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Cascadia Regional Qualifier

Saturday, May 26, 2012 - Sunday, May 27, 2012
Host club: 
East Van Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
4 courts, tennis courts

East Van Bike Polo is hosting this year's Cascadia Regional Qualifier.
May 26th- 27th, 2012 Champlain Heights Park

48 teams, 32 to advance to Sunday.
Registration for In-region teams to open Sunday, March 18th at 10:00 am PST
Registration for out-of-region teams (up to 12 spots) to open Sunday, March 25th at 10:00 am PST
Free-for-all registration for remaining spots to open on Sunday, April 1st at 10:00 am PST

Cost: $60/team to be paid via Paypal within one week of receiving registration confirmation.


Champlain Heights Park Vancouver

Signed up

are these the courts that were used for the E. Van Crown?


These are different courts. A bit further from our home court but well worth it. Surface is better than the courts used for the Crown.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Thank you!!!

probably too seriously...


You're very welcome. We want to do the best we can for all y'all. Our primary focus is courts. We all know how important they are. Also, there are two courts that we haven't reserved (but should be free) a 15 second ride through the trees. Those two can be pick up/warm up courts.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I wonder if the WCC could be the weekend after to save us all some dosh

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

This is super sick!!

"We don't need no education"

Free agent
This is one of the very few tournaments I will attend in 2012. I haven't played since October, I never really was any good and I hardly drink anymore. You know you want to play with me with such amazing credentials!!

I'll be your second. A third?

P/M Hardcourt

There's gotta be another unrecognizable polo city out there who will field a third for you! I mean this is Cascaia after all :) :) :)

probably too seriously...


You know the day will come for the unrecognizables...still laughing!

P/M Hardcourt

chris bottles wrote:

Free agent

You still up for grabs? I pm'd you...

i think bottles is in france or something right now, maybe try his facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChrisjDunbar


Staying in a beautiful home in Sisteron. Two days of Paris-Nice starting tomorrow and some road rides in the countryside.

Hm. Sounds like he might not be taking it seriously enough.

IN REGION: Hard core defender, will make most excellent blocks for you ALL DAY LONG. Not to mention a fantastic goalie with a surprising shot. Sitting here, waiting for you.

<Psst.> Didn't you get the memo? Cascadians aren't supposed to qualify in Cascadia. LOL.

Hahaha!! Didn't you get the memo??! Everyone's moving to Cascadia to qualify!!

Soo sad to miss which will probably be the best NAH Qualifier! Damn not be allowed in Canada!

<---- Free agent.

<--- me too

I'm still a free agent.

call my agent! It's our wedding anniversary weekend! Good luck. I'm yours if she lets me!!!!

Matt Messenger
since 1998


I'd really like to go to this one. However will probably need a team.

bring Eric, and all of your belongings...


The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Well I'm already qualified, but if anybody needs a ringer........................................call Ben Miller! Woot!

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

No but seriously.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Let's do it!


P/M Hardcourt

Registration is on hardcourt.org right?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Yes... Gentle reminder; In-region registration opens THIS SUNDAY March 18th at 10 am PST. To register, navigate to:


Select the "2012 Cascadia Regional Qualifier" and choose "add team". Once your registration has been received, you will get a confirmation e-mail and a payment request. You will have two weeks upon receiving the confirmation e-mail to pay the registration fee.

**Please note: Due to the absurdly high cost of doing anything fun in Canada, we've had to increase registration fees to $25/person. We want to make sure our asses our covered, but if we end up overcharging, we'll to hit you back in one way or another. We will be providing food, and housing (as much as possible) to tournament attendees.


probably too seriously...


Login and registration instructions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18LbXGwg_zhSkiFEwlF6_BqhSLTGq8AFZZuKn...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a system glitch with hardcourtbikepolo.com. Although registration was planned for 10am PST, the time widget has been set for registration to start at 11am PST. For those of you who are familiar with the system, you can't actually register your team until the time clicks over to registration time. With that being said, REGISTRATION TIME IS NOW 11am PST. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Looking forward to seeing you all in May!!

where do we send payment??

Anyone need a 3rd?

Ringer and I need a third. Get at me if you've got the qualifications and need to qualify. We already did.

Looking for a team for this one, get me whilst I'm hot

I've never seen you play bike polo but I'm guessing you're all right.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Thankyou Benny for your kind words

asbo reunion?

Lisa, I know you sent me a text the other day, however my phone has been randomly on the fritz and I did not get it till today at work down here in ATX. If you find us a third I will play with you.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Login is actually at 11:00 am. The clock on that site still says there is an hour more than there is supposed to be.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

i am looking for a team or be a third i may have someone from
san fran to play with i am kepping my fingers crossed mr m

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

So who's our third asshole gonna be, Rawbie!! Ya know Maxx is a real asshole but I already played with him this year.......How about Wee George, he's been known to be quite the asshole at times.......so I've heard.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Oh Fuck off

nice signage Rawbie,
"two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I've got your back for a third. But it ain't George!! And it ain't me...

