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Banshee Morphine

Banshee Morphine
Banshee Morphine
Banshee Morphine
Banshee Morphine
33 x 20
Front and rear brake

I built this up after my car got stolen. With my Fisher polo bike on the roof rack. Grrrr...

Here's a list of anything worth mentioning:

Banshee Morphine DH/Jump frame
DMR Trailblade II Park fork
Hayes hydraulic front brake w/ ElCamino Lever attached to a Hayes 9 caliper with hose routed through steer tube
Hayes El Camino hydro rear. master cylinder set up to run from the same lever as the front.
RaceFace forged cranks w/ bashguard and 33t SS Blackspire DH ring
Spank halflink chain
FW- FireEye Excellerant hub/ DT/ DMR Backline DH rim
RW- FireEye Excellerant SS hub with 17t 6-bolt cog/ 20 & 17 on free side/ DT/ Excellerant rim
Crank Bros Mallet pedals.

This is my 6th polo bike now thanks to many cracked and/or bent frames. I needed something REALLY tough. I went all out and in the 8 months that I've played on it, the only thing I've had to replace was a chainring that I cracked. And I suppose a rotor and some cleats but that's normal wear and tear I guess.

I switched to freewheel on this bike and my skill and endurance drastically increased. Fixed gear just can't cut it in bike polo anymore.

RIP fixie polo

this looks the mutts nuts...

now that's the look i want... indestructible and mean in a uncomplicated way...

Thanks. It's an awesome setup though a bit heavy. I'm 6'2" and 220 so I push it no problem. I recently switched to SS and added a rear el camino hydro disc that I rigged to run both master cylinders from the same lever. I love it. When I say rigged, I mean bulletproof permanent setup. I can still barspin several times in either direction too. Not that I do that often during polo but it's nice to not get my hoses tangled if I need to bail.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Been thinking about how to run this setup. Please post pics!