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Fleetvelo The Joust

35t MKE POLO Guard - 22t ACS free wheel
Rear brake

Dialed to where I want it.
Turns on a dime.
Rides on the street comfortably,
and can play polo on it all day.
No smacking my toes on the front wheel.

Makes me feel like a falcon swooping in on a pack of baby field mice after i just ate their parents moments before.

These things look like it would be about the same position I ride on my old 90s MTB, but with a tighter geometry. I could digg it.

Bike Polo Ronin

tucker, let's see some pictures of 15" or 16" frames. i've only seen yours and dumptrucks.

well you should've seen coach's at na's

nycbikepolo.com why?