Guys, I'm about to get a plane ticket. Anyone in need of a third?


I'll be in Portland that week and planning to go to Vancouver. I'll be your defensive wall. Interested?

result predictions based on prior point differentials of combined players. (the players would not have had to played together)

1. Guardians
2. Crazy Canucks
3. Eins Two Trois
4. Portland United
5. Top Centaur
6. Bad as Fuck
7. The Heavy Hitters
8. Portland Doug Firs
9. The Reapers
10. Surprise!
11. The Full Kenichis
12. Cowpunchers

interesting! care to share the numbers or the formula you used?

every player has a career goal differential average. i just add the team together and divide by three. if a team only has two players with statistics, i divide by two, etc. below are details. only cowpunchers are completely weighted by one player. the idea is that like skilled players are together anyways.

also, this does not take into account tournament size, so doing really well at smaller tournaments will make your career differential great until i sort that out, weighting these things by tournament size.

i was thinking that this would eventually be useful in splitting up AM-PM brackets.

north portland was #13. in doing this i also noticed, the full kenichis used unknown (from NAs last year) as their third with a -1.6 which is dragging them down.

this will certainly help splitting am/pm. any sort of pre-ranking only needs to be a rough estimate, and this looks like it will do the trick

Is the data just from swiss rounds?

I think it depends on the tournament. World and NAs include double elimination, but I believe Young Retirees was just swiss. Not sure about Balls in the City. There is also some data trickling from all over the place like the Cascadian teams that played in DPI4 this year. Next year this will be better as we can limit it to only previous qualifiers.

I am looking for different ways to calculate this, like weighting averages based on placings and/or team count. Given my current method I think you could kick ass in swiss and marginally lose double elimination and beat a the winning team by the numbers.

Since these are qualifying tournaments, I'd suggest performance at other tournaments be discounted. i.e Balls in the City wouldn't count.

How could you discount play at any tournament Lisa? I won Balls in the City with Rory and Drunky. We beat The Guardians. No small feat. I think any tournament where quality teams represent should be factored in. Douche.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

If the point of analyzing statistics for regional qualifiers for NAH sanctioned tournaments is to suggest performance at another NAH sanctioned tournament, I don't see how other tournaments outside of NAH's purview are relevant for several reasons: there is no need for non-sanctioned tournaments to operate under NAH rules, there could be high variation in court sizes (which was the case at Balls in the City), other sports do not include such events in predictions, competition is different at a qualifier (there's more at stake), etc.

I know you were on a team that beat The Guardians, I refereed the game. I bet it felt as good as when I was on a team that beat Ballz Deep back in the day, I still maintain that those statistics shouldn't be counted.

i don't have an opinion right now about what should or should or should not be counted, but Vince's idea up above is based on the fact that AM/PM brackets are already being divided up based on past performance. But it's totally subjective, usually a tourney organizer is just going doing it, sometimes with input from players in other cities. Having some kind of basis in fact would be useful, and there's probably not enough data so far from NAH or WHBPC events, as most people have only participated in one or two in 2012.

Exactly right. Pre-seeding the swiss rounds is just a way to ADD a theoretical round before the tournament even starts. It doesn't matter how you do it, and if you are inaccurate about a couple teams it's not a huge deal.

Every tournament you've ever been to that uses podium is pre-seeded already. It's just that before the new stat site, it was done by the organizers, subjectively. Now at least there's some numbers to go from. Maybe 3 years into this thing, yeah... only count NAH events. But like Kev said there's not that much to go from on that site right now. Doing it the above way just makes it easier on the people running the tournament.

I agree that we haven't been collecting stats long enough for them to be used with confidence. But yes, it's a start and we've got to start somewhere.

This is also good content for a discussion under another forum topic.

maybe all y'all should get your egotistical heads out of your ass and just see what happens in the tournament, eh? fucking bullshit.

Take it Sleazy

craig weidert, john mardlin and i beat the beaver boys 5-0 in the na's three years ago..."no small feat". then we lost pretty much every other game in the tournament. anything can happen. stop sucking the fun out of this with your silly-ass predictions

Take it Sleazy

This makes me feel like some bro just turned on sPorts center or something

For those who need housing, I am currently putting together a housing list. PM me and let me know if you or your team need a place to stay. Priority goes, basically, first come, first served. Please let me know also if you are willing to sleep in a tent as there will be tent space available in back yards.



Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Martin are you guys working on getting any sort of hotel deal like the crown last year?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Hello Mike,

We haven't planned on it, but we have a meeting tomorrow night and I'll see if that could happen. It would be at the Waldorf again if we do go ahead with a hotel.

