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Velopolo Cologne

 ...zum Glück noch nicht auf den still und starr ruhenden Poloplatz!

Velopolo Cologne

...niemand schläft, alle spielen Polo!

Early in 2016, Ben approached me about taking over the leadership of the NAH.  We had talked on many occasions about what mission the organization was best to address.  He was ready to step down, and I had some drive in me to make 2017 a year of polo revival and celebration.

Velopolo Cologne

oh du seelige, Gnaden bringende Polozeit!

Touching butts.

Velopolo Cologne

Besinnlicher Polo-Spaß am Wochenende!

Huge thanks to Dave at Black Star Bags for my new super awesome backpack pannier combo bag! (at Black Star Bags)


K-dub Polo Club

2016-2017 Bike Polo SeasonHey, so if you're just finding us for the first time, or maybe you saw us on the Rick Mercer Report, welcome! We've set our schedule for the 2016-2017 season and will be playing Saturday mornings from 10am to 2pm.  All our welcome at any time, but the first two hours are for new players who want to practice and do drills, last two hours are for more advanced games.  Bikes, mallets, and good times provided.

Preface: I have come to revere many people in bike polo, for many reasons. The following focuses on my time in the organization of bike polo through NAHBPA. Apologies to anyone who feels they’ve been overlooked. You have my gratitude.

In the summer of 2006, I was working for a bike shop in Chicago. I’d recently acquired a 1966 Schwinn Stingray Fastback and I decided to take it out for a spin to watch a roommate’s kickball game. No bag, no wallet, and more importantly no patch kit.


Si preannuncia un weeknd piovoso.
Venerdì notte invece alla Snia ce stà er sole! accorrete e portate la crema abbronzante e la bira per la calura! è annunciato un’ospite da Gießen  bike polo.

Dopo lunga assenza alla ExSNIA, stasera si annuncia una Serata di bike polo al Quadrato. Accorrete numerosi. dalle 21. RSVP

K-dub Polo Club

There will be one long awesome day of polo this Nov 19, 2016You can register and see all the details here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1069875806465811/

Velopolo Cologne


Abbiamo visite!
Spazziamo il campo da dubbi e indugi. Aderiamo copiosi e compatti. Mettiamo da parte le correnti, e diciamo insieme: “NO” alle scissioni!
Minoritari, tornate nell’àlveo di Roma bike Polo, un nuovo Bikepolo è possibile! E agratise, pure!
Parco brin, all’albero della morte h 11 e du spicci.

Popularność czystka trwa i nic nie wskazuje na to, żeby miało się to zmienić. Nic dziwnego, bo czystek ma się czym pochwalić – przypisuje się mu właściwości antyoksydacyjne, przeciwwirusowe i przeciwbakteryjne, ma on łagodzić stany zapalne oraz wzmacniać odporność. A to wszystko dzięki zawartych w nim polifenolom. Do tej pory żadne badania nie wykazały skutków ubocznych kuracji czystkiem (https://www.suplementybio.pl/czystek-herbata-bio-250g) i można stosować go u dzieci już o 3 roku życia.


Velopolo Cologne

 ...bestes Polowetter

Melbourne Bike Polo Round Logo

Matt “Messmann” Messenger is riding down the hill in front of me, and we are headed towards the patch of snow high on the mountain ahead of us. He gets a little air over each of the bumps in the fire trail, flaring out his back wheel and landing with a joyful whoop that is sure to scare the Alaskan bears away. I don’t know how to jump and I’m worried about how quickly I can stop on the loose gravel, so I ride on the opposite side of the road, just in case he falls. As soon as this thought has flitted its way through my head, Messmann hits the ground hard.

Melbourne Bike Polo Round Logo

Sydney Bike Polo is pleased to announce the second coming of Slayerfest, the club’s annual tournament. “We have world-class players travelling from Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra,” said Kent Harrison, President of Sydney Bike Polo. “National interest in both Slayerfest and bike polo is running high.” People are invited to come and watch the action from 9am until 8pm on the weekend of the 15th and 16th of October. Spectators who ride their bikes will be able to take advantage of free onsite brake tune-ups and mechanical advice while they watch.

Velopolo Cologne

SONNTAG 14 Uhr: Kmt + Btl  + Fbr + Mgg (+ Hgn) + Kty (16Uhr) (+ Mvk) + ?

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