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London Bike Polo Emblem

I'm interested to see a compilation of all Bike Polo team logos.
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Greifmasters 2 TROPHY making from romabikepolo on Vimeo.このクオリティ、言葉が出ません…。 この人、毎回めちゃくちゃ芸術性の高い凝ったトロフィー作りますね。

Louisville Bike Polo

I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance if I’ve posted this before, I love this stupid song…

So yeah, it’s business time, baby. Wednesday = pick-up in the garage. See you tonight, 8pm. You know it’s time for business, that’s why they’re called business socks!

Roma Bike Polo proudly presents: the trophy “making of”.
For those who will not be so lucky to grab the real one, you can see several pictures, and a step by step quick reportage of the 2 weeks work, in the “surgeon” ‘s lab.

São Paulo bike polo


São Paulo bike polo

the force is strong with this one
Descobrimos o porque das luzes estranhas em volta desse rapaz.
A energia do universo foi atraida pela força…

allezさんが1/23日に行ったFeel fes.の模様が山陰中央新報にて紹介された模様。凄い!イベント自体も盛り上がったようでMiyoshi Hardcourt Bike Poloでお馴染みのNORCOGさんのところにもレポート上がってますね。

London Bike Polo Emblem

First batch:

Some are accounted for. picture is just to give you an idea. Can drill cut outs (for weight, no cheaters!)

Can also do solid caps if thats what you're into.

£5 single capped mallet.
Standard size is about 130mm, let me know if you want anything different.

£8 Double capped mallet.

£3 for cap only.

Machined to fit and screwed in, hdpe cap, 63mm hdpe pipe.

I know we’ve been pretty silent about the whole organization of this upcoming Euro championship. As most of you know, we’ve been stuck in a bureacratic silence ourselves.That being said, we are working on what will be the format of the tournament and we would like to hear what the people have to say about this. Depending on the resolution from the city hall we have a two main options available for the format of the tourney.

POLO SOFTWARE! Anyone who has ever hosted a tournament knows the challenge of running brackets and informing players when/where they are playing. Luckily that is all going to change thanks to Vince of Colombia Bike Polo. Check out the new software/APP If you plan on going to a tournament this year I suggest donating some [...]

Lancaster United

Post by IrishVelo

Lancaster United

Post by Bear
Ted was kind enough to run around like I’d imagine a car chase reporter would filming some Bike Polo action. Hats off to him for these gems, more after the jump.

Lancaster United

Post by Horse
Wednesday was an interesting day.   Being car-less for going on 4 years, I worry very little about car related things, such as insurance, inspections, registration, and roadkill…  however, I will admit that my lovely lady friend’s car-having-ness has been great when we need to get somewhere thats further than would be ideal on a bike.   So Wednesday we load up her trusty VW Turbo Beetle and head to Rhode Island for Trans Siberian Orchestra!  50 miles into our trip, boom goes the timing belt, boom goes my xmas present, boom goes our mood.

Lancaster United

Well, despite the ugly weather Friday night, we played some amazing games Saturday morning.
Arrived around 9:20 to a rink that was about 25% covered in ice.   Literally spent the good part of 30 minutes scraping ice with windshield scrapers, brooms, mallets, anything that would do the job.
It must of worked pretty well, because Ted is the only one that repeatedly crashed in the same spot.
Here we are looking fat and sassy.

Well, I already posted this over on the Velocity blog and

atxbpsc - Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club

I haven't kept up with any of the bike polo videos lately, so I'm going to make it up right now and post a bunch of 'em!

atxbpsc - Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club


atxbpsc - Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club

So, just found out in the last couple of weeks that the BFF is coming to Austin on Dec. 2-5. They have asked if we'd throw a little one day tourney on Dec. 5 for the festivities. I've already contacted the SAPRC where we held the Massacre-ade Ball, and they are cool with us throwing the tourney there. We would probably only have one court, because the BFF wants to do a BMX jam at the same location and they would have the other side of the courts.

atxbpsc - Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club

WOW!!!! The Austin Texas Massacre-ade Ball was a huge success! There were only a few hiccups during the weekend, but I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time! Thank you to everyone who helped out with housing, preparations, etc. Now we have to start preparing for the LADIES ARMY III !!!!!! count it!

atxbpsc - Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club

If anyone is looking for a place to stay for the tournament. I have a rental house that sleeps 6. I'm giving polo players a deal $100 a night. House is located about a mile from the courts. If your interested contact me and I'll send you more info.

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