What's yer name gurl?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

your formality makes me uncomfortable.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Why don't you just respond to my email so that we can start filling these lonely East Vancouverite's homes. There is still a lot of couch and floor space not to mention a bunch of tent spaces to fill up first. Don't think we need to bother with a hotel deal (unless, of course, you want your privacy). As this is a qualifier, I doubt that any of the homes will be party-ing it up this weekend. Most spaces will respect your game face.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I haven't gotten one, I'll send you one soon I guess.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

PMd you about a place to crash and practice our game faces, do we have a spot?

P/M Hardcourt

Yup. Check out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtgrbUelVcISdEZ6dkh3bmFCMk8...

Then, email your host and work out directions, arrival times, etc. amongst you. If there are problems then hit me back and we can find something else that works.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Oh, just realised this was happening (I know, out of the loop). Great work east van! So I guess Nick and I are looking for a third?

Hey Naomi/Nick - I'll play with you if you are still looking for a third...

Bob comes out of the woodwork!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Medic.Mike wrote:

Bob comes out of the woodwork!

he still plays like he is still in the wood work

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

Lisa, were do you want danger dogs to place in all of this? you should pm me because no team is unbeatable and we can take them all if we want to, we just need to talk strategy.

Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

Can't wait to see you again!!
I'll arrange a team strategy session on skype!

Still a free agent!

Shut it, you are spoken for in the house of the Boards Machine...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

You've been spying on the team communication eh?

Blazar and I are looking for a third!

(or if you are already a pair hit us up and we could probably be convinced to separate for a good offer)

I'm lookin' - how about it?

I need a team too! Just found out I'll be rollin' up with the rest of Portland

Someone pick up this hard hittin Hot Boiled Peanut!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

if you're not taken already, I'll play with yous.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Justin and I need a 3rd. Call me or email dan@kranq.com 403.312.4874 Cowpunchers!


Meg you find a team yet? Cowpunchers are still looking for a 3rd, and I know you can play (and drink) hard-hitting Calgary style polo!! lemme know if you're interested...we'd be honoured to have you.

Justin! I'd love to play with you guys, but as it turns out I'm gonna sit this one out. Maybe I can take a rain check :)

Thanks to everyone for getting in touch with me about teams

Getting pumped for this. Flight home from work booked. Car rental to Vancouver reserved. New polo bike next week. Can't wait to get back, friends!


If you need a place to stay, we still have spaces. Email me at mrmartinhauck@hotmail.com

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Me and Jackie need a third! Email jeff_jardine@hotmail.com if you're looking for a team. Willing to split up if it comes to that, as well.

Mark & I are looking for a third. If we are still three teams of 2 then should be able to work something out

It is with deepest ,darkest regret that I must withdraw from this most awesome tournie with some of my favourite polo peeps. It has already left a shadow on my heart as I type these words. Luckily it is not due to injury that I must bail but due to SF throwing it's first of 3 tournies for 2012 on the same weekend. This is a fecking major plus and eclipses the dull thumping in my chest with an elated BABOOM, BABOOM, BABOOM.
One of our most awesome Slayers , Miah shall be leaving us soon to hit Charleston (Ben r u ready for some next level shit) so it will be his final tournie here for a while. (wouldnt, shouldnt wont miss this tournie)
Sorry MAxx and Rawbie . Looks like you're gonna have to find an asshole, that as NAH rules state can only be as big or less of an asshole than me. So choose anyone basically.
Love you Cascadia.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

See ya in mke bud

potential free agent I may book work off if I can be enticed ... playing solid + fast polo floats my boat

free agent. solid D/goalie, point man, play-maker...looking for fun times and doobies.


Anybody heading up through Olympia? I'm looking to catch a ride.

Need a team. I've been playing regularly for a year. Utility type of player who is quick and good at breaking up plays. jeff_jardine@hotmail.com
(Jackie's looking for a team as well. She placed 9th at Ladies Army and is an awesome teammate -- competitive and positive.)

Free agent, I've played before

I'll bring the bourbon if you bring the deep fried pickles. jakitabanana IZAT yahoo DUH ca

that was fun

I ain't sharin bourbon with some damn Canadian yankee bullshit!

I UPS'd some good shit from LEX. At least bring your girlfriend then and I'll share with her.

that was fun

then stay in 'Murcah and we'll polish off a twix of CC.

Take it Sleazy

Okay, we need third. Get back at me reesecousins@gmail.com

P/M Hardcourt

Just another reminder to everyone to get your housing needs to me as soon as you can. We still have spaces. If you requested a place to stay you have been accommodated. Here once again is the link to the spreadsheet:


If you are on here please email your host and set up things as soon as you know when you'll be arriving, how long you will be staying, etc. See you all soon!

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

How come nobody is stayin with you Martin? Can you host some Cowpunchers?

Sure thing. Send me a PM telling me how many.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Perma goalie seeks team. I can do more but I really don't care. Holla at me

Play with Max Savory and I!

