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Breakaway Courier 2v2 MMI 10 Polo Tourney

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts smaller size for 2v2 format

more details to follow but for now find a buddy and save the date!
come dethrone the Bizzy Beavers!
PRIZES aND fun courtesy of

PLEASE prereg your team by emailing me at jake@mkebikepolo.com with team names and city
capped at about 18
swiss rounds 4-5 followed by single elim bracket


TIME : 10am!


United States

Signed up

hey jake make it the sunday after. I want to play in this. I dont get back till the 29th of march.

thanh- for now the date is sticking. but you will be returning on my birthday! so bring me back a present!

DRUNK DAN(S) ... not the team name but you know whatsup


too late thats your team name haha


You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

meh. still fitting.

so pumped for this


will there be housing?

yes -if you need housing let me know in your email to register

updated: flier added.

change 2v2 to doubles

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

And change beer point to love-love

I like your polo.

Wouldn't it be 'advantage everybody'?

Guess so. Touché.

Let's just play tennis instead.

I like your polo.

I'll blow the dust off my prince and crack a new can o' balls.

Well we do play on tennis courts....Hewitt- Who are you playing with for this?

Midwest is best!!

advantage BIZZY BEAVERZ for the threepete

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

jonny, matt lane
drew, dane
brian, burge
dan , dan
matt rob, ben hunter
michael P ,sam c
jake , meg
keith, tucker
zack, joe

list of regged up so far. thats half of the limit! get your reg in today!

Me and Greg y'all.
Can't wait.
So much polo this month.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

1st jo(ohne h)nny and darkest end of all
2nd dillion yard stare (who's gonna prevent goals against haha but then who's gonna score not ahgad bro burge from 15 feet across his front wheel)
3rd boom and ugly shot but somehow it keeps working

start a "predictions" or some such tab up top, kev, so we cannot bet on tournaments in an organized fashion. otherwise blokker is gonna have to buy back polostars.kaw

help me understand it

My bet is on Zach and Lefty to finally de-throne Burge and Dillman. Who is Benbama playing with? I'm so sad I'm missing this!

Midwest is best!!


I wish I could behold the spectacle that will be two lefty's vs. two righty's.

Midwest is best!!

Me and Mr. Schultz.

Birdie wrote:

Me and Mr. Schultz.

aint shook

No, no, Mr. Schultz. My father. Michigan-born, pond hockey-raised. Big. German.

Be very afraid.

hahhahaha, but can MR Schultz drink as much beer as MKE can?


good answer

That's like Kobayashi taking on Fiona Apple in a hot dog eating contest.

I like your polo.

jonny matt lane
drew dane
brian burge
dan dan
matt rob ben hunter
michael P sam c
jake meg
keith tucker
zack joe
rob g greg
mattie pierre
birdie schultz

6 spots left ! if you are not on this list you have not registered! let me know im looking at you
kremin, the michigan folks who are singed up on this thread, and other folks too.


hewitt may be on his .


hey could I get un-added from it? I won't be able to make it out unfortunately.

this forums sign up is unofficial you would have had to email me to officially register. that being said ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!!

Im assuming since you listed the drunk dan's earlier on here that we got a spot. not sure if i emailed you or not


hey hey Jake I emailed you yesterday, let me know if Chris and I got a spot or not.

if you emailed me i have you reserved folks.


this link has the spreadsheet for who has regged up.

What's the word on court location and start time????

pumping station park across from alterra coffee shop on Humboldt and Chambers in Riverwest.


thanks Dan . yes info is updated up top

Good lookin' out!!! See ya'll on Sunday!!!

1st - Bizzy Beavers (Joe B. & Brian)
2nd - DoomBoom (Joe P. & Zack)
3rd - Guthrie and Friends (Kremin & others)

I like your polo.