign in at 11ish. 785-979-0359. - Joey

sweet.. I sorta remember where your place is .. is that a cell # I can text you at when we get into town?.. oh and I sent you a email about something else .. find it and get back to me plz ...

Many of the Seattle people backed out at last min there will only be 4 of us coming and we will leaveearly sat morning and be there a little befor noon. See you all soon

Yah we are leaving calgary at 5pm on friday, so where can we through a tent or somthing when we get there. Smack dab in the middle of one of the courts or what? I love adventures!!

Leon as a world polo Champion do you even need sleep

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

I live about 200 yards from 4courts in an apartment. I've got three open couches and lots of floor space. That's a free "bed" for at least 7. Text me if you need a place to crash. 2065517608

Also I'm bringing my roommate's charcoal grill so bring BBQ food.

This is gunna be my first tournament. I'm excited.

other things to bring to 4courts:
For health,
For comfort,
camp chairs
head lamps
pads for cat naps
dry socks
For competition,

We will be providing a pancake feed at midnight.

P/M Hardcourt

I'm going to stress the tires/tubes aspect of Reese's note. Those of you that came out to our last tournament in October should remember that our courts are like sandpaper and will eat through your tires if you skid a lot in a game. I think damn near every player had to change a tire at least once (some players had to change out tires 3-4 times).

I just picked up about 15 used tires from our local bike shop, but I'd recommend bringing as many tires as you think you'll need and then one more to be safe. The ones I just picked up are a mix of 700c and 26in, and they'll go to whoever needs them.

Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo

1st: David Polony/Seattle 250pt in 53 matches
2nd: Leon/Seattle 222pt in 53 matches
3rd: Trever/Calgary 164pt in 41matches
1st: Kiersten/Seattle 99pt in 30 matches
2nd: Liz Hill/Pullman 55pt in 24 matches
3rd: Hope/Calgary (Hope if you have found your score card here is your chance to amend the record.)

P/M Hardcourt

other results:

most hours sleeping - Wheatie (approx 18hrs)
most games on a mini bike - Leon
Still riding fast after 24hrs - Trevor
Still playing well after 24hrs - Dave
Biggest Hair - Seabass
Best Pancakes - Reese
Biggest Pizzas - (don't remember the name of the place we ordered from, but holy crap!!)

that's all I got for now, but feel free to add some more...

most prepared poloist - Justin

the pizza came from Pizza Perfection and I saved one of the box lids for a wheel cover, they were 26" pies seem fitting.

P/M Hardcourt

whew, i finally woke up. lets do it again

david joseph"polony"wells

Count It! I swear when I was posting the results the bill of my hat kept hitting the keyboard as I was nodding off.

P/M Hardcourt

I think Trevor played 41, but I'll try and find out for sure.

Thanks again for the good times and amazing polo... great to see everyone again.
Hope got lots of photos ... if we ever find the camera in the car they will get posted ..

I think Wheatie slept for 24 hours in Pullman ...

Thank you Pullman for locating yourself so conveniently between Seattle and Calgary!

It was great to see everyone, and I loved getting to play WITH you instead of against you.

Thanks to all the P/M kids for taking care of us and allowing us to invade their city again. Thank you too all the Calgary kids that came down and made it more fun. Thank you to Pullman for the crazy idea. Can we do it again, but maybe only 12 hrs?

Congratulations to all the guys who stayed up to polo all night:
Dave (Polony)
Keegan (who went to a school project afterward)!

They kept games going all night even with only 5 players! I'm so impressed by all of you.

Haha it wasn't a school project. It was an independant film. I spent the next 8 hours directing a zombie movie while feeling like one.

Video thumbnail. Click to play Click To Play

You like Zombie movies .... well here is one from Calgary

what kind of file is this? Idk how to watch it.

A few pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/reesecousins/CascadiaRegionalThrowIn?feat=di...

P/M Hardcourt

And here is some sunrise polo, that happened 5-6am:

P/M Hardcourt

awesome, so glad you caught this, i have always dreamed about holding a 24-hour tournament for 16 teams.

Collected some photos from Trevor and Hope...


I hijacked all of the photos posted in the links here and posted them on the pullman moscow hardcourt bike polo facebook group. Go tag yourself so we can be friends