P/M Hardcourt

Hello fellow Cascadians. Nice to see nobody from out of region comes to our qualifier anymore (b/c they wouldn't qualify) We're super excited to hosting this years qualifier.

The Crazy Canucks and 47 North Production are hosting the pre tournament party at the Tipper Restaurant and Review Lounge Friday May 25th starting at 8:00. We will be screening the polo documentary Hit 'em in the Mouth as a fundraiser to help get the Crazy Canucks to Geneva to play in the World Championships.

The Tipper is a cool spot. The front room is a bar/restaurant with good beer and no cover. The back room is where the movie will be screened but you can come and go as you wish. All downhill to your hosts houses in East Van following a bit of dancing following the movie.

Rory_Bear wrote:

. Nice to see nobody from out of region comes to our qualifier anymore (b/c they wouldn't qualify) .

Still pissed I cant make it Rory Bear but I'll see you in Milwaukee for some next level shit talking> Good Luck everyone . Miss ya

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

What time are we expected to be ending on Saturday?

well well well... I hurt myself once again playing the sport I love... totally worth it...

but unfortunately I'm not going to be playing in the tournament.. I paid $77 USD for a slot? Anyone want to buy it for $50USD?. what a deal... I love sponsoring more polo...

hydronics at gmail

the injury: my thumb is recovering nicely.. I can pretty much brush my teeth now.... I can even hit the ball around with a brace! much love, tom

Hey Tom. Did you have a team? If you did there are some folks who are still looking. Who was with you?

(Also, hope the thumb is healing up.)

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Nope, 100% open. 3 slayers needed.

Gena and I are looking for a strong third!

Anyone want this slot?

Cowpunchers are still looking for a 3rd....any free agents still lurking around out there?

Yeah. How 'bout it?

jeffj wrote:

Yeah. How 'bout it?

Pick this kid up cowpunchers! Rising star!

Northern Standard

im in! call or email works best 406 552 5529 evanjamz@yahoo.com
Evan Langston Missoula Bike Polo

anyone need a third? i really want to go but im not sure if we are going to have enough people to make a missoula team! ill buy a train or bus anywhere to play! call or email me!
406 552 5529

Make a team and get out here!!

(If you can't get on a team with a spot.)

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I have the following people down for reffing (as per your status on hardcourtbikepolo.org):

Travelled Games Total Points Goals/Game Δ Total Δ Avg
Martin Hauck☝ VAN 5,328.79 36 119 3.3056 47 1.3056
Lisa Moffatt☝ VAN 7,033.2 9 17 1.8889 -8 -0.8889
Reese☝ PUW 965.15 4 6 1.5 -7 -1.75
Tom☝ PDX 3,114.92 32 92 2.875 -2 -0.0625
Justin Gullickson☝ YYC 4,958.66 35 94 2.6857 9 0.2571
Leon☝ SEA 12,552.94 45 128 2.8444 40 0.8889
Naomi A☝ VIC 11,059.64 26 47 1.8077 -10 -0.3846
Pete Abram☝ PDX 9,234.76 43 140 3.2558 21 0.4884
Andre' Ramseur☝ SEA 5,961.19 52 154 2.9615 37 0.7115
jason stevenson☝ PDX 13,126.74 57 173 3.0351 66 1.1579
Andre' Ramseur☝ SEA 5,961.19 52 154 2.9615 37 0.7115
Jill☝ SEA 17,420.29 41 93 2.2683 -10 -0.2439
Joe Panizzo☝ CHI 8,316.65 49 164 3.3469 62 1.2653
Nick☝ VIC 7,190.89 24 60 2.5 1 0.0417
Ben☝ PDX 2,240.69 26 86 3.3077 11 0.4231
Troy☝ SEA 550.32 9 24 2.6667 -4 -0.4444
chris proulx☝ VAN 1,290.76 34 113 3.3235 53 1.5588
scooter☝ SEA 6,990.37 34 104 3.0588 16 0.4706
Shane Murphy☝ PDX 2,033.71 8 11 1.375 -8 -1.0

If you are not on this list and can ref please send me a message. If you are on this list and can't ref, well, too bad, shouldn't have added that to your profile ;)

See you all this weekend!

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Please check the housing document everyone https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtgrbUelVcISdEZ6dkh3bmFCMk8...


Please touch base with your hosts now.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

if anyone is posting updates of the weekend to twitter, let me know what hastag to follow.

cheering from afar..

i got a spot! ill be representing MISSOULA BIKE POLO on a team as a third on a team of 3. see you all this weekend!

Any Information on brackets?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Any info on AM/PM for Saturday would be hugely appreciated.... especially for those traveling up from 'Merica on Friday night...

probably too seriously...


It's coming. We have some last minute team cancellations/changes to work around.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

:::Edit:: Seems Rory has already posted this.

For those interested, there will be a screening of the documentary, "Hit 'Em In The Mouth" on Friday at the Tipper Resteraunt, 2066 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC.

Doors open around 8. Screening at 9.
Suggested donation of $5
Drink Specials all night.

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/36314424

Full event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/224141127701762/

Special shout out to Jinna Thomas of Thomas Bikes in San Diego for her Crank Level sponsorship of the tournament. Her financial donation purchased the insurance!! Safe weekend y'all!

Please take a moment to visit Thomas Bikes on facebook and give it a 'like': https://www.facebook.com/thomas.bike.shop

See you this weekend!



All refs must meet in the morning at 9:30.

Main morning refs: Jason, Andre, Nick, Naomi, Lisa, Troy. I may be asking select folks who are playing in the morning to help out for a game or two.

Main afternoon refs: Justin, Martin, Pete, Ringer, Reese, Leon, Jill. Again, we will need more help than this.

Also, people who will be around in the morning and not playing may be employed as goal judges.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Am I being stupid, I can't see brackets, just the team names and people in them. Where does it say which team plays which?

That would be determined on Saturday, yeah? The point of this spreadsheet is just to tell you how drunk you can get tomorrow night, and who you can laugh at for having to ride across town at 9 am to play polo.

If anyone's looking for a third or a sub, I might be able to play (provided it's in the pm bracket so I can take care of pony business in the am). If not, I'll just come and heckle.

What an allstar line up ya got Cascadia. Wish i could say YER ALL Goin Down, Good Luck and see ya in 6 weeks .

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


The illustrious Shane Murphy was not able to make it across the border, so Ben "Ringer" Miller and I are looking for a third player on short notice. We've been around (him longer than I) and are already qualified for NAs. Send me an email if you're interested.

We have a few singles still lurking Pete. Louise was asking about a team tonight. PM me if you're interested. Too bad about Shane.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

If anyone in East Van (not necessarily from East Van) needs a ride to the courts, I will be heading there around 8:30am Saturday and have room for 4 people and bikes... I might even be able to drive you home after.

email me at max(at)nsbikepolo.com - dont reply to this message

xo max.

Where can we follow this?



Go Guardians!

Go Portland!!

GO,JOEY,LEON AND JILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Is there any coverage online?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!


Update? everything stopped an hour ago... its gotta be getting dark up there in Canada.... Lets hear the good word!

Rank Team
1 Eins Two Trois
1 Guardians
3 Crazy Canucks
3 Portland United
3 Surprise!
3 The Assasins
7 Maniakill
7 Top Centaur
9 Marine Politics
9 Never Nudes
9 North Portland
9 Two Brothers and a Lover
13 Mosquito
13 Pegged
13 Portland Doug Firs
13 The Management
17 Bad as Fuck
17 Bone Rangers
17 Danger Dogs
17 Death Star
17 Domestic Dispute
17 Rejects
17 Shake n' Bake
17 Versus Themselves
25 Bottle Rockets
25 Cowpunchers
25 Part-Time Models
25 Portland line squirrels
25 Pullman Eh
25 Surly Temple

Final Standings:

1 Guardians
2 Eins Two Trois
3 Portland United
4 The Assasins
5 Crazy Canucks
5 Surprise!
7 Maniakill
7 Top Centaur
9 Marine Politics
9 Never Nudes
9 North Portland
9 Two Brothers and a Lover
13 Mosquito
13 Pegged
13 Portland Doug Firs
13 The Management
17 Bad as Fuck
17 Bone Rangers
17 Danger Dogs
17 Death Star
17 Domestic Dispute
17 Rejects
17 Shake n' Bake
17 Versus Themselves
25 Bottle Rockets
25 Cowpunchers
25 Part-Time Models
25 Portland line squirrels
25 Pullman Eh
25 Surly Temple

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

There's a whole lot of alliteration in there...

Portland United and Guardians were already qualified... was 9-12 played out?

9-12 was played out as per NAH rules. Shannon will be able to tell you those spots.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I think this deserves a little closer look...

Saying they already qualified implies that the chronological order of the tourneys determines which of their qualifying finishes counts as their qualification. One of them has to count. If it is simply the first that happens, that means that the first region to hold a tourney gets screwed - since their 1-8 slots would automatically be filled, and their 9-12 would never matter. Then the later tourneys get a huge advantage, since there will be extra slots for them to fill.

In this case: South West slots were taken by out of region teams from cascadia, then cascadia got even more slots, simply because their tourney was held later in the season.

If you swap the dates of the tournaments, the results are totally different, and always favor the later tourney. That's simply not fair, and frankly, poorly designed.

What I suggest should happen is: When a team qualifies more than once, their home region qualification counts, and the slots they held at any out of region tourneys open up.

tldr: SW 9, 10 should get spots, not Cascadia 9, 10

i wish there was some way for me to conveniently tell who is on which team!


This may help a little... We are still sorting out some of the last minute changes before importing everything.

This is mostly correct:

1 - Guardians (Cody, Dusty, Julian)
2 - Eins Two Trois (Martin, David, Anthony)
3 - Portland United (Eric, Jason, Arlyn)
4 - The Assasins (Joe, Evan, Koyo)
5 - Crazy Canucks (Rory, Alex, Chris)
5 - Surprise! (Leon, Jill, Joey)
7- Maniakill (Adam, Justin, Camilo)
7 - Top Centaur (Henry, Ken, TBD)
9 - North Portland (Vince Foley, Drew Kinney, TBD)
9 -Two Brothers and a Lover (Andre, Drew, TBD)
9 - Marine Politics (Suzy, Jason, Sterling)
9 - Never Nudes (Tom, Brooke, Cole)
13 - Mosquito (Pierre, Duane Nelson, TBD
13 - Pegged : Geoffrey, Benjamin, TBD)
13 - Portland Doug Firs (Pete Abram, Ben (Ringer), Shane)
13 - The Management (Kiersten, Aaron, Jeremy)
17 - Danger Dogs (Lisa, Timtim, Lora)
17 - Death Star (Gena, Zach, Matt)
17 - Bad as Fuck (Luke, Dan, Adam)
17 - Bone Rangers (Criner, Blu, Davee)
17 - Domestic Dispute (Naomi A, Nick, Leslie)
17 - Rejects (Mike, Paul, Soren)
17 - Shake n' Bake (Shannon, Mykal, TJ)
17 - Versus Themselves (Dan, Jawn, Mark)
25 - Bottle Rockets (Woody, Max Feldman, Bottles)
25 - Cowpunchers (Justin Gullickson, Danimal, Oleha
25 - Part-Time Models (Dylan, Ziggy, James)
25 - Portland line squirrels (Jon, Michael, John)
25 - Pullman Eh (Reese, Kenneth, Max)
25 - Surly Temple (Jeff, Jackie, TBD)

thanks east vancouver!!!! you all threw a great tournament and everything came together fantastic, who cares what the results were because those who qualified are going to slay so hard at NA's this year. glad to see lots of familiar faces, watched some epic polo, did my best at referee-ing (and got a few compliments) and certainly happy to see Seattle take first on the podium. Guardians!

in no particular order, here's specific thank-you's
Ken and Chris: Thanks for letting us visit the loft and stay for a night or two. You two have such a rad place and I wish you the best until I see you in Milwaukee or if I come visit some weekend soon.
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! You are the best! From your shining smile to your epic swing, you've got it all. I can't think of Vancouver without thinking of you there.
Shannon and Martin: Thanks for being so helpful and so positive. Can't wait to see you again!
Rory, Drunkie, Alex: You guys are the coolest. Your energy was fantastic on and off the court!
and finally, REESE and Pullman Eh! It was a fantastic weekend, we had our wins, and we had our losses and we had ourselves a great time. Hope to see you again, soon!
Finally, I am officially declaring my new nickname... "Cosmo" because there are lots of Max's and just hearing people yell for Max made me so confused so thanks for being patient if I didn't seem to hear you or whatever.

Here's the winning goal:


more please. hurry!


Sorry, I don't have much more - I was just shooting a bit here and there. This is 3 mins or so of very random shots from the morning rounds on day 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIT773o_Sq0

(Choose HD quality if you have a good connection, fast computer)

well, that's a damn shame.
the quality of these videos are top notch.
wish there were more.
i'm grateful though, thanks!

edit: just watch the ones you just uploaded.
added together, and that's ~12 minutes of footage.


Thanks. I put the final footage together just now as a playlist. Huge files and took ages to upload.


sorry if im a dumbass but which riggs bro is wearing which color helmet

Cody's on the red bike. Blue helmet.

it's going to get harder to tell soon.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Does it really matter anymore...

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Big Shout out to East Van. Live ass tourney. Thank you everybody for making that pop off. Love seeing all you folks and playing with you.

Cascadia is the best.

Polo is the shit.

Thanks for all your hard work East Van! I had a wonderful weekend in your beautiful city.

Thanks for the awesome tournament everybody!

Here's some shots:

yessss! my ass made the cut!

2 Brothas & A Lover!! Get some

Great Photo's Tippi. What lens are you using to get such shallow depth of field?


(Commenting for easier access to vids and image. Gonna be a nice day at the office watching vids and shit.)

Anyone besides me notice the scoring screw up in the finals? Shouldve gone to a second game.

I thought it was 3-2 when the final whistle went but then they went for a tie-breaker. I was just about to ask when the goals were so I can add the score line to the video.

It was 4-3 I believe but they thought it was 3-3, hence the OT.

Elaborate please? Are you referring to a goal judge issue, or someone having trouble counting to five?

It was a counting issue. I'm fairly certain it was 4-3 for Eins Two Trois at the end of regulation time, so it shouldn't have gone to OT. It should've gone to a second game.

dustin had two goals in the finals prior to OT, one of which wasn't on film. it would be really interesting though if david anthony and martin had really won and FORGOT, along with the crowd and the ref!

this tournament was awesome. it was run well and the people there were some of the best to hang out and play with. the park and weather were both beautiful, i don't think i've ever played in East Van when it was sunny and warm out. shout out to the organizers and evbp for doing this so well, to woody for being a killer host, and all the people stoopin it on sunday night at toms place chilling with that awesome dog that shuts doors!

cody wrote:

dustin had two goals in the finals prior to OT, one of which wasn't on film. it would be really interesting though if david anthony and martin had really won and FORGOT, along with the crowd and the ref!

I don't doubt for a second that it's happened before in big games and it'll happen again. What exactly do you expect when your official score is kept by whatever random guy happens to be standing by the scoreboard? That's bike polo for ya.

martin scored on the joust, then he scored on me in net, then david made a laser from across court. i do have to disagree with you about this happening in big games. people playing in big games know what the score is because it's important to keep track of while you play. all of the players were on the same page as far as the score went because we were playing and it was the finals, there was no question on the court about OT when the whistle blew. I don't even know where the scoreboard was on that court, the goals were in my head. also, justin from calgary was reffing. he isn't some random guy standing by the scoreboard he's a well respected player/ref with a long history in the game.

Justin wasnt operating the scoreboard though. Some random guy was.

pete wrote:

That's bike polo for ya.

It sounds like you're beginning to understand Pete

It's what it is right now unfortunately, but definitely not what it could (and in my mind, should) be.

if that was the case i imagine one of the bunch of people there would have noticed...besides you

Some dude next to me on the sidelines who I didn't know was the first to mention it. This is how I remember it: Martin scored the first very early in the game, David scored the 2nd way later, but Martin's goal wasn't marked (maybe because of how early it was?) and David's goal was the first one marked down so it was 1 when it should've been 2. I'd love to see the video and count em up. Link somewhere?

there is also almost 7minutes missing from the game.

There have been football games where an offensive team had five (5) downs. There have been basketball games when a basket counted after the buzzer. There have been baseball games with four-out innings.

Bike polo is still young and mistakes will always happen, even if we get laser sensor goal lines and instant replay. Still lots of blown calls in sports with instant replay.

But if you were there Pete, why didn't you speak up?

weird of you to wait until the weekend's over and bring this up on the boards Pete. logical thing to do is break down goals, no? Martin puts one in on the joust like a pimp (not in bob's video), David plugs a long shot (in bob's video), Martin puts in a banger on Cody near net (on video). what was the other goal? Martin/David/Anthony, can you recall another goal? I personally thought we were at 3-3 along with everyone else, not because of the score cards but because that's what I had in my head.

As far as counting up the goals, I thought that there was one between Martin's first (not on video) and David's long shot (in the video). My memory is telling me it was a close shot under a goalie's 5-hole from the left side by David. But hey, if I'm misremembering, whatever, right? And even if I am remembering correctly, whatever, right? It's just bike polo. The only things won and lost are pride and respect and frankly, fuck pride and respect.

And I didn't bring it up for the same reason I didn't bring up the shuffle goals, dabbers not tapping, and offensive balljoints I saw: because I wasn't reffing. Not my job.

Well Pete, in the future when this happens again as you've called it already, I suggest you go ahead and bring it up to the tournament organizers. If this actually happened I'd be a little furious at winning this way because I've got a lot of respect for the team we played. I strongly feel that Martin David and Tony would remember scoring more goals than we did after the whistle was blown, and I also feel that the super supportive East Van cheering squad that engulfed the entire court would remember too. But if that's not the case and everyone except you and your random friend missed a fourth goal, that's a big bummer.

I don't think I will bring it up in the future if I'm not reffing or organizing because those folks have the final call.

Those folks always have the final call?

yes? who else would?

think about it this way: if you're spectating, your opinion shouldn't matter. Refs should ref, not spectators.

What about the players?

Absolutely not. If you think that players aren't willing to lie to win, then you're unfortunately mistaken. "Of course that was a shot!" "No, I didn't put my foot on the ground, I just took it off the pedal for a second!" and so on.

I was more referring to general respect for the referee's decisions by players that are on the court. You say that referees and organizers have the final say, but your actions speak otherwise.

Explain please what actions of mine speak othetwise.

I'd also like to mention that there definitely was a goal between martin's goal on the joust and David's long shot. It's in the video and one of the three goals I counted. Martin scored it right in front of me in the goal.

Everything Cody remembered is the way it happened. 3-3 then OT. Do I wish it happened differently? Do I wish it was a 15 minute game instead of 20? Do I wish we played it to 5? Hell yeah! But what haopened happened. Congrats to The Guardians on a killer and WELL DESERVED win! I, for one, had a blast - win or lose!

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Welp, I was a second set of reff peepers standing next to Justin who took it upon himself to varify that the score was accurate(that "random dude" was flipping accurate). There where some very close to goal moments in this game but the one that stands out in my mind was a shot from Cody that was impossible to see from center court because of the ball and line being hind the wheel covers.

P/M Hardcourt

Thank yous to:

EVBP for the top shelf hosting, giving us examples of how the highest level of competition can go hand in hand with a loving, laid back community.
Ken the rides for dinner and breakfast were the perfect supplement to my polo.
Lora for your understanding.
Cosmo for the the driving, words, humor, and the weight carried.
Troy my mallets are super cozy on the bike now.
And all the players in Cascadia that know keeping the ball in play is how to score goals, it makes reffing such a pleasure.

P/M Hardcourt

pete i know you're just trolling here, but way to just deconstruct and delegitimize A) our win and B) Van's tournament. I love how your first comment so confidently stated that the score was miscounted, yet 3 or 4 lines later you come with the wishy washy "maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong fuck pride fuck respect" comment. I don't expect you to know ANYTHING about pride or respect in bike polo. so on that note, fuck you.

hey man, it sounds like I'm wrong, but I wasn't the only person that thought that, Bob did too apparently. I'm not trying to discount your win, I'm just saying that I thought I saw something go unnoticed, I'm not implying anything by it. Even if it did go to a second game, I still expect you guys would've won. If you think that I was trying to say anything against your team, you're wrong, you guys play how I think the game should be played and you do it well. If you think I'm trying to discount E. Van's tournament, you're wrong, it was just like any other polo tournament. What I don't like is the lax reffing at ALL polo tournaments and this one wasn't anything different or worse. I'm seriously not singling anyone out intentionally here.

Jesus, I wish people didn't read so much into my comments. I agree that my first comment should've been more explicit about me not being sure, but I said that I was thought this was what happened and I was 'fairly certain' and on the sidelines, other people said yeah but didn't see to know either. The scoreboard said one thing and I thought the score was different. It's not some egregious or malicious error. I even asked for the link to count em up.

But whatever, I'm not all too interested in making friends here. If you think that I'm an asshole, that's your prerogative, but you're misrepresenting the fuck outta me. I'm trying to help this game and the community doesn't like me. Maybe I should stop trying, eh?

Ok, I got it. 3-3 makes sense now. I didn't plan on filming the whole thing btw - I just wanted some cutaways - but I ended up with quite a bit of the game. So I've put up the run of goals as:

1. Martin on joust (kicked myself for missing this, fiddling with camera settings)
2. Dustin www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnL24tBpNhk&t=3m50s (nice pickup on bouncing ball)
3. Martin www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnL24tBpNhk&t=5m58s
4. David's laser www.youtube.com/watch?v=loKJtxzDjTM&t=1m5s
5. Cody www.youtube.com/watch?v=loKJtxzDjTM&t=6m58s
6. Dustin's goal (not on film)
7. Final goal: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJrmGV6GMho

Playlist link again is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnL24tBpNhk&list=PLCB72DAC012279470&featu...

Wish I filmed it all now. It was a great game to watch.

thanks Bob, footage is dope!

Thanks everyone, it was a lot of fun.

Lost and Found: I picked up a green pull over hoodie left at the courts Sunday night.

Mark had his Creamy shaft and UHMW head go missing

Leslie's bike was stolen Saturday evening from around 28th and Main st.

It's a unique frame recognizable from a distance. We'll certainly keep our eyes open here in Vancouver but I imagine there's a chance it will sold in another city so please post this image far and wide.


Hey Ken.. That's my green hoodie!! I've been asking Henry about it.. did you make it over here to Vic.. I'm bummed I missed it but injury and other business kept me away. Hope you can hold the hoodie for me.. maybe I'll see you soon. -daniel cell is 250 818 4337


9. Never Nudes - Tom, Brooke, Cole (EVAN)
10. Marine Polotics - Suzy, Jason, Sterling (SEA)
11. Two Brothers and a Lover - Andre, Drew, Troy (SEA)
12. North Portland - Vince, Drew, Cecily (PDX)

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Full final game. Well at least the first part.


And here is part 2...


filmed on a wide angle?


Filmed on a ContourRoam. I just got hooked up with a cat that is selling a Contour+ which allows you to broadcast thru a smartphone directly to Ustream. Can't wait.

That shit is filthy.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I loaned my ipod touch to keep time on court b and didn't get it back. Does anyone have it or know where it ended up?


ask martin! I saw it as everyone was cleaning up on the table where most electronics were. I was using this all weekend to keep time so thanks suzy!